Get summer ready with Swan

As the sun begins to clear away the grey winter clouds we Brits want to make the most of those tantalisingly rare rays...

We have some great ways to get ready for the changing weather, so that as soon as that temperature dial hits double digits you can be soaking up the sun rather than rushing to get the garden ready for a family BBQ or the fridge stocked with cooling treats.

Our Summer Guide:

Close up photograph of man planting lavender in his garden with his wife in the background

Green fingers get digging!

As the sun sets on another gorgeous summer day what could be better than kicking back in your own garden with a cool drink?

In order to achieve this seductive scenario, however, one must first get to grips with the lawnmower and get planting those full fragrance flowers!

Why not head to your local garden centre for an afternoon of browsing serene statues and water features to make your garden a haven this summer? Get your garden looking fabulous in time for a cool evening, settled back into your deck chair, feet up and drinks at the ready!

Group of family and friends at a barbeque being serviced bacon, sausages and beef patties

Debugging the BBQ

It’s the star attraction at any British Summer Party, but how is your BBQ looking after months of neglect, stashed at the back of the garage with no sausages to overcook or chicken to grill?

Now the sun is resurfacing after months buried under clouds, it’s time to de-rust and scrub that BBQ back into working order.

If you usually rely on the disposable variety, maybe this year it’s prime time you took a look at purchasing a permanent addition to your summer garden? Whether you’re expecting large crowds or just a small family gathering, there’s certainly a BBQ for you.

School’s out, ice cream is IN!

Have you ever tried making your own ice cream? It’s a tasty way to entertain the kids and it’s a great new skill to learn this summer.

Ensuring you have a fully stocked freezer will also ensure you keep the burning heat at bay and no headaches will spoil the fun.

Make something special to keep you and the kids cool, whether it’s rocky road or chunky monkey that you’re into, let’s get creative in the kitchen in preparation for the summer holidays- and hungry mouths!

To learn more about keeping safe and cool this summer, check out of very chilled blog post here.

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Photograph of woman in purple and pink plaid shirt overlooking the sea on a rock cliff

Refresh your summer style

Hurray, no more bulky jumpers, heavy coats or clunky winter boots! Summer is back and so are flip-flops, flowing skirts and strappy tops.

It’s time to refresh your look to suit the changing season, whether you’re a dapper chap or a fabulous feminista, hit the high street and check out the changing trends.

Grab a beach bag to match your signature style so that when it’s time to hit the beach, all eyes are admiring your confident stroll along the sandy shore, enjoying the lapping waves and the summer sun.

Close-up photo of a orange clear water bottle with a bear sticker on

Health is Wealth

Summer is a time for healthy salads, cooling fruit beverages and keeping hydrated. By watching what you eat, ensuring a water bottle is always to hand and hitting the pool to keep cool, you’ll be taking care of yourself and enjoying all the wonderful opportunities the season of sunshine has to offer.

If you want to be beach body ready why not wake up with sun and go for a run? Or, if land sports aren’t your thing, a gentle swim in the local pool is a great way to work those muscles whilst bringing your body temperature down. Be sure to take care of yourself this summer, as good health truly is long lasting wealth.