Let’s Talk Love Island 2021

Swan couldn’t help getting involved with this month’s Love Island 2021 kick-off. We’ve had a bit of a crazy month thus far: lockdown restrictions have been changing, the Euros have been keeping us all on our toes, and of course, Love Island is creeping up on us quickly!

Love Island isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But either way, whether you like it or not, you’ll be somewhat involved in the show. All of our social media feeds will solely focus on the show during each episode. Our televisions will be Love Island adverts here, there and everywhere! And there’s no way we’ll go into work or even a zoom meeting without subconsciously catching up with the Love Island 2021 gossip!

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If you’re not up to date? You’ll feel like a right melt!

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Clear your schedules for Love Island 2021

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We are very grateful for the pre-warning of when Love Island 2021 is back on our screens, as this gives us plenty of time to rush through whatever series we’re in the middle of. We know from previous years that the amount of time needed to focus on Love Island takes daily dedication! A whole eight weeks’ worth!

Forget everything else that your television provides: all other programmes must be compromised!

Love Island set up goals!

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Reasons to watch Love Island 2021…

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For the romance

Lots of us watch the show for the mischievous romances! It’s such an exciting concept that we get to sit and watch the islanders approach each other romantically. There are cheeky couples, cosy couples and hilarious couples. Some matches look meant to be at first, but the twists and turns of the series keep us on our toes! We all sit there waiting for the next Ross and Rachel, Jim and Pam or Homer and Marge (the dream!).

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For the friendships

Some of us watch it for the friendships. We’ve all made friends on holidays or at festivals, but are there any friends like the ones you’d make if you were stuck on an island together for eight weeks! You’d be totally in it together to keep each other safe. Iconic sayings come from hilarious conversations between the islanders.

Has your head been turned? Or is this not your type on paper?

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For the drama

Some of us watch it for the banter and the ‘salty’ attitudes. Some of the games, tasks and challenges bring out some damn good TV! The mugged off game? It’s all we can think about!

There’s something so contagiously fun about watching people’s reactions to drama kicking off! All we can do is watch it all unfold on the show, it’s inevitable that we will be entertained, and sometimes it really is impossible to look away!

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For those summer vibes

Let’s face it, most of us watch it for the constant SUMMER VIBES providing elite escapism, which is much needed after the 14-month ban on holidays we’re all in the process of dealing with. We will watch the sunshine, tans and swimming pool and dream of the day we can return to the airport to be whisked off to somewhere hot and tropical. Our time will come, hang in there!

Some of us watch it for the pure embrace of empowerment. Both female and male contestants taking part in the show own their own skin and choose to show it off to the world. When we say show it off to the world, we mean six evenings a week, they’re on TV strutting their stuff and proudly doing so.

The villa is overflowing with body confidence and ‘we got this!’ vibes!

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It can be relatable

We can find the show relatable as we’ve all had to deal with feelings of romance and friendships at some point. We’ve all been in the romantic and not so romantic situations the islanders find themselves in. We’ve had first dates, last dates, not sure if this is a date, dates! And we’ve got dressed up to impress someone, had fun and danced around, and played pool games!

One thing is definitely relatable when it comes to this show, we’ve definitely all got that stomach dropping text!

Even if the show is not relatable to us all, it’s kindly inclusive. We can watch Love Island and get attached to the personalities and characters from the comfort of our own homes! When you find yourself downloading the app to vote for someone to stay, you’ll know you’re attached! We root for some people from the start until the end, and wish for others to be booted off from the beginning!

The show is made for entertainment purposes, and that’s why it’s so hilarious to watch. Nobody is safe on the island. And we love being kept on our toes with all the drama!

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Lets get watching!

The Swan team will be watching Love Island 2021 alongside you this year, right up until the season finale party! So, put your feet up and enjoy the ride with us because it’s almost time for the show to start! Why not check out some of our delicious cocktail recipes so you can make yourself, and the rest of your Love Island viewing party some tasty cocktails whilst you watch the drama unfold!

Are you ready!?

Let’s get watching!