5 Essentials for Spring Cleaning 2022

Spring (our favourite season) is finally upon us, lasting from March (20th) until June (21st). The season brings us flowers, warmer weather, and, of course, that all-important spring cleaning!

Returning home to a fresh, clean house is such a fulfilling feeling. And this is the perfect time to revitalise your home surroundings by clearing out unnecessary items, cleaning from top to bottom, and feeling refreshed as you sit back with a brew after all of the hard work is done.

For many of us, cleaning is something we’d love to have the time and energy to keep on top of, but very rarely do. So, on this rare occasion, let the enjoyment of spring cleaning wash over you as you grab your marigolds (cleaning must-haves) and get to work!

A Well-Suited Vacuum Cleaner

Life is easy when you understand what you’re shopping for and why. And shopping for Vacuums shouldn’t be any different. There are things to consider, such as storage, convenience, suction power, lightness and cord length. That’s why we’ve created our very own Vacuum quiz! Be prepared to find your perfect Swan Vacuum to make your life easier during 2022’s Spring Clean!

A Vacuum cleaner is also essential when it comes to maintaining a beautiful, fresh and clean house. We don’t expect anybody to know everything about Vacuums, so we’re here to guide you through your home’s needs and necessities when it comes to choosing one. By the end of this quiz, you’ll know exactly which Vacuum suits your needs most and why!

Speaking of Vacuums! Check out our BRAND NEW Swan Vacuums. Introducing the Swan RapidClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and the Swan Elevate Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

Lynsey, TV’s Queen of Clean

Lynsey, TV’s Queen of Clean understands what it means to take pride in a fresh, clean home, and with her Spring Cleaning Tips, you’ll be well on your way to that well-deserved, post-clean brew. If you’re looking to take on those daunting, neglected trouble spots around the home, you’re in the right place!

Lynsey’s tips are great whether you have just five minutes to spare or an entire weekend! These spring-cleaning tips are guaranteed to give you gleaming results every time. We can count on Lynsey for Home Must-Haves, Christmas Cleaning Tips and Bathroom and Bedroom Cleaning Tips. Lynsey even shows off how to use your Swan Garment Steamer to freshen up your sofas and upholstery surfaces, get steamy here!

You can treat your home to fun, fast sparkles with Lynsey’s brilliant cleaning tips.

The Best Cleaning Hacks

When it comes to Cleaning Hacks, Swan’s YouTube channel is your new best friend. Here, you can watch endless cleaning tips, tricks and hacks and fall in love with new and easy ways to clean your home like never before!

Some of our favourite videos are ‘How to clean your Swan Milk Frother‘, ‘How to clean your Retro Air Fryer‘ and ‘How to clean your Swan Microwave!’ We wish more people knew about these helpful videos, so feel free to spread the word and help your loved ones this Spring Clean!

The lovely home and cleaning influencers, Clean with Kayleigh and Dazlin Cleaning joined us for our Black Friday 2022 event while showing off their cleaning hacks! Makeup Cleaning Hacks can be a godsend for bedroom draws, makeup bags and brushes!

Also, another great place to find hacks and tips is our Swan Big Family Facebook Group. This group is a place we’ve created where anyone and everyone can come and socialise around all things Swan! It’s a kind environment where people are welcome to share cleaning tips, Swan purchases and much more! Feel free to join us here.

A Replenishing Carpet Cleaner

We honestly find Carpet Cleaners one of the most satisfying cleaning tools around. Once our minds consider the lingering germs, stains and dirt embedded in the carpet, we can’t stop thinking about it! 

It might be a particularly muddy entrance area in the house where the shoes go, a dark pathway going up the middle of the stairs, or even that regrettable tea stain you see every time you sit on the sofa. If this has your mind wandering, it’s time to get your Swan Carpet Cleaner out!

Watch the waves of moist dirt make their way up into the dirty water tank and enjoy the clean, light and fluffy post-carpet results! We all deserve to arrive home to that fresh carpet feel! With the Swan Dirtmaster Carpet Washer, you’ll also be able to give the sofa and other upholstery surfaces a wash too!

All out of Carpet Washer solution? Find some more here!

If you don’t have the storage to buy a permanent Carpet Washer, you can find your nearest rental Carpet Washer here.

The Right State of Mind

If we ever fall short of cleaning motivation, the one thing we can always rely on is that satisfying feeling we get once a cleaning task is complete. So, even if your to-do list is full of small cleaning chores to tick off one by one, take your time, relax, and enjoy yourself. Remember, the cleaner the home, the more cleansed the mind feels!

Embrace Your Spring Clean 2022!

We hope you’re now feeling confident and prepared for your 2022 Spring Clean! We want you to embrace your home and feel relaxed when you look around it. And Spring clean is the perfect opportunity and excuse to get stuck in and show those germs what you’re made of! 

Let the sunshine in on your dust-free surfaces, and have yourself a lovely spring season.