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Five Activities the Whole Family can enjoy this Easter Holiday

Easter has hopped into view and with half term on the horizon parents everywhere are pondering how to fill those early spring days with fun activities for the kids.
We have a few helpful hints to get you through and keep your little bunnies happy and hopping all Easter long, whatever the weather.

1. Get your bunnies baking

We all have fond memories of long afternoons in the kitchen with mum as she sprinkled flour into mixing bowls and made marvellous creations appear from the oven as if by magic. Easter is a great opportunity to get the kids trained in exciting new skills that will both entertain them and have them prepared for life in the future.

Why not try our Rainbow Surprise Cake recipe and add a dash of festive cheer by decorating it with mini eggs and bunny figures this Easter? Or our Easy Hot Cross Buns are a traditional favourite.

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2. We’re going on an egg hunt!

This fun family treat is a long enjoyed tradition at Easter and is really a three-parter. The kids can settle in with hard boiled eggs for a morning of decorating, before mum and dad set out into the garden or around the house in the afternoon to hide the treasures away.

The following day the kids can be set loose to hunt out their eggs and whoever fills their basket fullest wins a special chocolate Easter egg. For even more fun, the eggs can be gathered for an egg and spoon race, with another opportunity to win a prize for whoever finishes first with their egg intact!

3. A special breakfast

The everyday hustle and bustle of life can often make breakfast a chore rather than a treat. Why not get together as a family and transform this regularly neglected meal into a real occasion. It’s also another great way to introduce the children to cooking, whether it’s beating the eggs or mixing the pancake batter, there’s a little task for the youngsters and a delicious treat for the whole family at the end.

Our Perfect Pancake Mix will make for a delicious start to the day, or our American Waffle Recipe will be an impressive twist if you have guests staying this half term.

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4. Enjoy the fresh air

Whether it’s a trip to the seaside or a wander through the woods, some fresh air will help keep the kids active and give parents time to enjoy a walk. There are parks to explore, beaches to build sandcastles and always an opportunity to make some wonderful family memories this Easter. It’s never too early for an ice cream if the weather is warm or afternoon tea and a nice slice of cake if there’s a chill in the air.

Our Victoria Sponge Sandwich is always a big hit and we’re sure if you come home to a slice and a cup of tea after a long day exploring the countryside or playing in the sand, your day will be complete.

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5. Get back to nature

If the sun is shining, why not take the kids out into the garden, either for a spot of planting or a family picnic? Your children could learn to be green fingered gardeners, exploring the spring flowers and planting some of their own. If you don’t have a garden, why not take them to a local nursery, where they can get back to nature and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

As a picnic treat you can serve our Pink Lemonade, a simple but refreshing beverage everyone will love on a spring afternoon in the garden.

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We’d love to hear all about your favourite family fun moments this Easter Holiday!

So, get in touch with us on social media to share your stories and spread the joy this Spring half-term.