Keeping It Healthy With Tea

There is no question that we, the Great British populace, are absolutely devoted to a good cup of tea. Whether we’re enjoying a good ol’ builder’s brew or we’re sipping on classic Darjeeling, we love our tea and always will.

Here are a few surprising truths about tea and the way a cup a day can help keep, cancer, heart disease and even diabetes at bay!

Our Healthy Tea Guide

Tea being poured through a strainer into a light blue teacup resting on a dish

English Breakfast or Earl Grey?

Black tea is what comes to mind for most Brits when they set the kettle to boil in the morning. Five minutes to get the deep dark colour, a dash or even a splash of milk depending on your pallet and several spoons full of sugar, just for good measure.

Black tea is in fact absolutely marvellous for our health, as well as providing that essential caffeine boost first thing. Made with fermented leaves, black tea is highest in caffeine content and has even been shown to protect us from lung damage caused by second-hand smoking. Not only this, there is also some evidence that it can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke. Tea really is a Brit’s best friend.

Matt black teapot on a wicker placemat with small matt black tea cups with healthy tea surrounding it

White Tea is Healthy Made Simple

White tea is less commonly enjoyed in the UK, however, the health benefits make it one of the most helpful beverages for keeping us healthy. Shown to have the most anticancer properties, this unfermented and uncured leaf could be a lifesaver when compared with its more processed counterparts.

In tasty flavours such as White Peony, Coconut Truffle and Silver Needle, white tea should make a more regular appearance in any teapot. The Swan Teasmade in both vintage and modern styles will ensure that you can start every day with a white tea to keep you alert and healthy.

Tea spoons of different tea leaves resting against a dark brown wooden block

It’s been Oolong Since I had a Cuppa

Oolong isn’t just great to say but wonderful for keeping almost every inch of you healthy and happy. From reducing chronic health conditions such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders and high cholesterol levels to keeping your teeth shiny white, your bones strong and skin glowing- Oolong is a miracle tea.

The combination of white and black tea leaves doubles the health benefits and there’s even a pleasant and fruity aroma, making this tea both healthy and delectable.

Photograph of a glass of medicinal tea with a mint leaf resting against it and a lemon in the background

Pu-Erh Medicinal and Cleansing

This tea is considered an almost medicinal food product in China and the evidence suggests that they might not be far wrong. Pu-Erh provides multiple health benefits, not only reducing cholesterol and preventing illness, this wonder tea also helps to fight bad breath and cleanse toxins in the blood.

The micro-organisms and unique sugars that are produced in the fermentation process of this tea have been shown to attack toxins in the blood, meaning you’ll feel healthier AND smell better after a couple of sips of this delicious brew.

Image of an open silver tea strainer with tea leaves spread across a black wooden table

Get the Kettle On

Tea really is a magical ally in our quest to be healthier and happier people. Whether you’re a ‘first thing in the morning’ or a ‘last thing at night’ sipper of this ancient and remarkable leaf, there is surely a brew to suit you.

Or, if tea just isn’t your flavour of choice, you can always bake a tea loaf or cake that will ensure you enjoy all the medicinal properties of tea without drinking a single cup.