Meet The Swan Team – Get to know Meda!

Today, we put our lovely Marketing Executive in the hot spot! Let’s get to know memes, trends, and all things Meda...

Meda and colleague spotting the Nordic Kettle in a local supermarket

1. A day in the life of Meda…

What our Marketing Executive gets up to when we’re not looking 👀

‘My main responsibilities include scheduling social posts for the week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our Swan Big Family Facebook Group. This organically sourced content can range from recipes, user-generated Swan kitchen content, hilarious reels, to of course, MEMES.’ (everyone’s favourite!)

‘The content takes a different direction all of the time with hopping on trends etc, I also have to be prepared for a big graphic change if we decide to do a sale or giveaway -me and Canva have grown a bond like no other since I’ve been at Swan! Whilst sourcing great content for the socials, I reply to DMS, messages, tagged photos, and comments on all social platforms, always making sure I am consistently engaging with our brilliant Swan community. This pretty much sums up what I do as a whole on a daily basis.’

‘Other duties I love are planning and scheduling giveaways for our Swan lovers! It’s so fun bringing out people’s creative sides on Twitter especially, tell me you need a fan in this heatwave, without actually telling me you need a Swan fan in this heatwave… (check out this tweet here). Thinking of fun and creative ideas to implement on socials is definitely something that keeps me on my toes! As well as studying the campaign plan for the month ahead, this takes some serious decision making as there are so many National Days to celebrate!’

Selfie of marketing executive meda holding the Swan ceramic mug

2) Describe your role in three words!

‘Exciting, Creative, and Fast-paced -to say the least!’

Meda filming content for Swan social media accounts

3) What do you find most challenging?

‘I think keeping on top of trends is super challenging as socials are often progressing and moving so fast! You have to make it a priority to be on the lookout for what’s happening next! Even if you’ve got a million and one projects to work on, it only takes one tweet to provoke a sudden need for a quick-witted reaction! Always staying on the ball with the world of social media is crucial no matter what! I suppose if trends were easy to guess and prepare for, there’d be no graft for me poor my creative juices into!’

Meda and colleague spotting Nordic Espresso machine in local supermarket

4) What do you love about the job? (And you can’t say everything 😏)

‘I love working with an amazing small team, we’ve soon moulded into a little creative clan! Something I personally love is watching an idea come to life, you can look back at it when it’s performed well and the hard work has paid off like, I did that! The overall creativity of the role is so exciting and the opportunities we get to explore are unreal!’

5) What is your favourite meme of 2021?

‘There are SO many to choose from this year but it would have to be this one!’

Steaks being cooked in the Swan Stealth Grill

6) What is your favourite Swan product?

‘I’d probably say the Stealth Grill just because I’ve got one and I just can’t stop cooking chicken on there!’

Brunette woman listening to music on her car journey

7) What do you listen to on your way to work?

‘I always got for a Throwback playlist on Spotify, it always has new bangers and is updated every Thursday which is brill as that’s one of the two days I’m working in the office at the moment!’

Over head view of woman relaxing and listening to music on her phone

8) What song is your guilty pleasure? (This is a no-judgement area!)

‘Well, I quite like that song by Otis Redding, Sittin’ On the Dock of The Bay! You need something relaxing and light on the way to work before your mind is set to 110 miles an hour in the office haha!’

Marketing Executive Meda and Swan colleagues at the Swan Black Friday filming set

9) Name one thing you’re grateful for?

(The Swan team, obviously!)

‘I know it’s a bit cliché but the first thing that comes to mind is just my friends and my family, especially after the year everyone’s had!’

Meda and two other colleagues on the set of the Stealth footage set

10) What is one thing you want to achieve this week?

(We asked this during a heatwave week so any goal is pretty admirable since we’re all melting sloths at this point!)

‘Ooh, I’d like to reach 19k followers on Twitter, we’re currently on 18.3k at the moment, we’ve got a giveaway going live in a couple of hours (eek!) and I think we’ll be able to smash it by the end of the week!’

 Sliced pizza vector image against an orange background for National pizza Day

11) What is your favourite National Day?

(Out of all 365 of them!)

‘You know what, there’s a national day for everything I think but I’d probably say National Pizza Day! Just because it’s an excuse to order a Dominos!

Photograph of a woman pouring ketchup onto a plate of plain spaghetti

12) What is your favourite weird food combo?

(Spill those beans!)

‘Probably pasta with Ketchup, with a little bit of cheese. Everyone should try it, it’s SO good!’

Green minimalistic room with cat figures, tropical leaf in glass vase and stylish plant

13) What’s the one colour you would love to fill your house with?

‘Hmmm maybe yellow or green 😅 probably sway towards green though! When you’re surrounded by all of the Retro colours all of the time it starts getting hard to choose! Spoilt for choice haha!’

film projector on a wooden background with dramatic lighting and selective focus

14) What is your favourite film?

‘Oh, definitely The Notebook, I’ve probably watched it about twenty times, I love it!’