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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided it’s time we made an effort to make ourselves and those closest to us feel more loved! Life is busy and it’s important to slow down, take stock and indulge in some much-needed TLC.

Valentine's Day

For inspiration, we’ve looked to a very on-trend Danish movement called Hygge. ‘Hygge? What on earth do you mean?’ We hear you say! Well, there isn’t a literal Danish to English translation but we can do our best to describe it.

The Dane’s believe in taking time to create a deep sense of emotional well-being, warmth and happiness. Finding pleasure in everyday moments which can be so easily overlooked.

Sharing food and drink with your family and friends is central to creating hygge and we love anything that encourages this! In our fast-paced lives this can often be a rare occassion.  

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of buying roses from the petrol station and heading out for an expensive meal, why don’t you stay home, put your feet up, cook some nourishing food, take a bath, keep warm, and indulge in some healthy hedonism… 

Have a hygge Valentine’s Day at home

Have a hygge Valentine’s Day at home

Firstly, you need to create comforting hygge surroundings at home that will be the setting for your evening of cosiness. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day chilling out on your own, with a busy household, or your loved one, it’s easy to create a sense of hygge at home.

Tidy away any unwanted clutter and replace it with items that make you feel relaxed and happy. Candles, soft blankets, incense sticks burning… you get the idea.

It’s important that you feel comfortable at home so you can chill out in comfort. So treat yourself to some soft, comy pyjamas and a pair of lovely chunky slipper socks. If it’s cold out, layer up with your favourite jumper or a pashmina draped around your shoulders.

Take time away from technology - turn off your phone, tablets and the TV. It’s time to enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. Play your favourite relaxing music instead. You could also play a game of cards or read your favourite book. Anything that gives you a sense of joy.

Create nourishing, indulgent yet healthy Valentine food!

Create nourishing, indulgent yet healthy Valentine food!

The thought of cooking a meal to impress your other half at home might feel daunting but there’s ways to go around this, even during the busiest of working weeks!

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Tuesday so you probably won’t have loads of time on your hands. Don’t worry, we’ve discovered three hygge-style recipes that take little time out of your day but will leave you and your loved ones feeling nourished and satisfied.

Feel Good Hot Chocolate

If you’re really short on time, have a go at making this Feel Good Hot Chocolate for an indulgent treat in the evening that you can enjoy together under a blanket. It tastes rich but is actually a healthy version of the hot treat, as the recipe includes almond milk and raw cacao powder which means no refined sugar. 

Tender Slow Cooked Beef Stew

Slow cookers are brilliant for creating tasty, hearty meals without having to stand over the cooker for hours on end. This delicious Slow Cooker Beef Stew can be prepared first thing in the morning and be left to cook whilst you’re out at work or running errands. Eat the stew from a bowl, in front of the fire for a relaxing Valentine’s meal! 

Guilt Free Fruity Pudding

For dessert, no one could say no to this guilt free, ‘fruity’ baked pudding. It may look far too calorific but the healthy ingredients allows you to indulge and be left feeling energised and nourished. And you can make it a day in advance too.


So try creating your very own hygge experience
at home for a stress-free, relaxing Valentine’s Day!

We’re pretty sure you’ll be left feeling happy and content.

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