Healthy Lifestyle Changes from Head to Toe

Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn’t always mean signing up for the gym and cutting carbs. It’s about listening to your mind and body, looking around you and deciding what’s good and what you can go without. Over the recent years, its become more and more apparent how much…

Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn’t always mean signing up for the gym and cutting carbs. It’s about listening to your mind and body, looking around you and deciding what’s good and what you can go without.

Over the recent years, its become more and more apparent how much mental health can affect our daily lives. Looking after your mind as well as your body should always be top priority. We’ve compiled a list of healthy lifestyle changes you can make to improve both aspects. From keeping your brain active to treating your toes.

Young woman applying oil onto hair in bathroom

Hair Health

Getting a fresh look in January is a great way to feel renewed and get ready for the year ahead. But checking in on your hair’s health is also a fresh way to improve your health overall. Do you suffer from a flaky scalp, or maybe you want to increase the strength of your hair?

Understanding your hair type means you can make healthy lifestyle changes to the way you treat your hair. From taking nutritious vitamins, choosing the hair products you use or even the way you dry your hair. Factor in these things when it comes to looking after your locks.

Mother and daughter sit side-by-side, cross legged on a couch in a meditation pose with eyes closed for blog about healthy lifestyle changes.


Looking inwardly, it’s important to keep the peace when it comes to your mental health. Practicing mindfulness and meditating can improve your emotional wellbeing by reducing stress and adding balance to your life. That doesn’t mean you have to start signing up for classes if you don’t want to.

You can practice mindfulness every day in little ways. This can be using the 4-7-8 breathing technique to calm the mind or paying attention to a meal, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, truly living in the moment. In 2020, @justjillcoaching gave us an amazing 30 minute meditation on our Youtube channel.

Simple things like these can bring peace to your everyday life. It can also be an outlet for the family and a way of opening up conversations about emotional health.

Woman sat at desk stretches her back with arms above her head in healthy lifestyle changes blog.

Posture Training

If you’re looking to reduce back pain this year, focusing on your posture could be the key to relieving the tension. Taking a few moments out of your day, or every other day to stretch out your muscles not only improves posture, but also develops strength, flexibility, balance and gives you more energy throughout the day. Stretching your body can relieve pain and adding these simple stretches to your list of healthy lifestyle changes means you’ll see a physical change come next year.

Sleep Better

It goes without saying how important sleep can be for the body. But do you really look into how much sleep you’re getting? Sticking to a routine can be a powerful tool to aid weight loss, boost the immune system and lower the risk of heart problems. Not to mention increases your concentration and productivity so you can make the most of your day.

Young couple enjoy healthy food on their Swan Stealth Smart Grill for healthy lifestyle changes blog.

Get Outside

Getting out into the fresh outdoors is one of the easiest ways to improve not just your mental health but your physical health. Feeling the fresh air hit your lungs on a hike. Or the wind on your face on a bike ride. There’s nothing like it!

We’ve spent so long cooped up at home over the last two years. Why not start giving your mind and body a release in the great outdoors. Feel the fresh air wake you up and enrich your soul on regular walks or bike rides.

Maybe even try wild swimming – an amazing, natural way to soothe muscle aches and boost the immune system. There’s tons to do in the great outdoors. Why not give it a go.

Enjoy a varied diet

As well as adding some micro-improvements, having a varied diet can also show a significant impact on your health. And the thing is you don’t need to add more to what you eat, you just need to switch it up. Keep your diet varied so you’re getting a wide range of the nutrients you need.

Instead, try to cook seasonally or get creative with your meals like trying squash spaghetti instead of your usual pasta or cauliflower burgers in place of red meat burgers. Cooking without oil has never been easier since introducing our Swan Air Fryer, and when you’re looking to reduce fat our Stealth Smart Grill is a go-to for clean and healthy food options. Getting creative and trying new ways of cooking can be the perfect way of introducing new foods to your diet.

Three sets of feet have smiley and sad faces drawn on the soles for blog about healthy lifestyle changes.

Foot Care

An often-overlooked area of health. As mentioned before, it’s important to look after the parts of your body that look after you. Our feet keep us going day after day and its important to make sure they’re in good condition.

For example, if you work on your feet all day long are you wearing the right footwear to ensure your feet are supported? Are you looking after them at the end of a long day? Keeping your feet arched can distribute weight and pressure, minimizing risk to the ankles, knees and back.

So, if you’re looking to make some new healthy lifestyle changes, maybe start by looking after your feet. Whether that’s updating your walking shoes, getting a proper foot size check or treating them to a massage in the evening.

Which healthy lifestyle changes will you make?

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, it’s not about taking them all on at once but more about picking and choosing the areas you need to improve to lead a better life.

Check out our blog for January health tips and remember, don’t take on too much because things will get left behind. But look at what sides of you could do with some work so that by this time next year, you’ll be a different, happier and healthier you.