Celebrate with Fruity Flavours and Classic Non-alcoholic Coolers

Serving up a selection of refreshing drinks at a party means mixing the right flavours to achieve that balance of cool comfort and fruity flavours...

We can help you stay cool with a selection of delightful beverages, perfect as a non-alcoholic quencher of thirst or as a way to get the party started, whether you’re gathering to cheer on your team together or setting up for a picnic in the garden with friends.

Summer Non-Alcoholic Coolers Recipes

Raspberry and Fizz a Fun Party Make

Our recipe for a Raspberry Fizz brings together the delicacy of a bubbling brook and the sweet indulgence of a classic summertime berry.

With the added spice of ginger ale and cranberry juice for added sweetness, this is a crowd pleaser on a hot day. If you want to make this an *adult* drink, then add a splash of rum for a tropical flavour or a measure of gin to keep that refreshing feeling.

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Photograph of two glasses of pink lemonade with orange slices and raspberries

Tickled Pink

Pink lemonade is a classic summer cooler, a twist on the original lemonade famous for its association with the southern states in America, it is always welcome at a party.

Our recipe has a slight twist, with the addition of ginger and mint making for a slightly deeper flavour, however, if you’re after a classic just leave them out. Perfect for children and grown-ups alike, make a large batch to last out your celebration and all guests’ thirst will be kept effectively quenched.

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Three glasses of pink berry milkshakes topped with three blueberries each

Make Mine a Milkshake

Milkshakes are a staple drink and on a hot day are perfect for keeping kids cool. If you’re having a gathering with a mix of age groups, a batch of homemade milkshake is sure not just to keep thirsty mouths happy but hungry bellied quiet too.

Easy to make and can be adapted to create any flavour your heart (or little hearts) might desire, we are confident our Foundations for the Perfect Lemonade will be a hit on a hot day.

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Photograph of Swan Glass Beverage dispenser full of cloudy lemonade with four small glasses nearby

And Now, To Serve

Making a drink is one thing and serving it with minimal fuss, another. Our Glass Beverage Dispenser is easy to refill when the tank is running low and an easy way to ensure access to a lovely cooling drink on a hot day is as easy as turning on the tap.

The built-in ice and fruit diffuser lets you enhance your drink with refreshing, fruity flavours keeping your lemonade cold and fruity all day long.

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