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Keep cool and carry on sunbathing this summer

The sunshine heralds a happy season of sunbathing in the local park, BBQs in the garden and chilling by the seaside for most Brits with a love of summer fun. It can, however, lead to some unpleasant skin peeling, headache-inducing and even emergency service calling consequences. We have a few hints and tips to keep you and your loved ones chilled out and loving life this summer.

You can lead a horse to water…

It seems a piece of obvious advice, but in fact, a survey carried out by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) revealed that 89% of people in the UK aren’t drinking enough water to maintain healthy hydration levels.

You might think a couple of glasses a day keeps the dehydration monster at bay, but in fact, men are recommended to consume at least 2.5 litres of water per day and women should be chugging a minimum of 2.0 litres of water per day, even more when the sun is sweating out our H2O resources.

We suggest keeping the fridge well stocked with ice cubes and tasty fruit ice lollies to keep water intake at optimum levels. It’s also handy to carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times for quick bursts of reinvigorating hydration throughout the summer months. Check out our funky ice cooler for a fruity solution to a parched throat.

Spice, spice Baby

From the sandy shores of Mexico to the towering climbs of Peru, spice abounds in the culinary traditions of these hot weather dwellers. Why would you eat such hot fare if the sun is already keeping you at sweltering temperatures, you might ponder?

Counterintuitively, spicy food holds the key to keeping cool long term as it stimulates gustatory facial sweating, sweating that starts in your face and leaves you feeling cooler for longer. Spice also helps to prevent food spoiling in hot climes, so using it in your picnic food might keep the pasta salad or rice dish fresher as you enjoy the sunshine.

We don’t, however, recommend taking a bite of a fresh chilli unless you are a fire-breathing dragon hiding in the Welsh hills.

Let’s get Fan-cy

That’s right, we Brits aren’t American and therefore do not have air conditioning installed in every room in anticipation of high temperatures and disturbed sleeping patterns. Some of you have already rolled your eyes, only too familiar with a fans ability to blow hot air around the room and not, in any way, out.

But! We have a solution. Point your fan out of the window so that it forces the hot air out. Adjusting your ceiling fan so that it spins counter-clockwise will also pull hot air up and out instead of pushing it around the room.

Keeping a fan about the house (especially the bedroom) can help reduce those fractious exchanges and ensure that the only reason you and your loved one are up all night, is by choice 😉

Foot loose and fancy free

You’ve been working on that summer bod and want to show it off, we know. But as temperatures climb and clothes begin to stick to sweaty skin, may we recommend that you loosen up and cotton down?

A pair of loose cotton shorts and a cotton shirt could make the key difference between resembling a sweaty toffee pudding and striding confidently down the high street like a summer Goddess (God if you’re a gentleman).

So, despite the allure of a clingy strap top and hip-hugging denim shorts, maybe keep things cool this year with an outfit that can make you both look and feel fabulous.


It’s a classic way to keep cool and a solution that both adults and children alike will love. That’s right, it’s a water fight.

You don’t need to be a hoarder of torpedo water guns, just find those leftover balloons from the last birthday party or grab a garden hose and get your water fight on!

Even a bucket will do (if you’re tall enough, that is). Everyone can have a good run about the garden, splashing about in the sunshine and in the end, you’ll be cool as cucumbers even if you more resemble soggy sponges. Happy days.

Got any heat tackling methods for staying chilled this summer? Share your ideas and photos with us on social media so that we can enjoy the sun and stay cool.