Nothing Brings Breakfast or Delivers Dinner Quicker

The microwave is the workhorse of many a kitchens, from oats to eggs, brunches to lunches, snacks, supper, ratatouille, the ready-made meal and not forgetting ‘pud in a mug’.

There are so many microwaves on the market it can be overwhelming when picking the right one for you.

Whether your cooking for a large family or sailing solo into the kitchen, there is a microwave that’s right for you. As of 2018, 93% of UK households now own a microwave, they are a byword for convenience that can deliver a moreish meal in minutes for a party or a quiet night in.

Digital Combi Microwave with Grill

These combination microwaves use convection heating (fanned hot air) and come with grills, so you can use microwaves, grilling and convection heating to cook and brown your food. This microwave is most like a traditional oven in microwave form, and even allows you to bake sponge cakes as well as bake the classic potato. If you’re throwing a party on a regular basis, this might be the design for you.

We recommend our award winning Swan Retro 25L Digital Combi Microwave with Grill as an attractive microwave that provides the best cooking experience. With 12 auto cook programs this microwave is retro in design but modern in its technology. Find out why ES Best voted our microwave Best for: Attractiveness.

Flying Solo

When cooking alone it’s often difficult to find the motivation to chop, peel and heat up the oven to make a meal for one.

Sometimes called 'solo' microwaves, these basic microwaves are great for simple tasks, such as warming up soup, cooking jacket potatoes or heating ready meals. You can also use these efficient microwaves to defrost straight from the freezer.

These are usually much simpler in design with only two functions, one to set the heating power and one to set the time. If you’re keeping things simple in your kitchen, this is the one for you.

Retro Range

The Award Winning Retro Range – ‘On Trend’

The Swan Retro Range is perfect to give your kitchen that retro feel. We have a whole range of appliances and housewares available in 9 classic colours- including Pink and Grey, which we’re proud to say were awarded the Scarlet Opus ‘On Trend’ award in 2016.

Nordic Microwaves

Available in two neutral tones and with a wood effect pull handle, this Scandi inspired model provides the full digital experience with modern minimalism. 800W of power combined with 6 power levels, including the defrost setting, ensures ease of use and plenty of heat.

Microwave Tips & Tricks

Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

Got that Cake Craving, make a cake in less than three minutes by using few common ingredients and microwave. Watch our video for steps to create a classic chocolate mug cake.

How To Clean Your Microwave

Steam clean your microwave with lemons, it’s a chemical-free way to clean your microwave. It makes stubborn stains a breeze to remove, as well as leaving your microwave smelling fresh.

What Can Your Microwave Do For You?

5 Helpful Hints to Get More Out Of Your Microwave

We often think of our microwaves as the dirty secretes we keep in the corner of the kitchen. We don’t shove ready meals in there on a Tuesday night when work has gotten us too tired! No! We are culinary geniuses, whipping up a homemade feast every night.


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