Cocktail ready recipes

We’re not even sure where to start when assuring ourselves we deserve some quality time with friends and family right now. We, without a doubt, deserve this time to safely socialise and break out of the in-house comfort zones we’ve made for ourselves. What better way to socialise than over a couple of delicious cocktails? As indoor socialising is permitted from next Monday, now is the perfect time to dust off that cocktail shaker and try out some new cocktail recipes.

We’ve spent months living our social lives through our phones and computer devices. This is not how humans are supposed to communicate; we need to belong, damn it! We’ve got some habits to break and we know a perfect way to get us in the mood to rekindle our ‘real-life’ friendships and relationships. Cocktails are the epitome of fun; we will not take anything else for an answer. Fruity? Healthy? Creative? Sweet? Mouth-watering? We’ve got all of the answers for you and your loved ones to get back to business with.

Berry and red pomegranate cocktails in glasses surrounded by loose berries and fruit


Making cocktails is our fruity and colourful activity and the beauty is, it’s up to us what ingredients we include in the cocktail recipes! You can explore, sometimes with regret and sometimes with glory! There are so many fresh fruits, juices and decoration to play around with to create your perfect cocktail recipe mix. Who are we to judge what anybody’s drink is – ours is anything with strawberries if anyone’s asking?

white cocktail and pineapple cocktail being knocked together by friends

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Our cocktail recipe top picks

Check out some of these delicious cocktail recipes, there is something for everyone in this list!

Salted Caramel Pecan Sour cocktail in small glass next to salted caramel chocolate pieces

Salted Caramel Pecan Sour Recipe

Well, this recipe had us at salted caramel.

‘Serve immediately.’ – the most joyous words known to mankind. This is for the many people who can’t decide between a dessert and a cocktail. This recipe is the answer to your prayers. There’s no regrets with this absolute treat of a cocktail.

We are one hundred per cent behind you when we say, treat yourself!

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Photograph of sliced apples and rhubarb in separate clear glass bowls

Rhubarb Gin Recipe

Now rhubarb gin is a classic ingredient for a good time in itself. It’s built quite the reputation across pubs, bars and restaurants all over the UK over the last few years. We just can’t get enough of hitting that sweet spot.
This ingredient gives you a cocktail with a difference, from your classic G&T to your thought-out, thoroughly prepared cocktail recipe. ‘The sugar will draw the juice out of the rhubarb..’ okay, we’re sold!

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Group of three Cuban men playing instruments and sitting together

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Oh, baby! We love the sound of this mix of flavours. We can almost taste the 1950’s cars and architecture beyond a vibrant dance floor filled with red clothing and cigars.

This is the James Bond of cocktail recipes and we highly recommend having a look into this bad boy. Your comfort zone will hide for cover after conquering this revelation of a drink. ‘Cut ½ a lime into four small wedges..’ and the rest is history.

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Photograph of mint and lime mocktail

No-pressure Mocktails

Don’t feel like drinking? No problemo! Check out these mocktail recipes instead.

Whether you’re not able to drink or you prefer not drinking out of choice, treat your taste buds to a fresh mocktail. There’s no peer pressure from us!

The brilliance of a mocktail recipe is that you have the option to add what you like in there but only if you choose to, you can’t take the alcohol out of a cocktail, but you can enjoy yourself alcohol-free with a mocktail!

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Photograph of Raspberry cocktail in small glass topped with mint leaves

Raw Raspberry Shrub Mocktail

Don’t mind if we do. This is an elegant, sharp taste for you and your pals to catch up with. Little to mention the subtle gift of honey to blend in with the good vibes! The Raw Raspberry Shrub Mocktail gives you life, gives you love and gives you colour. What’s more to want!?

The appearance of this drink is clearly designed to make you feel as if you’re on the Spanish coastline, relaxing and soaking up that summer sun.

Get the holiday look…

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Photograph of watermelon cocktail decorated with edible pink petals

Watermelon Lemonade Mocktail

The classy one. The one you’re at the ready for an Instagram pic with. You know the ones.

The watermelon colour compliments everyone’s outfit and you’re beyond refreshed after a sip or two. This drink is different from the rest for many reasons, but the most convenient reason has to be that it’s a simple drink to make. Glide into your catch up with ease after preparing yourselves some fresh iced Watermelon Lemonade and don’t look back.

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There’s so much fun to be had when making flavours come alive with these delicious cocktail recipes! We haven’t even mentioned the amount of decor you can add into the mix. You can sit subtly with an undercover standard glass of a fruity looking liquid or you can jazz it up to the max! Ice is a must-have as are plenty of dried fruits, for the gram! No one ever had one of those tiny umbrellas in their drink without smiling. Come on, own up.

This is your time to shine and your time to challenge yourself as a drink’s connoisseur. Be brave and show off your skills on a sunny Saturday and savour this quality time with your loved ones. You deserve it!

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