National Prosecco Day: 5 Reasons We Love Prosecco!

Welcome to one of our favourite National days of the year! We can't wait to share our celebratory National Prosecco Day adorations with you

Welcome to one of our favourite National days of the year! We can’t wait to share our celebratory National Prosecco Day (August 13th) adorations with you. This day gives us reason to make a toast to the rest of the summer season! NPD provides us with an excuse to enjoy ourselves and to feel grateful for what we have – all while drinking a delicious glass of Prosecco, of course.

From our Cocktail Blog and Hangover Guide (to be read in that order!), you might already know that we know a thing or two about drinks. What a coincidence that we’re celebrating the very drink that holds all connotations of celebration!

Prosecco is being poured into a glass celebrating National Prosecco Day.

We want to remind you of the reasons you might want to celebrate National Prosecco Day! You might have several things to celebrate, you might have lots of social events to catch up on, you might want to visit the local pub after all this time, or you might want to relax. We’re sure that, either way, whenever you get round to your next glass of Prosecco, you’ll deserve it.

This Northern Italian sparkling white wine doesn’t only make it easy to think of a gift for someone who’s received fantastic, celebration-worthy news – it’s affordable and simply delicious too.

Here are five reasons why we love Prosecco!

Three women wearing a dress pouring prosecco into cups celebrating National Prosecco Day.

The undeniable chic aesthetic!

One thing Prosecco almost always benefits is that aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid of yours! That pre-night out photoshoot? We all know the one. Any pose with a glass of Prosecco in hand, you’ve nailed it. Get that pic posted!

A glass of Prosecco looks at home in many different environments, often partnered up with strawberries! A picnic in the summer over a blanket next to all kinds of cheese, crackers and fruits. An afternoon tea setting often looks beautiful already, but the glass of Prosecco sparkling away beside it makes for the cherry on top! We are well and truly here for this vibe.

A beach with a towel placed on the sand and an umbrella blocking out the sun. Displaying a picnic.

It tastes like no other!

Bubbly is a lovely word to describe something, especially a cold, well-earned drink. Prosecco is notoriously known (as well as Cava, Champagne etc.) for that all-important cork-popping bubbly moment. Lots of you deserve to hear this sound after a long week of work, kids or just general life! Let your hair down and indulge in that first sip.

Prosecco is a crisp wine made up of light-bodied, fresh, vibrant and highly aromatic components. We love the way those large, frothy bubbles sit on top of the liquid once poured.

A bottle of prosecco in an ice bucket.

When choosing your drink type, flavours play a crucial element when it comes to decision time. Prosecco covers plenty of different flavours such as pear (our favourite), apple, peach, melon and even honeysuckle.

We never knew there was so much information about Prosecco! Find out more about your favourite Prosecco drinks here!

A cork from a bottle of prosecco next to two full glasses.

We’re spoilt for choice this National Prosecco day!

Some of our favourites are here for you to fall in love with!

Prosecco Superiore DOCG (Aldi’s finest!)
This Prosecco is our hidden gem, and we couldn’t help but recommend it to you – you’re welcome! This Prosecco boasts a light and refreshing aroma, while the lovely bubbles present you with autumn fruits and a gentle floral taste. These fruity overtones sit subtly below the golden apple scent. Can you imagine it now? It’s elegant, one of a kind, and it’s got your name all over it!

A bottle of Aldi's Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

Freixenet Prosecco!
Well, for starters, look how charming the presentation on this bottle is! It’s purely irresistible and mouth-watering before we even begin to discuss flavour! Freixenet are renowned for their beautifully tasting Prosecco, especially since they created the Rose sibling! Freixenet Rose features a calming blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, including tones of red berries, white flowers and apples! Meanwhile, Freixenet Prosecco holds the lively aerations of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit! Who wouldn’t want this to be placed carefully in the centre of their table? To be admired like a work of art, of course!

A bottle of Freixenet Prosecco available from Tesco.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG
The aesthetic of this Prosecco bottle reveals a tall, dark, and handsome appeal. This version of the delightful beverage comes from a soft blend of grapes. They provide a superb texture and taste, with vigour, subtlety and quality flavours. The grapes allow us to taste the vibrant pear and green apple flavours with every sip. We know which version we’ll be trying this National Prosecco Day!

A group of friends enjoying themselves during National Prosecco Day.

There’s a non-alcoholic alternative!

For those of you who might be celebrating but drinking alcohol isn’t suitable? (We’re looking at you, baby boomers!) Not to worry, as you can still enjoy the joyous occasion with everything Prosecco offers, just without the alcohol! Clink your glasses together with non-alcoholic Prosecco!

This alternative is perfect for those of you who might not fancy a drink. Whether you can’t drink or don’t want to, this non-alcoholic version will get you through the celebrations! With this solution, no person will feel left out. It’s got the look, the aesthetic and general vibe of all things Prosecco!

We find the non-alcoholic Prosecco super useful the night before a big commitment when you’ve agreed to go out but could do without the hangover. There should be no pressure to feel like you must have an alcoholic drink; wherever you go! But if you ever encounter said pressures while you’re on your jollies, this is your sneaky alternative! We won’t tell a soul.

A bottle of prosecco being poured next to a bottle of water.

Prosecco is the chosen one!

There’s a reason Prosecco is one of the most popular tipples as per us Brits! Did you know that Prosecco is now more popular than Champagne?! The drink has become so adored that there’s now a marketplace for Prosecco Advent Calenders, Prosecco Socks, Prosecco Bath Salts and even Prosecco Festivals!

Find out more mind-blowing facts about Prosecco here!

By now, we hope you’ve secured some lovely plans for your National Prosecco Day!

Stay safe, and enjoy celebrating the rest of the summer season with an aesthetically pleasing, delicious glass of Prosecco.