Hop into Easter

Easter is known as a time to indulge in chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and Mini-Egg encrusted cakes. Not only that, The Easter holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with family and have fun with your children and grandchildren.

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Easter has hopped into view and with half term on the horizon parents everywhere are pondering how to fill those early spring days with fun activities for the kids.

Five Activities the Whole Family can enjoy this Easter Holiday

Who’s Fooling Who?

This year April Fools Day also happens to fall on Easter Sunday, so all the family are sure to be together to compete to be the best prankster.
We’ve got a few suggestions to help parents get the upper hand on their sneaky kids on the most foolish day of the year.

1. The Fart Cushion Classic

It’s a gag that’s as old as Grandad and as hilarious as the day it was begun, the fart cushion is sure to get laughs from all ages.

2. Bugs in the bed

Wait for your loved ones to fall soundly asleep before carefully placing a plastic spider or two between the sheets. Be careful not to give them too much of scare!

3. Bake a Trick Cake

Bake a cake that’ll surprise everyone that takes a bite! It could be made to look like sausages, chicken or even sushi! With the right recipe, everyone will get a shock.
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It’s an exciting time as dandelions burst into bloom and chocolate eggs fill supermarket shelves. As family and friends gather to celebrate this Easter, we’re here to help make this Sunday dinner the most memorable one yet.

Our Top Recipes to Dazzle this Easter Sunday

Get Inspired

Feast your eyes on more of our recipes and treat yourself this Easter, not only to chocolate eggs and Sunday dinner- but to a whole lot more...
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Roast Beef With Horseradish

Cupcakes And Magic Sprinkles

Cupcakes And Magic Sprinkles

Zesty Chicken With Orange

Zesty Chicken With Orange

We’d love to hear all about your favourite family fun moments this Easter Holiday!

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