Make a Holiday of Memories this Summer

With the summer months finally in our midst, it’s time to start planning some special trips away with the kids...

Are you a family of adventurers, seeking rocks to climb and woodlands to explore? Or are you a more relaxed crew, inclined more to a BBQ on the beach and a paddle in the waves? Here’s some inspiration to help you make those all-important family memories this British Summertime.

Our Summer Adventure Holiday Guide

Close up of a family surrounding a wooden campfire toasting smores on sticks

Carefree Camping Holiday

The UK might be a small island but its natural beauty is world renowned. Packing the kids into the car with a family size tent, some sleeping bags and a Swan Travel Kettle (for making an essential cup of tea or boiling some pasta for dinner) is a classic way to enjoy quality time as a family.

Get back to nature by exploring the Cornish countryside, or take a trip to the Scottish highlands for fantastic views and plenty of hills to explore. Whatever your desired setting, the British Isles are sure to deliver and camping, with its toasting of marshmallows and lying under the stars, is a magical experience for young children.

Teal blue caravan parked on a grass hill overlooking an ocean and cliffs

Caravanning by the Coast

A home and a transportation device! What magic sorcery is this? If you and your loved ones enjoy the comforts of being able to explore the country with a bed always a stone’s throw away, then the caravan holiday is perfect for you. Settle down at a site by the coast and enjoy the freeing feeling of travel without the hassle. If you fancy a change of scene, simply pack up and move on, no fuss and no hurry.

With a Swan Travel Iron, you can easily ensure that clothes are kept presentable if you fancy a meal out, or you can always cook up a storm in your portable home.

Photograph of a mother, father and their two children walking across a zebra crossing

Sophisticated City Break

If you have some cash to burn and enjoy holidays of culture and entertainment then the city break is best for you. If your children are beyond the age of wanting to spend too much time with mum and dad, then a family city break offers the opportunity to start enjoying more sophisticated styles of entertainment with your teenagers.

Whether it’s taking in a show, exploring museums and architecture, or appreciating a meal at a refined restaurant, the city offers opportunities to enjoy quality time together. A Swan Handheld Garment Steamer will ensure that, if the hotel iron lets you down, you can still explore the city looking your best, unrumpled by a days sightseeing.

Mother and young daughter on a hiking journey next to a large lake standing on mounds of grass

It’s Time for an Adventure

Adventure holidays offer everything from rock climbing to surfing, with fantastic packages available for the whole family. You might come from a brood of highly energised and athletic stock, and therefore relaxing by the sea or breaking bread in a chic restaurant just isn’t your cup o’ tea.

Enjoy a spot of fishing to connect with your kids, or build their confidence in the water with a canoe trip down a pleasant river. For even more excitement, white water rafting or mountain biking will have your family fit as fiddles by holiday’s end.

An adventure holiday isn’t just physically fun it also offers great opportunities to explore nature, learn the ways of the forest and connect with nature. At a time when deforestation is causing wide-ranging problems, it’s vital that the young generations of today are inspired to fight to keep nature afloat.

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