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Halogen Oven & Air Fryer

It cooks food quicker than a conventional oven and uses less energy.

With its multi level cooking system you can cook several things in one pot, reducing clean up time significantly. In fact, one of the best features of our Halogen Oven is that it cleans itself.

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3 revolutionary methods

3 revolutionary methods of cooking

Heat - This form of heat transmission is used by traditional ovens

Infrared - This revolutionary halogen element emits heat waves that penetrate food directly. It seals in the flavour and juices whilst browning and crisping your meat.

Convection - A hot whirlwind circulates around the oven, ensuring your food is cooked evenly every time.


Our favourite recipes

We have put together some fantastic recipes to help you get started with your halogen oven. Get cooking...

  • Steamed Salmon

    Steamed Salmon

  • Classic Cheese Burgers

    Cheese Burgers

  • Piri Piri Chicken

    Piri Piri Chicken

Halogen Oven Cooking Times

Halogen Oven Cooking Times

It’s best to use the extender ring for most applications as it allows the air to circulate better. However, if you are cooking something that needs a “grilled” finish, eg bacon, then it’s best to use without the extender ring.

Cooking Times (Guidelines) Temp Time Taken
Roast Beef (1kg) 180C 60-70 minutes
Chicken Breast (350g) 190C 20-24 minutes
Chicken (1.6kg) 200C 60-70 minutes
Cod Steak (150g) 200C 20-24 minutes
Baked Potatoes (Medium) 200C 70-80 minutes
Roast Potatoes (Small, halved) 200C 36-40 minutes
Oven Chips (Frozen) 200C 18-24 minutes
Onion (Whole, Small) 200C 50-60 minutes
Parsnips (Strips) 200C 30-36 minutes
Peppers (Halved) 200C 30-36 minutes
Yorkshire Pudding (Frozen) 200C 12-16 minutes

Please note these times are to be used as guide and may need to be adjusted accordingly. Please make sure all food must be piping hot throughout before eating.

What's in the box?

Aside from the Halogen Oven itself, a vast array of accessories are also included to allow you to truly get the most out of it and use it to its full potential.

Accessories Included
Heat treated glass bowl (Which is easily removed to allow for effortless cleaning)
5 litre extender ring (For cooking larger meals)
High Rack (For frying, searing, grilling and toasting)
Low Rack (For baking, roasting, casseroles and stews)
Oil Sprayer (Perfect to add on some roast potatoes)
Handling Tongs (Your food will be hot, we wouldn't want you to burn your fingers!)
Lid Holder (Secures the lid whilst in use)
Two mesh trays (Where smaller foods, such as chips may fall through the rack, the mesh will keep it in place whilst still allowing hot air to penetrate to the underside of the food cooking it all round)
Halogen Oven FAQ's


Can the Swan Halogen Oven save me money?

Our Halogen Oven is 1300 Watts. This is less than half the energy needed for most conventional ovens, plus our revolutionary 3 ways of cooking enables faster cooking times.

Less Energy + Quicker Cooking Times = All round Savings

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