Beat the daily grind

What would the morning be without a cup of tea or coffee?
That slow hum as the water begins to bubble, the soft steam rising with the temperature and, at last, that gentle click before we pour the boiling water into our favourite mug. Ahhh, that first sip of brew on a Monday morning almost makes getting out of bed seem worth the trouble.

Hit me with your best pot

Our kettle selection is the gateway to your best brew.
Whether you’re a futuristic java chugger and like electric lights to let you know optimum temperature has been achieved, or a retro brewer with the classic chic look of a bygone age, we have the perfect kettle to get your cup steaming.

Jug kettles

With a varied range of styles and unique colours, Swan’s Jug Kettle is perfect for those who looking to inject a little more style into their interior design choices.

Offering an effective, economical solution to brewing up. Automatic cut-off and boil dry protection features are built in for safety.

Enjoy a good cuppa? Read about the latest tea trends

Keeping it healthy
with tea

There is no question that we, the Great British populace, are absolutely devoted to a good cup of tea. Whether we’re enjoying a good ol’ builder’s brew or we’re sipping on classic Darjeeling, we love our tea and always will.


Need to Concentrate?
There’s a Matcha for That

We live in a world constantly driving for perfection and as technology advances, at a steady if startling rate, sometimes the every day can become a bit too far from the comforts of a simpler age.


Fearne by Swan Quiet Boil Jug Kettle

Quiet mark awarded kettle

Available in four on trend colours - Lily, Pale Honey, Peacock and Truffle this striking kettle benefits from a large 1.7L capacity, easy pour spout and quick boil 3kw element making sure there will always be enough tea for unexpected guests.

It also has a quiet boil design making it ideal for those who have an open plan kitchen area with no interruptions.

Pyramid kettles

The ultra-stylish Pyramid Kettle is the perfect way to make a statement in the kitchen.

In a retro inspired pyramid design, the appliance offers an effective, economical solution to brewing up with the generous capacity meaning you'll get plenty of cups out of just one boil. Its cordless design means it's easily moved around and a 360-degree base means you can return it to its station with little effort.

Super-fast boil

Speed ahead of your tea-mad band of pals with our deluxe Swan Teasmade Now - Hot Water Dispenser.

Featuring Energy efficiency- so you only boil what you need- and you can enjoy your cuppa in under a minute.

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Kettles to go

Our Travel Kettle features a compact size and can accompany you wherever you decide to go.

Don’t leave your favourite beverage behind next time you hit the road, and no more questionable hotel variety kettles!

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Star Features

360-degree rotational base

Never stretch the cord between kettle and cup again with a rotating base. Whether pouring for a party or boiling whilst baking, these flexible kettles are essential in any kitchen with a multitasker at the helm.

Automatic cut-off

You won’t over steam the brew if the kettle cuts off the power when it’s reached the boil, so you can just sit back, relax and let technology do all the work for you.

Dome kettles

Chic and stylish, Swan’s Dome Kettle is not just a pretty face offering a cordless design meaning it's easily moved around the kitchen or office and a 360-degree base means you can return it to its station without any hassle.

With a range of retro colours to choose from, you’re sure to be satisfied with having this be a part of your essential kitchen items.

Descaling your kettle

The type of limescale deposited on small electrical appliances such as kettles and teasmades has the main component of calcium carbonate. It's extremely hard to clean and seriously impairs the operation of your appliance.

This product quickly and easily descales kettles, and teasmades.

We recommend using this product as part of a regular routine to keep you appliance in peak condition. This product was tested on Swan products but will work on any branded appliance

Lily - SK34030LYN

Toasters to match

No kettle is complete without a toaster, they're a perfect breakfast match. So why no match the style of your kettle with your toaster?

Whether you’re looking for 2 Slice or 4 Slice toasters, you’ll find a great selection to perfectly match your kitchen decor.

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Accessories to match

Complete your kitchen’s look with accessories to match or to elegantly contrast.

You’re guaranteed to store all your kitchen essentials and must-have ingredients in style, our range of accessories is sure to have just what you’re looking for.

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