Celebrating National Girlfriends Day on August 1st

Few days quite embody the spirit of fun and friendship as August 1st – National Girlfriends Day! This is a day dedicated to appreciating the importance of female friendship.

There are many national days of celebration throughout the year, helping us to enjoy and appreciate the things we might otherwise not give their due regard. Even just in recent months, we’ve celebrated National Tea Day in April and International Nurses Day in May.

And it’s not even just days we’re talking about! After all, we’re currently right at the end of National Ice Cream Month – if you’ve forgotten to celebrate, why not check out our banana ice cream sandwiches recipe?

But few days quite embody the spirit of fun and friendship as August 1st – National Girlfriends Day! This is a day dedicated to appreciating the importance of female friendship. And what better cause could there be?

Group of women with their backs to the camera, sat on a beach watching the sunset over the ocean and using their hands to make heart shapes

National Girlfriends Day Guide:

This year, in particular, it’s a great incentive to reconnect with some of the girlfriends you may not have had a chance to see quite as much as you might like over the last year and a half. With lockdown restrictions now largely lifted, why not take this opportunity to organise an in-person catch-up?

In this post, we’ll give you some tips on ways to celebrate this important day. Just remember, friendships are about more than just one day! As great as the big events are, it’s the little things that really count.

Group of three female friends bonding for National Girlfriends Day by going on a road trip

Getting away together

What better way to take advantage of our newfound freedom than heading away somewhere with your closest friends?

Whether you’re night owls who love the nightlife or outdoorsy types who’d rather get lost in the wilderness together, there are plenty of options to choose from right here in the UK. Reminisce over drinks at an exclusive city centre bar or make new memories by the seaside – the choice is yours!

Of course, if you have a big group with conflicting tastes, it can be a little hard to decide where to go. All those choices we haven’t been able to make recently can start to seem overwhelming!

Not to worry though – we’ve got you covered. We recently offered some handy staycation ideas on our blog, as well as some personalised picks from the Swan team.

So, there’s no excuse – time for everyone to get out from under their own roofs and reconnect at long last!

Group of women in a green, open wooded area having a picnic sat on tree stumps with wine glasses and a wicker picnic basket

Enjoy a classic garden party

We have to admit, the idea of getting out into the big wide world can seem a bit intimidating. And it’s not always cheap, either! But there are other ways to get your whole gang together for a celebration – and take advantage of the summer weather while you’re at it. Why not throw a garden party?

The first step is finding out who’s got the biggest garden – you’ll want to designate them the host!

Then, someone’s going to have to be in charge of the drinks. A good supply of everyone’s favourites is a must. For a sunny summer gathering, cocktails are a great way to go. Check out our recipes for Frozen Snowball Advocaat Cocktails and Frozen Margaritas for some truly refreshing options.

Just be make sure there’s something there for those who prefer to stay dry – how about a delicious fruit cup mocktail?

Blanket with picnic food including bread, glasses of wine and cheese set on green grass under a tree in a park

So, the drinks are sorted. The next step is food. After all, if you haven’t managed to get together for a while, you’re going to be in it for the long haul, so fuel is a must! If you’re wanting to make enough food for the whole gang with ease, our slow cooker recipes are the way to go. Just set it going the night before, and you’ll be sorted.

Or if you’re wanting a bit more of a barbeque vibe, why not invest in a Swan Stealth Smart Gill? You’ll be able to cook up a whole range of delicious food with ease thanks to its handy pre-set options. And it’ll cut down on the washing up. We’re sure you’ll all agree this is one of the most important considerations!

Our final tip is: don’t over-plan! It might be tempting to think of party games or other ways to keep yourself entertained. But let’s be honest: nobody is really going to want to do anything that involves structure or rules of any kind!

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Only connect

However, much fun you might have getting together, sometimes it’s just not possible. Life just gets in the way!

And it doesn’t get any easier: jobs, families, all kinds of responsibilities can mean it’s just not possible for everyone to match up their schedules and find a day to have a big celebration.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate National Girlfriends Day in your own way!

Of course, we’re all well versed in ways to socialise remotely. And there’s nothing wrong with a little Zoom cocktail evening! But even this isn’t necessary. After all, friendship isn’t just about the big moments, it’s about the little things. The quick message checking in, the brief chat about what’s going on in your lives, the shared memory from an unforgettable night – or one so good you don’t remember it at all… All of these things are what keep friendships alive.

Join us as we celebrate National Girlfriends Day - a holiday dedicated to appreciating your close and meaningful female friendships. After a year and a half of not being able to see our closest friends, this year National Girlfriends Day is more important than ever to show your girlies just how much they mean to you. Here's our guide to making your day something to remember...

And for those friendships that are truly lifelong, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been. Even after years of separation, breaking the silence is all it takes.

So, if you’re not up to the big celebration, why not take the chance to send a quick message to a good friend who’s maybe fallen off the radar a little bit? Send them an old photo that’s bound to make them laugh, or remind them of an in-joke they might have forgotten.

After all, you can always make new friends, but you can’t make old ones!

Whatever you do… have fun!

So, whether you’re planning an out-of-control party or a trip to the seaside, or if you’re just going to have a little catch-up with someone you haven’t seen for a while, August 1st is the day to celebrate those all-important female friendships.

From all of us here at Swan, happy National Girlfriends Day!