7 Ways to Celebrate National Lazy Day!

National Lazy Day on August 10th is the perfect chance to pause everything around you and take that re-energising break for your body and mind.

Welcome to your Lazy Day guide to feeling relaxed and guilt-free during the one day of the year where you get to call all of the shots! National Lazy Day on August 10th is the perfect chance to pause everything around you and take that re-energising break for your body and mind. NLD is all about you and your needs, and we’re here to help you to fulfil them to the max!

This day isn’t simply about having a chill-out; it’s about having a chill-out and doing it right! We have some helpful Swan appliances to influence your Lazy Day. We’ve also got easy-life tactics and regimes to try and implement into your day (and everyday lifestyle!) to help you to save time and live more effortlessly! As well as this, we have plenty of words like “chill” and “vibes” for you to read and relax in preparation for this special day ahead.

National Lazy Day honours all kinds of people: chilled people, stressed people, hard-working people, floaty people, high-rate people or just busy, busy, busy people. Let us be clear by saying that this day applies to everybody, as everybody deserves this day of rest. NLD is the one day you do not have to think about chores, jobs, cleaning, stressing or to-do lists. Let us re-iterate: you have no expectations to live up to during this national day, so let’s help you enjoy it to the max!

Two small fluffy dogs asleep next to each other on a bed. Bedding all white.

Prepare the night before and get steamy!

The sleep you get the night before can change your morning Lazy Day mood drastically. Trust us when we say there’s a lifesaver out there to help you feel lush and revitalised before your guilt-free chill day has even started! Using a Garment Steamer on your bed sheets gives you a night of sleep-filled calm vibes. This is the perfect night’s sleep to wake up from when it comes to your NLD.

Give your sheets, bedding and mattress time to dry out after a good, thorough steaming session. Then get tucked in and ready to embrace the lush, lazy day ahead!

A woman in a strong yoga position. Next to big windows in a brightly lit house.

Get your morning Yoga on!

Exercise, for some of you, will seem like the last thing you want to do. If so? That’s absolutely fine! Your day, your way! However, some of you might fancy a workout to make the lazy day all the more rewarding! The endorphins released while working out can help your mind to settle. Exercise (even small amounts!) can help your mind get into a more relaxed state throughout the rest of the day, maybe even the week! Either way, it’s your day, your choice of activity only!

One brilliant exercise that we can’t recommend enough (especially in the mornings) is Yoga. Yoga can be as easy or strenuous as you want to make it. There are many different YouTube videos of all kinds to guide you through a session, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or experienced. Have a go and release all of the stress you’ve carried from the days, weeks or months previous to this lazy day and breathe away all of those bad vibes! National Lazy Day is about recharging yourself and putting your needs first, guilt-free!

A vintage style Teasmade on a bedside table with two cups of tea next to it.

Start the day with a cosy cup of tea!

As far as Swan is concerned, we can offer and recommend several types of morning brew options. We thoroughly back any opinion that indicates that a brew is the best way to start your lazy day or any day! Get that Nordic Kettle on and prepare your mind for a day of calmness.

You might not fancy leaving the bedside at all. Hats off from us if this is the case. We appreciate your efforts in completely indulging in National Lazy Day 2021. If you’re going to celebrate a national day, you might as well celebrate it right! A Swan Teasmade eliminates any need for you to leave your bed for a cup of tea! While the maker gets working on its rapid water boil function, you’ll only have time for a few stretches before being graced with a steaming mug of tea. You, bed, brew!

A kitchen surface with white tiles and a wood desktop. A grey nordic style coffee machine between some grey canisters and toaster. Two cups of coffee shown in front of the machine.

Not a fan of tea? Frothy coffee is here.

If you aren’t a tea person, this is not a problem. As with a Swan Espresso Machine, you’ll be satisfied in style at the touch of a button. Grab your favourite mug (you’re worth it) and place it under the filter. Feel sleepy while watching the milk froth higher and higher before mixing the lush liquids for your eyes and lips only. Sit back and let that heat hug your hands.

A kitchen counter in a brightly lit house. A grey retro style air fryer with fryer door open showing fries. Plate of chicken and salad next to fryer.

Satisfy those Lazy Day food cravings

As you slump out of your humble abode and treat yourself to an episode or two of whatever you’re binging, the brunch hunger starts to kick in. You don’t have much time after this point before the hanger creeps up on you. Don’t ruin your day – make your cooking quick and easy with a Swan Retro Air Fryer.

An air fryer cuts out all mental strain and organisation involved in making food; this appliance only requires a small portion of ‘chuck it in’ effort. The air fryer has a timer so, you do not need to set a phone alarm or keep an eye out. All you need to do is: set the timer, decide what you want to fry and ‘chuck it in!’

A kitchen counter with light green Retro toaster with toast popping up. Next to a light green kettle, mugs and mug tree. White tiling behind the products.

Some unreal air fryer foods for your ultimate lazy day? Sausages, fries (all kinds), breaded chicken, waffles, toasties, pretty much anything you want to make delicious, chuck it in there!

If you’re not invested enough in this National Day to get yourself an Air Fryer, a cheeky Swan Toaster can also help you with quick and easy meals! Toast, for one, is always simple, effortless, and delicious. If toast is something you have every day (we’re all guilty of being bread obsessed), you can treat yourself to bagels, paninis, waffles – is your mouth watering yet!?

Your sofa is where your heart is

Exercise? Leave that for the TV remote (that Netflix button specifically). If all you do is move around at work and spend all week on your feet? Then feel free to celebrate from the cosiness of your sofa. This living area is you, in your element, for the next many hours! Your day is going to be restful for your body, mind and eyes. You can safely provide yourself with a guilt-free zone to put those sore feet up in and take the day to catch up with yourself.

Fancy a snug sofa nap? Yeah, you go for it! This day is not an opportunity that comes up often! Remember all of those times previously where you’ve had to set your alarm early. All of those times where you have had to get up and take the kids to school or to get ready for a big meeting at work or had to commute somewhere far away! Stay right there on that sofa for as long as you desire, today only.

A portable stand patio heater in an outdoor sunny area. Greenery in the background.

Make this National Lazy Day last forever!

After spending the day lazing around on your terms only, how’s about spending the night in the same way!? Make your lazy day last all night long with a cosy Swan Patio heater. Set yourself up in your outdoor area, designate yourself an item of furniture (the comfiest chair available), cover it in cushions and make sure to keep a blanket nearby.

Get yourself a brew or a glass of wine (if applicable, no judgements here!) or whatever you desire at the end of the day. Then take your time, and wind yourself down from your long, hard day of winding down. Our patio heaters keep you warm from a safe distance and make your outside area feel like your inside area, also creating a summer night atmosphere for you to relax in.

Feel grateful for this day

Now that you have a moment and the calm evening has crept in, collect your thoughts and embrace how grateful you feel to have experienced a day like this one. All of those times you’ve needed a lazy day to co-operate with yourself again after long periods of potential stress piling up, here you are after dreaming of it for so long!

Thinking of things you’re grateful for is an easy way to feel more positive in your mindset and general self. Take this time to reminisce back on your lovely guilt-free chill day and look forward to this time next year.

We hope you feel cleansed and regenerated after your National Lazy Day! Take care and enjoy your day of relaxing moments with everyone here at Swan.