National English Breakfast Day: 6 Swan Essentials

It’s officially National English Breakfast Day (2nd November), and we’re celebrating by showing off our top 6 essential items to celebrate. Some things in life are supposed to be done exactly right, and an English Breakfast is definitely one of them.

It’s officially National English Breakfast Day, and we’re celebrating by showing off our top 6 essential items to celebrate. English Breakfast Day takes place on December 2nd and is celebrated by millions of people internationally. Some things in life are supposed to be done exactly right, and an English Breakfast is definitely one of them.

We think the following will help, not only with your National English Breakfast Day but with the English Breakfasts you make for years to come! Deliciously hearty is the name- the equipment you use is the game! Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. You deserve a brilliant start to your day, so here you have it! Prepare to indulge like never before.

A person at a sunny table bar reading a magazine with a plate of eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit next a glass of orange juice in front of them.
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How do you like your eggs on National English Breakfast Day?

First things first, the thought of eggs goes hand in hand with breakfast. How do you like your eggs in the morning!? Well, we can help you out with fried, boiled and poached! Either way, however, cooked eggs are absolutely essential with a breakfast.

Eggs are the perfect breakfast food, but they’re not always easy to get just right every time. The Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher lets you forget any uncertainty when it comes to making perfect poached or boiled eggs. This little kitchen gadget is a great way to make your life a little easier when it comes to your English Breakfast, do it your way and do it right, with every use. You’ll be able to boil up to 7 eggs at once with a choice of 3 settings: soft, medium and hard. You can set it up, sit back with a brew, and wait for the buzzer to sound. Perfect eggs, with no fuss every time!

If you fancy boiled or fried eggs without assistance? Try out our Retro 5pc Pan Set to cook your eggs, and then use our sleek Nordic 6pc Utensil Set to serve up. These two items look beautiful in any kitchen and will give you a helping hand for eggs and much more!

Slow cooked to perfection

During the Christmas period, some of us enjoy a party to get into the festive spirit in the days of early December. If you’ve had a late night and don’t fancy an early morning rise and shine breakfast? Then why not prepare the breakfast, and go back to bed for 3-4 hours until it’s ready. All’s you need to do once the Slow Cooker prep is complete is to listen out for the delightful sound of readiness.

Then rise, and relax with a fully and evenly cooked English Breakfast. This revelation is the dream, and the beauty is, everything you need to fulfil your breakfast can cook all together, to be ready to eat all at the same time! Follow this recipe, and enjoy your newfound love in a Slow Cooked English Breakfast.

If you don’t like the idea of Slow Cooked sausages and prefer more of a crisp, fried texture? Then make sure to put all of your trust into a Retro Air Fryer. The Fryer takes much less time to get your sausages tasting just right, and the crispy texture will only leave you wanting more. We promise the crispiness of an Air Fried Breakfast Sausage will ensure you wake up with an English Breakfast (or at least a sausage butty!) craving every day!

The perfect toast

We can all admit to having tea and toast for breakfast, dinner, and tea. And we often rely on this ‘meal’, when we need it most! These two goodies are also essentials when it comes to your hearty English Breakfast! We’ll get to the tea later, so for now, let’s focus on the toast of it all! If you want to sort toast out the way you know, then go ahead and opt for your classic Swan Toaster, which is guaranteed to toast your breakfast essential to perfection every time.

However, if you’re feeling daring!? What about making your bread from scratch with a Swan Bread Maker! You’ll do your family proud handing out toast that you’ve made from fresh and natural ingredients, and don’t even get us started on how lovely the house will smell. We’d make bread for that positive alone!

Fried bread is a common choice of bread in an English Breakfast, and we totally understand why. Our Retro 5pc pan set can help you out with frying your English Breakfast eggs and toast, no problem! But, there is one game-changing piece of kitchen equipment that can help your fried toast have a texture like no other, and that’s the Retro Air Fryer. This frying method doesn’t take long and always provides a perfect result. Your English Breakfast will well and truly be undefeated after using this unreal addition!

Hot drinks done right

When it comes to your English Breakfast, hot drinks are essential- especially well made and delicious ones. As a British found company (who’ve forever been providing the nation with tea equipment), we know our fair share of things about tea. So, start your day (and your breakfast) with a brew made with a Swan Kettle, and probably the aptest teabag to use for National Breakfast Day would be a Twinings English Breakfast teabag!

If you’re not a tea-lover, then we’ve also got you covered! There’s nothing like the deep, rich smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning or with your English Breakfast delight. That’s why a Swan Espresso Machine could be the breakfast addition you never knew you needed! This machine enables a simple, straightforward way to make barista-quality coffee alongside your breakfast. Say hello to Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and much more!

Want to get your English Breakfast looking pretty and complete ready for the gram? Then why not treat yourself to a Set of Swan Cappuccino Glasses to match your Espresso Machine? Feel aesthetically pleased this National English Breakfast day- because you’re worth it!

Don’t go bacon my heart

So, you’ve heard about the Air Fryer English Breakfast, and now it’s time to vision the Grilled English Breakfast. One essential that needs to cook to absolute perfection is the bacon! And, with a Stealth Smart Grill, you’ve got the generous capacity to cook up to ten rashers of bacon at the same time and whip it up ready to serve the household!

The Smart Grill is here to show you that life (and National English Breakfast Day) is full of surprises. By letting the fat and oil run away into a handy drip tray, the Smart Grill is not only easy to clean, but also makes for a healthier way to cook all kinds of breakfast items. You can even choose from a range of pre-set cooking options and sensors that will automatically detect the thickness of the food on the grill, meaning there’s no need to worry about the right cooking time. You can let the grill work its magic and carry on with the rest of the breakfast items!

Fancy a grill with multiple English Breakfast items? Then give this Grilled Full English Breakfast Recipe a go! No fuss, hassle, or mess included. Think endless possibilities. Check out The VacMat showing off how easy it is to cook Bacon on the Stealth Grill, we love it!

Smoothie goodness

The Stealth Blender is the kitchen addition you need to fulfil your English Breakfast. After all of that salty bacon and sausage, treat your taste buds to a fresh, cold, fruity smoothie. A smoothie is not traditional of an English Breakfast- usually, the drinks are hot or taste a lot like Apple/Orange juice. But, with the January health kick just around the corner, why not start your National English Breakfast Day with a tasty mix of goodness!

The beauty of the Stealth Personal Blender is that you can make a huge range of smoothies and juice mixes with your favourite flavours in mind. Impress your guests this Christmas season with a freshly squeezed selection of cold breakfast drinks! The blender is a real easy-to-use kitchen helper, and not only is the blender stylish and sleek, but it’s super powerful and convenient. Blend, and boss your English Breakfast!

You’ve got this!

So, there you have it, our Top 6 National English Breakfast Day Essentials! May your eggs be perfectly poached, your sausages delightfully fried, and your bacon brilliantly grilled! If you want to make a hearty, fun-loving English Breakfast with minimum hassle and maximum convenience, you now know we’ve got you covered!

We wish you all a fabulous National English Breakfast Day from everyone here at Swan.