National Beach Day: Swan’s Top 3 Beach Picks!

It's National Beach day! The summer season is closing in, so why not have a scroll through and daydream about the most beautiful beaches in the UK before it's winter time again...

A group of friends on a beach celebrating national beach day.

Why you need National Beach Day 2021!

During this blog, we’ll be taking you through our favourite Beach Day picks – just in time for you to pack your bags and find yourself on a beach trip! We’re talking small and large beaches, rain or shine. It’s time for you to put yourself first and book in for a day of fun. With friends, family, partners or even your deserving self: a beach trip doesn’t do anyone any harm.

National Beach Day is your time to reflect on a heavy few months of work or your recent house renovation, or perhaps you’re still coming to terms with life out of lockdown, or you could be needing a simple relaxation day while no one’s around!

Breathe in that deep sea air and clear those cobwebs! Find yourself feet first in the sand or, if you’re super daring, get in that water for a paddle! You deserve this rest, time for yourself, and revitalisation day.

Three women with their backs turned to us with their arms around each other looking out towards the sea and sky.

Colwyn Bay Beach

Swan’s first choice of beach this National Beach Day has to be Colwyn Bay Beach in North Wales. Colwyn is around a forty-five-minute train journey from Chester, England.

The people of North Wales are very welcoming and friendly, and this is one of the most important things we consider when it comes to our favourite beaches – the people! Hop off the train or park up along the coastline wherever you fancy and prepare for a windy walk along Colwyn Bay Beach!

This beach stretches over 3 miles for you and your loved ones to spend the day exploring across it. In the sunshine, you can set up camp once you’ve found yourself a quaint patch to rest on for the day.

Wide location shot of rocks, dark blue ocean and coastal towns and mountains in the distance.

If it’s raining? There’re plenty of homely little shops and cafes around Colwyn Bay for you to choose from before or after your beach stroll. The walk along this Colwyn coast stretch can take a couple of hours, depending on how far you want to explore.

If you fancy seeing more of the beautiful North Wales coastline (there are so many amazing beaches here), it’s super easy to pop back on the train and let the journey take you further up the coastline towards Anglesea. You will not regret taking yourself off on an adventure to see all things North Wales!

Formby Beach on a sunny day

Formby Beach

Swan’s second choice of beach to celebrate this National Beach Day is Formby Beach. Formby is a National Trust Park located in Merseyside, near Liverpool, and boasts a beautiful large beach and sand dunes. We love the sand dunes because if you thought fresh air and a beach day was going to tire the little ones out alone, wait until they’ve climbed up and down these bad boys! They’ll be asleep in the car before you can say ice cream.

A pathway on Formby Beach during an overcast day.

Another must-visit feature of Formby beach is its vast woodland area. And this woodland isn’t just any woodland – it’s home to the rare native red squirrel! Once you’ve finished admiring the stunning beach scenery, you can spend an hour walking through the surrounding forest area and find some little red squirrel friends on the way.

Formby beach is also very close to Crosby and Thurstaston beaches. Why not spend the entirety of National Beach Day adventuring up and down the unreal scenes of the Liverpool coastline?

Two small female children with long hair, sitting down in the shallow waves of the beach. Laughing and playing.

Margate Beach

Swan’s third and final favourite National Beach Day pick is the unforgettable Margate Beach. Margate is in Thanet, Kent, and you might remember the name of this beach from the 1989 Only Fools and Horses episode, “The Jolly Boys’ Outing”. This, in itself, is a reason to go and explore Margate!

Margate Beach has plenty for you to do this National Beach Day. There’s an Old Town for quaint shops, restaurants and markets, as well as seafood stalls, amusement arcades and plenty of old-school seaside fun and entertainment!

A long-shot image of the Canterbury river with a boat full of people sailing alongside an old town building.

Margate Beach is such a popular spot due to it being and leading seaside resort for at least 250 years. Its sandy beaches hold a lot of history since Margate beach once had a Victorian Jetty, which was partially destroyed in 1978 by a storm! There are regular coach trips to this British tourist spot. National Beach Day can be about learning as well as about beaches!

This beach also has a short journey to the next city along if you’re feeling a bit of nightlife or shopping after your day on the beach! With just a little trip across from Margate Beach, you can find yourself in the beautiful city of Canterbury!

With this knowledge handed to you, we hope you’re now ready or even slightly in the mood for a fun beach trip! Today is your National Beach Day to celebrate, and celebrate it you must!

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely National Beach Day from everybody here at Swan.

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