There’s nothing better than a slice of hot buttered toast!

Toasters are an essential kitchen appliance, ideal for improving bread, crumpets and more. Our range of toasters come in a variety of colours and styles, whether you’re looking for 2 Slice or 4 Slice toasters, you’ll find a great selection to perfectly match your kitchen decor.

Which toaster is right for you?

Our Toaster Types

Bread, crumpets, bagels. White, brown, whole grain or granary bread. The variety of what you can put in your toaster is plentiful. We’d like to help you pick the right toaster so you can spend more time thinking about what to put in it rather than which to get.

Swan 2 Slice Toasters, colours range from black, cream, red, white

2 Slice Toasters

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Swan 4 Slice Toasters, colours range from black, cream, red, white

4 Slice Toasters

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Swan Longslot Toasters, colours range from black, cream, red, white

Longslot Toasters

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Toaster Features

Removable Crumb Tray

Tame those crumbs! With an easy to remove crumb tray, you’ll find cleaning your toaster that much easier.

All Swan Toasters Feature

Variable Browning Control

To lightly brown or to golden brown, that is the question. You’ll have all the control when it comes to deciding how brown you like your toast.

Defrost / Reheat

Storing your bread, bagels or crumpets in the freezer? Stepped away to take a phone call or answer the door just as your toast was done? Don’t worry, you can defrost and reheat at a touch of a button.

Cancel button

You’re toasting away and simply can’t wait to dig in, the Cancel button stops the toasting process and automatically ejects the toast.

Variable Browning Control

Defrost / Reheat

Cancel button

  • Variable Browning Control

  • Defrost / Reheat

  • Cancel button

Toasters to suit any kitchen style

Fearne by Swan Range

The Fearne by Swan 2 Slice toaster is beautifully designed and will look amazing on any kitchen surface. It comes in a range of 4 distinctive colours, Lilly, Pale Honey, Peacock and Truffle.

Retro Range

With a retro look, Swan’s 2 Slice and 4 Slice Toasters are available in 9 classic colours to choose from: black, blue, cream, green, grey, lime, orange, pink and red.

Our pink and grey colours were awarded Scarlet Opus 'On Trend' award in 2016, sky blue also received the award in 2015, meaning you can enjoy perfect toast in a stylish kitchen.

With six levels of browning, you’ll be sure your bread is up to the crunch.

Townhouse Range

Add a touch of style to your kitchen with the Townhouse 2 Slice and 4 Slice Toasters, complementing both traditional and modern kitchens, our Townhouse range features striking modern design with beautiful detailing in sleek finishes.

Classics Range

With a sleek polished finish, stainless steel appliances are elegant and modern way to finish off your kitchen, with a perfect neutral tone that can fit into almost any kitchen design.

Everyday Range

Simple yet effective, the everyday range is an affordable way to equip your kitchen with essential appliances, It’s Ideal range for students, or first time buyers looking to get their kitchen off to flying start.

Complete your kitchen’s look

Swan Kettles

Whatever your cup of tea is, you’ll have exactly what you need with our range of Swan Kettles. From affordable to stylish and elegant, our kettles are functional and come in a range of colours- you’ll have no problem finding one to suit your style. Plus there will always be enough tea for unexpected guests.

Swan Bread Bins

Whether it's a white farmhouse loaf or a hearty granary, it couldn't be simpler to keep your bread fresh than with our elegant and practical bread bin. Expect a generous capacity to comfortably fit all of your favourite bread products. Our bread bins are not only infinitely functional but aesthetically pleasing too. Available in a variety of styles and colours, there is sure to be one to compliment your kitchen decor.

Did You Know?

Toasters With Heritage

Our "8-30" toaster was one of the most efficient available and demonstrates that even in 1939, Swan was at the forefront of product innovation.

National Toast Day, 22nd Feb 2018
Yes there is such a thing as #NationalToastDay and to celebrate this great event, we're giving away a toaster! Click here to enter.
Real Bread Week, 24th Feb - 4th Mar 2018
Great toast is made with great bread! Show your toast some love by supporting a local bakery, or having a go at baking yourself. #RealBreadWeek

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