Tall, short, chilled or frozen!
We have the chill factor that really makes a feature in your kitchen.

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Retro Larder Fridge

Perfectly discreet Retro Larder Fridge

Vintage inspired, traditional shape, just truly gorgeous - our Retro-styled Larder Fridges will add a little flair to any kitchen.

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Retro Top Mounted Fridge Freezer

Beautiful curves and an amazing sense of style Retro Top Mounted Fridge Freezer

Want vintage-styling but with a modern twist, then our ‘Retro-style’ Top Mounted Fridge Freezer is a real style icon and trendsetter.

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Retro Fridge Freezer

Modern thinking with pinch of classic cool Retro Fridge Freezer

Bring a touch of stylish vintage glamour to your kitchen. Our Fridge Freezers are all about making an impression.

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Retro Tall Larder Fridge

The big chill Retro Tall Larder Fridge

Want a larder fridge with vintage style - then look no further than our Retro Tall Larder Fridge to really make a statement.

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Retro Tall Fridge Freezer

Cooler than cool Retro Tall Fridge Freezer

Ice Cold! With all the vintage flare of our Retro Tall Larder Fridge but with the added inbuilt bonus of a freezer - just gorgeous.

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Glass Fronted Fridge

The show off Glass Fronted Fridge

Nothing makes a man (or a woman) cave quiet like a drinks fridge. Also ideal for showing off your vast wine collection - how posh!

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