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Fun things to do with the kids

Along with being the perfect opportunity to eat chocolate for breakfast, the Easter break is also an ideal time to get creative and crafty in the kitchen with the kids.

You are going to need to keep them occupied during the Easter holiday, and what better way to keep the boredom at bay than by getting them involved in some fun activities in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where we spend a lot of our time, and when it's raining outside, your children will love getting round the kitchen table to learn some simple cooking techniques or a craft activity.

"Here’s some recipes and crafts we recommend you to try this Easter holiday. Apologies in advance for any mess involved...”
Easter kids craft

Swan Cornflake Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cornflake Easter Egg Cakes

What could be more delicious, and more fun to make, than chocolate cornflake cakes topped with Cadbury Mini Eggs?

This recipe is super easy to do together so this is ideal for young children. They will love getting their hands messy with the melted chocolate and decorating the little cakes with the brightly coloured Mini Eggs, just try and resist eating the whole packet!

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Swan Creme Egg Recipe

Creme Egg Cheesecake

Who could resist a slice of this eggcellent cheesecake? This recipe is a showstopper for the dinner table on Easter day and your children will love getting involved in the making of the yummy cake, especially when it comes to decorating with those Creme Eggs.

Be sure to leave plenty of time for preparation, as this recipe includes 3 hours of chilling in the fridge.

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Swan Retro Stand Mixer

Retro Stand Mixer with Bowl

Bring a touch of retro to your baking with the Swan Retro Stand Mixer with Bowl. In a vibrant red retro design, the mixer offers style as well as functionality.

The powerful 1000W motor allows you to whip up delicious cake mixes, create batters and knead doughs in no time, with 8 variable speed settings allowing you to choose the best setting for your recipe.

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Potato Printing

Potato Printing

Want to make a unique Easter gift for your children to give to loved ones? Use potato printing to create an Easter-themed picture.

All you need is a potato and washable paint, and a parent or guardian on hand to help out with the carving!

Firstly, cut the potato in half and then draw your Easter design (rabbit, chicks, Easter eggs etc) into the flat edge of the potato. Then just cut around the design with a sharp knife to create your potato stamp.

Use a paper towel to blot out the excessive moisture and apply a thin layer of paint to the potato. Your children’s imagination will then run wild, stamping away on paper, card or fabric to make a pretty picture. Just make sure they keep the potato stamp pressed down for a few seconds for best results!

Crackin' Cress Heads

Crackin' Cress Heads

Want a fun decoration for the dinner table this Easter? Your kids will love making these eggshells with living cress ‘hair’.

All you need is two eggs, 2 tsp cress seeds, two cotton wool balls, felt-tip pens or acrylic paints.

Carefully remove the tops from the eggs, leaving the bottom two-thirds of the shells intact. Empty the shells (save the eggs for another time), then carefully wash them out. Decorate the shells with pens or paint, then leave them to dry.
Dip the cotton wool balls in a little water, squeezing off any excess. Place 1 ball inside each shell, then sprinkle 1 tsp cress seeds onto each one. Sit the filled shells in eggcups and leave in a dry, well-lit place for a week – a windowsill is perfect. Your cress will start to grow within a few days, perfect for making egg & cress sarnies!

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Decorate an egg to be in a chance of winning

£100 worth of Swan vouchers!

We want you to get creative to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize. You will simply need to come up with with a fun idea for your egg and just get decorating! Make sure you boil your egg for at least 10 minutes, then run it under cold water and pat dry. Once the egg is cool to the touch, you can start decorating.

The winner will receive £100 worth of Swan vouchers and two runners up will receive £50 worth of Swan vouchers, so get designing your eggstraordinary creation and we will be the judge.

Once you are pleased with your eggcellent creation, you will need to post it onto any of the following social channels and remember to tag us.


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