Kitchen tiles galore

We’re here today to talk about kitchens and the importance of their style. This is a hot topic because, over the last year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever. Spotting things we’d like to improve about our homes has become a revelation in itself since the first lockdown. We’ve come through good times and bad. We’ve battled through the lockdowns and restrictions and we’ve all made changes to our homes where we can in the process. Ultimately, we’ve had to cater for a completely new lifestyle and adapt to new ways of living, while perhaps treating ourselves in the process.

So, we’re going to discuss some of the cheeky new trends to have come out of our new living situations.

We believe we’re more daring, practical and home-happy with our updates and renovations. Plenty of unique trends have arisen out of this revelation and we love the look of one in particular: kitchen tiles and panels.

Photo of a family making breakfast at their marbled island in the middle of a tiled white kitchen

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Photograph of the white black and grey Berkeley Essence pattered tiles from Topps Tiles fitted in someones kitchen closet

The joys of kitchen tiles

The last year has been a particularly trying time. In that time, we have managed to find things out about ourselves that we didn’t know before. Our home life has changed profoundly and we’ve discovered braver sides to ourselves. Good on us!

Tiles bring out our creative side when putting together that dream colour scheme. From sophisticated styles to mosaics, hexagons and bold, geometric designs, the possibilities with tiles really are endless. In fact, it’s almost dangerous to see just how many possibilities there are!

Photo from Topps Tiles: Berkeley Essence Tiles

Photograph of a matte grey and white kitchen fitted with the Panteli Tile from Topps tiles

One of the biggest things we love about panels in the kitchen is the fact they’re so much easier to clean than painted walls. No paint to strip off or food splatters to scrape at, just the smooth, continuous wipe of an easy-clean tile.

Tiled walls and floors make a perfect layout option for a hygienic, easy-to-clean kitchen life.

Tiles are also super easy to fit into your kitchen! Here’s B&Q showing us how it’s done: How to tile a kitchen wall.

Photo from Topps Tiles: Panteli Tile

Kitchen sink area with wooden shelves decorated with Zellica Bronze Tiles from Topps Tiles

Making a statement

In recent years, tiles have gained popularity because of consumers using patterned tiles on floors and walls to make a bold statement in their kitchens and bathrooms. The style ideas are endless with tiles, and they provide an easy way to make our kitchens unique and oh so grammable!

The kitchen backsplash is a vital place to show off our wildest desires and to help us explore those bold statement finishes. For many of us, this is a daring decision. However, it’s often also one of our best.

Photo from Topps Tiles: Zellica Bronze Tile

Photograph of a Vogue Slab Kitchen in White with Green wall tiles and wooden countertops and tables from Wren Kitchens

A great way to benefit from kitchen tiles is by using them to add extra colour to our layouts. Tiles often help us to push the boundaries of colour, as the tiles sit as one block backsplash feature.

This can mean using a dark, block colour like dark blue. This is a colour we’ve seen on trend over the past twelve months. These colours help us to deepen our kitchen vision using heavy contrasts and light visuals.

The block colour acts as a back wall shadow behind the shining statement features that sit in front. This exposure given to our kitchen appliances highlights the true charisma of the kitchen.

Photo from Wren Kitchens: Vogue Slab Kitchen in White

Photograph of the Swan Nordic Pump Espresso Coffee Machine in blue next to the Swan Nordic Storage cannisters against a white tiled kitchen wall

Choosing your style

There’s so much fun to be had with kitchen designs, especially when exploring the different ways to feature unique panels and tiles.

For those of us with a real thing for light and bright minimalistic kitchen designs, white kitchen tiles can be a game changer. They benefit and accentuate many kitchen appliances. The bold features and touches shine through to no end against that white, gleaming backsplash.

Photo from Swan Brand: Swan Nordic Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

Photograph of four thin wire metal chairs sat at a wooden kitchen bar with a white marble counter

Our kitchen tiles act as a vital element that can make or break your dream kitchen scheme – so no pressure!

The one thing you can’t go wrong with is that wall tiles serve the practical purpose of protecting our kitchen walls.
As we all know, they go through a lot! Our kitchens are inevitably the most hard-working room in the house. Thankfully, kitchen tiles don’t only personalise but also help to protect.

The design of our homes should always reflect our individuality and character. This is our time to show off our creative side and parade it in front of every person who uses the kitchen. Our kitchens also face the challenge of standing the test of time.

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A layout statement helps to bring us positivity when we walk into a room, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening.We deserve nothing but the best!