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Limescale is the hard, off-white, chalky deposit found in kettles, irons or any other appliance that regularly heat water via a heating element.

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What is Limescale

What is Limescale

The type of limescale deposited on small electrical appliances such as Kettles, Irons and Teasmades has the main component of calcium carbonate.

Limescale occurs when water has evaporated and the remaining sediment attaches itself to various internal components.

It's extremely hard to clean and seriously impairs the operation of your appliance.

Limescale Zones

Limescale build-up will seriously damage your product. If you live in the Red or Dark Grey areas, its very important to take steps to reduce limescale damage to your product.

Limescale Zones

Kettles, Coffee Makers, Teasmade etc:

  • A ‘tainted’ taste to the water
  • Mineral deposit build up and limescale flakes
  • Poor performance and poor energy efficiency
  • Clogging and eventual leaking
  • Iron mineral deposits on stainless steel parts (looks like rust)

Inspect the product regularly and de-scale using proprietary limescale tablets or solutions.

Steam Irons:

  • Flakes from soleplate
  • Poor steam output or in some cases none at all
  • Clogged filters
  • Broken seals inside the iron

By far the best remedy is to use bottled water if you live in a red or Dark Grey Area. If your iron has a filter, change it regularly.

Inspect the product regularly and de-scale using proprietary limescale tablets or solutions.


Limescale Remover

Limescale Remover

This product quickly and easily descales kettles, irons, steam generator irons and teasmades.

We recommend using this product as part of a regular routine to keep you appliance in peak condition.

This product was tested on Swan products but will work on any branded appliance

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