Beat the Daily Grind with a Barista Video Guide

The sweet scent of that first cup in the morning can melt all resistance to the day ahead and bring life to the sleep heavy limbs of any early morning riser. Coffee is truly man’s best friend and as we launch our stylish and chic Retro Coffee Maker, we have some ways you can make the most of your coffee.

Keeping it Simple with Espresso

Perhaps ex-presso would be a better name, the espresso is favoured by the Italians for its quick hit and strong flavour. The espresso is coffee, simply. For a lighter caffeine hit a single shot of coffee will do, add a little water and, hey presto!

An espresso is ready to spur you into the day ahead, or the night if you have big plans. If you need a little extra umph, add a second shot of coffee to feel the buzz last longer.

Hombre, Hombre, Americano!

Some might call this simply, a black coffee. However, the Americano is Barista for a delicious steaming cup of Joe. 2/3 hot water and 1/3 espresso, this drink can be prepared using an espresso machine or the humble cafeteria.

Hold that burning hot pot! If you’re using a cafeteria, in order not to boil the nutty tones of this beverage, allow the boiled water five minutes to cool before pouring over your cool beans. Leave to brew for another three to five minutes and then, pour.

Never too Late for a Latte

The latte has evolved into a drink with so many opportunities for flavour it’s almost overwhelming. Chai Latte, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte… heads have been known to spin right off in confusion on arriving at the local coffee shop, so struck by the numerous options available for this single drink.

To keep things simple, it requires only one or two shots of water filtered coffee, and the addition of thinly foamed milk to create the original Café Latte.

Cap it off with a Cappuccino

A regular after dinner feature the cappuccino is a smooth and milky delight. A single shot of coffee first and then, the frothy top! Add approximately 6oz of milk to your metal jug and steam until the milk begins to swirl and has a delightful frothy appearance.

Pour this into your shot of espresso and foam ahoy! Your cappuccino is ready. If you have a sweet tooth, sprinkle a light coating of chocolate powder or cinnamon on top.

The Unfathomable Flat White

White as a midnight Spector, mysterious as the lady of the lake. It seems that the Flat White-delicious, milky and maddening has become a talking point as nobody seems to know quite what it is.

Well, mystery solved! One shot of espresso and the addition of 60z of very thin, ever so lightly steamed milk and what we have is the simply solved Flat White. I think we can all agree that the mystery was rather elementary, dear Watson.

Mix it up with a Mocha

Craving a little luxury? Need the caffeine hit but looking for a sweet fix as well? The mocha is a magical blend of coffee’s enriching sustenance and chocolate’s sweet seductive flavours.

Add one shot of espresso to your favourite mug and a tablespoon or two of your favourite hot chocolate drink.

Steam your milk until it’s hot and smooth with a slight foam before adding it to your coffee-chocolate mix. Stir your potion until it’s a mug of silky perfection. Indulge.

Have you been crafting some coffee magic in the kitchen? Share your favourite coffee brewing tips with us on social media so we can enjoy the perfect cappuccino, together.