Celebrate Bonfire Night with Swan

The Winter season is truly underway, and we’re all starting to get wrapped up in time for Bonfire Night (5th November)! We’re here to help you prepare for and celebrate Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes night) like never before with all-things-Swan. Prepare for chilly toes, marshmallows, fireworks, and plenty of hot food and drink!

The Winter season is truly underway, and we’re all starting to get wrapped up in time for Bonfire Night (5th November)! We’re here to help you prepare for and celebrate Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes night) like never before with all-things-Swan. Prepare for chilly toes, marshmallows, fireworks, and plenty of hot food and drink!

Bonfire Night is a brilliant occasion to get the entire family involved in the fun. There are so many things to consider when you’re getting ready for the biggest night of the Autumn season, so we’re here to help. You deserve a fun-loving celebration with your loved ones, so here you have it, a Bonfire Night to remember with the help of Swan.

A selection of friends sitting by a fireplace to warm themselves up.


First, things first. When we think of Bonfire Night, we think of the cool, crisp weather we experience. It’s not quite cold enough to snow (usually) around the 5th of November, but especially in the evenings, we need to get ourselves suited and booted with woolly, warm layers. There’s not much exercise included in bonfire night unless you’re the one gathering the fireworks and wood for the fire. So, we need to source as much heat as we can from other aspects of our gardens.

An outdoor garden area with a Swan portable patio heater in the centre to keep people warm.

So, before you think of anything else, think of your family and friends arriving in your lovely garden area ready for the bonfire displays to commence. Now think of them half an hour after arrival, with cold toes, fingers and faces. A life-saving remedy for this time of year for outside events is our Swan Patio Heaters, always around to keep you comfortable and warm.

Swan Patio Heaters are also a quick and easy alternative to a bonfire if you have a small garden and only want to celebrate the evening with fireworks. Patio heaters keep you and your guests snug all night long without the mess and stress of sorting a fire out. Just focus on your firework display and don’t worry one bit about if everyone’s comfortable, because they will be. With a Swan Patio Heater, you’ve nailed it.

A person enjoying a hot dog outside with their friends.


Everyone’s Bonfire Night food shopping list looks relatively the same with every passing year, such as apples for Apple Bobbing and Marshmallows for toasting on the fire. This year, we would also like to recommend potatoes to put your sparklers in to make a handy handle to make sparklers safer for the little ones! Just ask Yorkshire Tots to Teens!

Speaking of potatoes, what about this classic Homemade Chunky Chips recipe?

You’ve worked hard this year, and you deserve to indulge in some delicious Bonfire Night-inspired recipes with your loved ones. If you buy ingredients for anything this season, it has to be this unbelievably good Cheesesteak Hot Dog Recipe. This recipe only takes 20 minutes to make and serves four using the one and only Swan Stealth Grill!

A group of friends enjoy themselves while sharing food.

Another sensational recipe for the Swan Stealth Grill is this Sausage and Apple Slaw Subs Recipe! Ten minutes prep time, ten minutes cook time and BAM! You’ve got yourself a Bonfire Night to remember. Tuck into some (seriously) unreal party food and treat yourself to greatness.

And, since it is Caramel Week on our beloved Great British Bake Off, why not try this unreal Caramelised Baked Microwave Apples Recipe? This recipe is an easy one to follow and quick to make (just fifteen minutes!). It is also brilliantly in keeping with the Bonfire Night occasion. You could also add some Toffee into the mix- you know Toffee Apples make sense when it comes to Bonfire Night!

A wooden table with a blue swan one touch espresso machine.


There are more than enough hot drinks to go around this Bonfire night (and the morning after if you celebrate a little too late on!). You are in luck, especially since there are plenty of Swan items to help you make a variety of drinks for your loved ones on this special occasion. A hot drink acts as a comfort zone in keeping your guests warm and cosy during the celebrations.

You can make a coffee frothy with a Swan Milk Frother. Make yourself a coffee as you would, and watch the foam texture build as you pour your freshly frothed milk into the mug. If you want the coffee made as well as your milk frothed, then treat yourself to a Swan One Touch Espresso Machine. The machine includes a milk frother and only needs ninety seconds to warm up, and away you go! You’ll have your guests queuing up for tasty hot drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and americanos.

A swan cappuccino machine pouring a cappuccino into a clear Swan glass.

If your guests aren’t already mega impressed with the range of stunning hot drinks you have to offer, wait until they see the Swan Set of 4 Double-Wall Cappuccino Glasses 250ml. They have contemporary, double-wall, cool touch glass with a heat resistant design and are microwave safe (for any guests that might get distracted by the firework display and let their brew go cold). You know the ones.

A glass of hot chocolate with a slice of orange on the saucer.

Another brilliant hot drink that fits perfectly with Bonfire Night is hot chocolate. With a Swan Slow Cooker, you can make a large batch of this tasty Dracula’s Boozy Blood Bath Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Recipe and keep your loved one’s cosy for hours. This recipe will also keep the kids happy and distracted while they wait for the fireworks to begin!

If you want an alcoholic variation of drinks as well? Then look no further! You can make any of the above coffees and hot chocolates alcoholic with a touch of Baileys, Bourbon or Amaretto. The possibilities are endless.

Not sure what to mix with your hot beverage? Have a look at this delicious Cointreau Orange Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Twist Recipe. You’re guaranteed to succeed with your Bonfire Night gathering after you’ve gone to these efforts!

A wooden table with two glasses of mulled wine.

Another delicious alcoholic drink to get in the seasonal mood? Try Mulled Wine or Cider. These drinks will keep you and your guests warm and merry all night long. And with a Swan Slow Cooker, you can keep a batch of this Slow Cooker Mulled Wine Recipe hot and ready to act as a punch bowl for the evening. Be the talk of the town with this party essential!

A dog is being petted by its owner.

Four-legged friends.

Many of us have adopted dogs and cats over the past twelve months, and it is important to consider them when it comes to celebrated occasions like this one. It’s common for our four-legged friends to feel unsettled and frightened on bonfire night, so why not send a little love their way this year.

A Swan Retro DAB Bluetooth Radio will help to drown out the scary sounds of fireworks so that they’re more settled and calmer while you’re enjoying the festivities. A dog is most calm when they have the gentle touch of their owner, so make sure to check in on them during the celebrations for some assurance. The beauty of the Swan Retro Radio is that you can sync your phone up with Bluetooth and play a calming playlist for your pups and cats whenever they might need it.

A group of friends holding sticks with marshmallows on them to melt and eat.


Now, you’ve catered for people’s comforts, drinks and food. It’s time to focus on the fun! You can now sit back, relax and grab yourself a glow stick (or two). We know glow sticks and sparklers are supposed to be for the kids, but we all know these things are where the party is! And one other thing that’s commonly underrated is dressing up Guy Fawkes. Make yourselves a straw-filled man and dress him up for his main event!

Be as safe as you can on this Bonfire Night and enjoy yourselves-from everyone here at Swan.