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American Waffle Recipe

Perfect to get the family out of bed on a Saturday morning!

This recipe will give you light and fluffy waffles everytime which are fantastic on there own or smothered in maple syrup and fresh fruit. For an extra morish treat, why not try Nutella or peanut butter - go on, we know you want to!

American Waffle Batter

Shopping List

    • 250g Plain flour
    • 20g Caster sugar
    • 7g Baking powder
    • 475ml Milk
    • 2 Medium eggs
    • 5g Salt
    • 30ml Vegetable oil
  • Instructions

    • Put the plain flour, baking powder, sugar and salt into a mixing bowl and place to one side
    • In another bowl beat the eggs and milk together then add the oil
    • Gradually add the liquid to the dry mix and slowly mix together until it is a smooth and lump free but don’t over mix as this will make them heavy and not light and fluffy
    • Coat your waffle iron (unless it’s none stick) with a thin layer of oil to stop sticking
    • Pour desired amount of batter into the waffle iron and cook for 3-4 minutes (or recommended time)
    • Serve warm with traditional Maple Syrup and fresh fruit or dusted with icing sugar. You could also smother with Nutella and Peanut butter but we said that!

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