BTS: Fearne by Swan Range

In early 2017, Swan worked with the one and only Fearne Cotton on an exclusive electrical and cooking range. The collection involved pastel colours, healthy vibes and lots of hard work! Here, we'll walk you through the journey, start to finish...

Fearne by Swan was designed with the help of Fearne, a popular presenter, DJ, author and designer, to help you cook delicious, healthy food for family and friends even in the most chaotic kitchen!

Image of Fearne in a wooden fitted kitchen using the Fearne by Swan baking range to prepare a cake

“I adore baking and do it most days. It’s the perfect activity to get all of the family involved, with the best edible results.”

Fearne was pleasant to work with on this range journey. We worked hard to collaborate on a range that was in demand, on-trend and aesthetically fitting with our brand along with her persona. This range is the largest, and most varied we’ve constructed to date, with many more cookware items than we’ve tried before. Swan launched Fearne by Swan online in October 2017 and never looked back!

“Good food is very important to me. I love cooking it, I love eating it, but most importantly I love the way that it makes me feel after eating it. Energised and full of life it’s paramount in my working mum, everyday life.”

Photograph of Fearne by Swan Quiet Mark Kettle concept colour sheets on a long table, with examples of the products


Breakfast is without a doubt the most important meal of the day, and we take breakfast appliances oh so seriously here at Swan! The Fearne by Swan Breakfast collection was made up of a Quiet Boil 3kW Jug Kettle, 2 Slice Toaster, Teapot, Sugar & Creamer, Set of 4 Mugs, 6 Cup Mug Tree, Set of 3 Canisters and Bread Bin. Swan had never produced a Teapot before this range, apart from an accessory of our classic Teasmade!

Also, the Quiet Boil 3kW Jug Kettle won a Quiet Award! The kettle was designed to work discreetly without disturbing the tranquillity of your home.

“Whether you’re prepping a nutritious breakfast for the kids, making homemade soup for a hearty lunch or putting on a stupendous Sunday dinner for the whole family, you’ll find everything you need in this range to produce food that you, as well as your family and friends love.”

Photograph of Fearne Cotton on the set for the Fearne by Swan range trailer shoot, with Fearne by Swan kettles and baking equipment in the background


The Cookware collection was made up of a 3 Piece Forged Enamel Pan Set, Medium Round Casserole Dish, Large Round Casserole Dish, Set of 4 Ramekin Dishes, Set of 3 Oval Oven Dish, Set of 3 Pie Dishes, 4 x Mini Round Casserole Dish and a Large Shallow Casserole Dish. This was the first time Swan had ventured out into manufacturing cookware.

“Cooking is a hugely important part of my life.  I have the Swan Retro appliances at home and love them, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the team to design this new collection of gorgeous kitchenware and cookware.”

Fearne Cotton holding a chopping board next to a table holding more chopping boards and knives on the set of the Fearne by Swan Range trailer shoot


The beautiful Bakeware selection was made up of a 6 Litre Die Cast Stand Mixer, 5 Speed Hand Mixer, 3 Piece Oven Tray Set, 6 and 12 cup Muffin Tray set, 3 Tier Cake Holder, 2x Mini Round Springform Tins, 2x Mini Heart Springform Tins, 2 Piece Loaf Tin set, Cake Holder, 2 Piece Cookie Sheet Set. This was Swan’s first-ever cake stand, baking tin and oven tray collection.

“We are all busy, so it was really important to me to create a range that can help prepare delicious, healthy food easily and efficiently, so when the kitchen is hectic and you’re met with a sea of hungry faces, you’ll not feel the need to reach for a ready meal. The stand mixer is particularly fun when making cakes with the kids and the stick blender is so useful when I want to whizz up a sauce in no time at all.”

Food Prep

The Food Prep collection was made up of a 3 in 1 Die-Cast Stick Blender, 3 Litre Food Processor, Set of 5 Measuring Spoons, Mini Mixing Bowls with Lid, Set of 4 Measuring Cups, Set of 4 Mixing Bowls with Lid, Set of 4 Measuring Spoons, Set of 4 Colanders, Set of 4 Bowls, Set of 3 Mix and Match Bowls. The measuring spoons and colanders were items Swan had never produced before.

Fearne Cotton decorating a cake, resting on the Fearne by Swan Range cake stand, with almonds

“I also love colour and wanted to make sure the collection looked super stylish for every type of kitchen – the Peacock and Lily are fantastic for adding an eye-catching pop, while the Pale Honey and Truffle are beautifully subtle for a more classic design. All the items are available in these glorious shades and are products that I use pretty much every day at home, creating food that makes me feel good and energised throughout the day.”

Photograph of Fearne Cotton on the set for the Fearne by Swan range trailer shoot, with Fearne by Swan kettles and baking equipment in the background


Not only did the Quiet Boil Jug Kettle win a Quiet Award, but the Fearne by Swan Stand Mixer also won a Your Home Award, the Fearne by Swan range was awarded ‘On trend’ by Exclusively Housewares Scarlett Opus in 2017, and the Fearne by Swan 4 Mugs set were awarded ‘On trend’ in 2018, too!

See Swan’s collection of awards here: Swan’s Awards

Overhead shot of a mother and daughter baking, making a heart shape out of dough and their hands

The range provided a modern design with a classic twist.

We were thrilled to finally unveil our Fearne by Swan range, which was designed with the help of Fearne to suit people who love to cook but lead busy lifestyles. The Instagram-worthy kitchenware and homeware collection were to make cooking for friends and family a joy rather than a chore.

“When we lead such busy lives, it’s easy to miss out on the simple pleasures in life. Whether that’s cooking with the kids, having a gossip and a cup of tea with a friend or indulging in a slice of homemade cake in front of the TV.”

Fearne’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking, along with her eye for design and intricate detail, made her the perfect match to collaborate on a beautiful brand-new range of stylish kitchenware and homewares. We love looking back on the collection and can’t believe how much the hard work behind it paid off.

As always, keep your eyes peeled for the next product journey BTS post!

You can find recipes, lifestyle blogs and more info on the range here: Fearne By Swan