Espresso Coffee Machine

For the Love of Ella Let’s Get a Coffee

A Brew, cuppa, pot o’ Joe, mud, jitter juice, java: everywhere in the world there is a loving language related to our morning friend, coffee.

Ella Fitzgerald even sang a love song “Black Coffee” about the romantic side of this intoxicating beverage. Make your favourite pick me up just how you like it, and make it in style, with the new Retro Coffee Machine from Swan.

Swan Retro Espresso Coffee Machine

Swan Retro Espresso Coffee Machine

It’s bright, it’s powerful and it’s just perfect for making that golden brew to get you going in the morning. The Espresso Coffee Machine doesn’t just look the part, its elegant design extends to the coffee it creates whether straight up espresso or a luxurious cappuccino.
  • 1.2 litre detachable water tank
  • 1 or 2 cups at once
  • Die cast boiler
  • Steam pressure control
  • Removable drip tray
  • Retro design
  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Includes measuring spoon and coffee presser

What's in the cup?

Coffee - Espresso


1 shot of espresso

Nothing else

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Coffee - Americano


1/3 espresso

2/3 hot water

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Coffee - Latte


1/3 espresso

2/3 steamed milk

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Coffee - Cappuccino


1/3 espresso

1/3 steamed milk

1/3 foam

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Coffee - Flat White

Flat White

1 shot of espresso

fill with
steamed milk

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Coffee - Mocha


2/5 espresso

2/5 chocolate

1/5 foam

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Become a coffee connoisseur
with our barista video guide

The sweet scent of that first cup in the morning can melt all resistance to the day ahead and bring life to the sleep heavy limbs of any early morning riser.

Coffee is truly man’s best friend and as we launch our stylish and chic Retro Coffee Maker, we have some ways you can make the most of your coffee.

Become a coffee connoisseur with our barista video guide

Get your Grind on

Is this a hipster fad or a real issue for coffee lovers everywhere? Pre-ground coffee may seem the most convenient option, however, a freshly ground batch might leave your taste buds stunned that, suddenly, coffee has a brand new level of brilliance.

Fresh coffee has a stronger flavour and fresher quality and this is attributed to the simple fact that coffee grounds will go stale the longer they sit.

Due to oxidation, moisture, and CO2 depletion you’re going to lose a lot of quality the less fresh your bag of beans, so we suggest mixing it up and letting Swan’s Coffee Grinder do the work.

Swan coffee grinder

Coffee Flavour Profiles to Rock Your World

When we consider our relationship with coffee we usually imagine our local branded chain of coffee officiants.

The sharp sound of steam emitting from the machine, the anxiety of deciding whether today begins with the kick of an espresso or the smooth foam of a cappuccino.

Coffee Flavour Profiles to Rock Your World