International Dog Day: Swan’s Top 3 Pet Vacuums

It's International Dog Day, and we're here to guide you through the day with plenty of four-legged friend appreciation, as well as pet efficient vacuums to help you clean around after your pawfect family members!

It’s International Dog Day, and we’re here to guide you through the day with plenty of four-legged friend appreciation, as well as pet efficient vacuums to help you clean around after your pawfect family members!

A loving pug wearing a party hat to celebrate International Dog Day.

New Puppy Parents?!

This year’s International Dog Day is going to be celebrated by more people than ever! 2020-2021 has gifted many people with more time at home due to the pandemic. This worldwide change has resulted in lots of couples, families and flatmates investing in becoming dog owners. The last 12 months especially, as they now have time while working from home to walk, play, and love.

There’s never a paw time to celebrate our love for dogs, as they celebrate us being their owners every single day! Our little angels only have to wag their tails to show their thanks to us being there and taking care of them! We hope they’re wagging their tails with you on this lovely day that is International Dog Day.

A loving dog owner lying next to her dog.

Pet-friendly Vacuums, Swan picks!

We thought we’d take this opportunity to guide you through our best pet vacuums yet! Having a fluffy, cheeky character here, there and everywhere around your house is lovely, but it can cause fur build-up and dirty patches in upholstery areas. We want to make your dog-loving life as easy and enjoyable as possible, especially on International Dog Day!

Adopting a dog, whatever age, breed or size, can take its toll on your home. All of those walks over lockdown have bit-by-bit pulled dirt and mud through your carpet walkways and up your lovely stairs! It happens to all of us, but we’re here to tell you not to worry, as we have the answers.

A person using the Swan Eureka Powerspeed Upright Pet Extend Vacuum.

Swan Eureka Powerspeed Upright Pet Extend Vacuum

Our first vacuum recommendation to help you dominate those pet odours and dirt is the Swan Eureka Powerspeed Upright Pet Extend Vacuum.

This multi-function Powerspeed Vac provides powerful cleaning technology, leaving you with no mess, dirt or paw prints. We love that it’s ultra-lightweight and that it holds a generous 9-meter power cord. These features are super convenient for those awkward areas like the stairs. You’ll no longer wonder why stairs don’t have a plug at the halfway point.

A person using the Swan Powerspeed vacuum.

The Powerspeed vac has you covered when it comes to carpets, rugs and hard floors. And with its specially engineered Petmaster brush roller tool, you’ll have no issues lifting dirt, debris, dust, hair, and pet fur with the super easy swivel steering feature! The bristles on the roller tool help you to pick up even the tiniest of pet hairs and fur.

Also, the removable HEPA filter helps this vacuum to be rated as one of the best for pet owners, since this covers those of us suffering from allergies, removing 99.99% of dust and allergens as you clean. This makes such a difference to your sinuses if you are a sufferer of pet allergies.

We should be able to live and love our four-legged friends this International Dog Day without any itchy or sneezy repercussions!

The Swan MultiForce Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum.

Swan MultiForce Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Our second vacuum recommendation has to be Swan’s MultiForce Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum! This bad boy is streamlined to make vacuuming an easier task across all areas of the house.

The Multi-Force Vacuum combines a streamlined design with enhanced technology to achieve flexible manoeuvring, all while promising you a deep clean. When you have dogs running around the house in every which way, it’s brilliant to have a vacuum that can assure you of a deep clean, removing all germs, dirt and odours.

The Swan MultiForce Cylinder Vacuum removing dust from the seat of a couch.

This brilliant vacuum comes with a petmaster turbo tool, which makes light work of tackling ingrained dirt and pet hair. Your furry loved ones deserve to feel at home pretty much anywhere in the house, so it’s essential for us to be able to deep clean those areas with no fuss.

Close up of Petmaster tool vacuuming over a cream coloured sofa.

Swan TurboPower Pet Extend Upright Vacuum

Swan’s third and final choice of vacuum had to be the TurboPower Pet Extend Upright Vacuum.

This vacuum is the cheapest out of the three while having similarly impressive features! The Pet Extend comes with a Pet Turbo Tool, 3-in-1 Brush and Pet Odour Filter. We love this feature, as we do (over a period of time) become accustomed to our pets’ odours, so we need someone or something (this lovely vacuum!) to be able to keep our house safe from said smells.

Woman walking down some grey carpeted stairs in a white shirt and light grey jeans with Vacuum in one hand.

This is an easy-to-operate vacuum while being ultra-lightweight, and this is something so important to us simply because housework is already hard work, so it shouldn’t be made any harder. Also, this vacuum gives us a 3L capacity to play with. Many of us avoid emptying our vacuums, so with the Turbo Pet Extend Vac, you’ll have plenty more time between emptying.

The convenience and effortless assistance of these three vacuums will give you so much more time with your pups during this International Dog Day. We love it!

A happy Adult Beige Labrador Retriever on a beach with a stick in its mouth.

Enjoy your International Dog Day!

Well, there you have it, our gift to you on this International Day to celebrate all things dogs! We hope you’re currently out for a lovely walk with your fur babies, or having a cosy, well-deserved nap, or even watching Crufts for the day!

Whatever you and your charming four-legged friends are up to today, we hope you have a lovely time celebrating your time together! We want to see plenty of International Dog Day pictures of your pets with your Swan products using the hashtag #myswankitchen.

Enjoy the rest of your day from everybody here at Swan.