July 19th is here!

Today is the day, people! We’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time now and we’re here to celebrate it with you. We got you, whether you’re ready for today or not...

What changes on July 19th?

The 19th of July marks Step 4 of the government’s roadmap! This step means taking the step on removing all legal limits on social contact. This is huge news (huge!) as it’s been over 14 months since we’ve been able to relax around each other without breaking through government rules and restrictions. We’ve become so used to not hugging our close friends and family members, everybody needs a hug!

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We are able to get Covid19 tested more often than ever and we’re finally moving forward out of lockdowns!

We understand this means that the pandemic still continues and will continue to be a part of our lives for some time. Things like wearing face masks to the supermarket and being careful washing our hands and using hand sanitiser in public and at work when we can continue to be a part of our daily routines. We have adapted to this 14-month-old lifestyle and we’re all doing what we can to keep ourselves, others and the NHS as safe as we can from the virus.

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We’re still going to be meeting outdoors when we can, letting fresh air into indoor spaces where possible, getting tested regularly and getting the vaccine when invited to. We’re quite surprised actually, that since Covid19 has been all we can talk about for some time now, that there hasn’t been a UK Top 40 Hit called ‘hands, face, space’. Would you be surprised? There’s still time…

We can’t wait until all of these changes and restrictions have paid off; until we’re all safe from the virus and we’re back to the familiar lifestyles we shared pre-Covid. High five, we got this!

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Freedom Day plans

So, what are your plans for today?! This is a huge deal to us and we hope you’re going to be enjoying this time to the fullest! Are you saving yourself for the weekend so you can go all out? Whether you’re celebrating today or in the near future, we certainly have a brilliant few months ahead of us.

One of the biggest things many people are excited about is holidays! Yes, here at Swan, we’re UK staycation obsessed at the moment, and rightfully so! We know some of you will have booked a UK holiday for you, your loved ones and your four-legged friends.

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We also know lots of you are especially missing that abroad summer-sun. There’s one thing that’s for sure, we deserve some beautiful weather this summer to make up for the last one being stuck in with no social life. And so far, so good it seems!

There are a few things we can all get planning regardless of what the weather brings! We know there’s another major thing on people’s minds at the moment, and we think alcohol might be involved…

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The question is, are you a sufferer of FOMO? Or are you ready to get out?!

We believe there will be two kinds of people when it comes to the end of lockdown life. Some people will be ready to get back into normal life and embrace the pre-lockdown swing of things, and some might be going through FOGO. You’ve heard of FOMO, fear of missing out, now hear of FOGO, fear of going out!

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It’s understandable why you wouldn’t feel like going out right now. Normal life has come back at us at quite some speed since restrictions have been lifted! January seemed to last a year on its own and now, all of a sudden, July has hit and everyone’s off out as if the pandemic never happened!

Pubs and restaurants opened their outdoor areas at the start of April and then, bam! We’re well away into July and some of us just aren’t ready. The important thing is that you take your time and go at your own pace. We’ve all experienced massive changes in the last year and it’s not up to anyone else how we settle back into normality. Take baby steps that you feel comfortable with and ease your way in, you’ve got this!

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The embracers, on the other hand, have been preparing for this since lockdowns began. The people who’re ready for anything as soon as the restrictions are lifted. We have a feeling you’re the people who’ve been ordering clothes non-stop for the past 12 months even while you’ve had nowhere to go, but the purchase is for a ‘just in case’ scenario! Let us guess, you’ve had an outfit ready since the first week of lockdown? We knew it!

Well, you go out (safely) and wear it with pride. You’ve waited so long and you deserve to feel your best self after a year of hibernation!

Glasses up baby!

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Celebrate in style

If you’re ready to celebrate the end of lockdowns and social distancing in style, you’ll need a cheeky garment steamer to get rid of those creases for the big event. Whether an item from your wardrobe just needs a refresh or you’ve booked a few days away in the UK to celebrate, you can always rely on a Swan Garment Steamer.

And if you happen to go overboard and enjoy yourself a little too much… check out our Hangover Guide. But don’t worry about that for now, go and get those glad rags on. You wild cat!

Either way, enjoy your day, we hope it’s filled with nothing but love and laughter.