International Coffee Day: 5 Ways to Enjoy

Your morning coffee is more than a caffeine fix. It's an experience that you look forward to every day. This International Coffee Day, we've got five ways for you to enjoy your favourite cup of joe in new and exciting ways, and what better time than now to come up with some ways you can celebrate this delicious beverage!

Your morning coffee is more than just a caffeine fix. It’s an experience that you look forward to every day. October 1st is International Coffee Day, and we’ve got five ways for you to enjoy your favourite cup of joe in new and exciting ways. And what better time than now to come up with some ways you can celebrate this delicious beverage?

Some people enjoy their coffee in the morning, while others prefer it with lunch and dinner. The brilliant thing about coffee is that you can rely on it to perk you up at any time of the day! There’s a reason many of us claim that coffee gets us through life, rather than just morning, noon, and night. Many of us need that extra boost for multiple kinds of occasions, so why not indulge in one of our daily comforts and necessities regardless of when or where we might need it?

We know, especially on International Coffee Day, that it’s crucial to enjoy the coffee – the taste, the smell, the design, and the setting. So, treat yourself to a delicious coffee while you scroll through our top five ways to enjoy your International Coffee Day.

A cup of coffee is being poured in an artistic fashion.

Make it artistic

The way a coffee looks plays an essential role in your beverage experience. We know how irresistible it is to Instagram your coffee after the barista has delivered it to your table. The masterpiece will gently wobble as the cup is placed down, and you’ll instantly reach for that phone. We’re all guilty of it, but there’s no shame as it’s art at the end of the day!

Coffee art can be a surprisingly easy and fun activity to try out at home with lattes. A tip from us: the frothier the milk, the better. Create a latte work of art by swirling the milk into beautiful designs. Here are some easy ideas, tips, and tricks to get you started.

Make it seasonal

The way a coffee tastes is also essential to enjoying your coffee, especially when it comes to different times of the year. If you’re already a coffee fanatic, you’ll know of the flavours that can be added to your already delicious-tasting coffee. We like a subtle but creamy Vanilla, Hazlenut or Caramel – only on special occasions though, we can’t let ourselves get too carried away.

When it comes to certain times of the year, we like to adapt our coffee flavours. Moving with the season with coffee flavour is very similar to how we progress through the seasons with different candle scents. A winning addition to your coffee for the October-December time of year is Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon. Add these flavours to your coffee and indulge in a fall-inspired drink. These flavours translate to our favourite seasonal candle scents: Autumn Pearl, Cinnamon Stick and Tonka Bean & Pumpkin.

A Swan branded Espresso Machine in dark navy blue pouring a black coffee with a latte coffee next to it. The coffee machine sits between a nordic style toaster and canisters to match.

Make it with the help of Swan

Since we’re guiding you through a list of ways to make your coffee enjoyable, we couldn’t resist mentioning our Swan Espresso Machines. Our Espresso Machines make it super easy for you and all the members of your household to grab a quick brew in the morning, afternoon and evening. This beneficial appliance enables you to wake up and smell the delicious aroma of fresh coffee coming from your own kitchen. Coffee at home means no cardboard cups or payments, just you, your coffee, and your favourite mug.

Our Pump and One Touch Espresso Machines couple class with functionality to bring you that barista-quality coffee without messing around and hassle. We’re here to make your life a hell of a lot easier – featuring 15 bars of pressure, the machine offers a plentiful 1.2-litre detachable tank to pour yourself up to two cups of goodness at once! This feature means a happy you and a happy housemate.

Friends socialising whilst enjoying coffees

Make it sociable

We’ve had over a year of hiding away in our homes due to lockdown, so there’s no time like the present to treat yourself to a coffee date this International Coffee Day. Also, since government restrictions have been lifted, life might feel as if it’s been non-stop for a lot of us. This coffee date with a loved one is your time to rejuvenate and enjoy a well-deserved rest. We’ve had many, many months of not being able to nip into town for a coffee or go round to your friend’s house for a brew, so make the most of this International Day and enjoy!

International Coffee Day is a delightful excuse for you all to sit and laugh and take a minute to let yourself breathe. It’s the least you deserve! Get a text out in that group chat and wait for the replies to flood in; many of us need a coffee catch up more than you think.

A lady with brown curly hair and freckles laughing with her eyes closed and coffee cream on her nose and upper lip.

Make it yours

While this day is essential for us to enjoy, it’s also the number one rule that we do it our way. Now and again, we slip into the habit of making too many plans as well as working too hard, without taking the time to relax. There is no pressure to go out and socialise this International Coffee Day if it’s a night on your own in front of the sofa that you need. You can sit and enjoy your cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home and company and we’ll applaud you for it.

Enjoy your favourite flavour, your favourite coffee, your favourite milk and your favourite artistic pattern. International Coffee Day is your time to shine and enjoy all things coffee! We hope you manage to find the time to take a load off and treat yourself to a mug of love on a cosy Autumn night or on a crisp early morning – or even on your lunch break. However you like it, go ahead!

Enjoy every coffee your way and have a wonderful International Coffee Day.