New Energy Labels

Our appliances have new energy labels. Here are some small changes you will need to know about when shopping for electrical appliances from March 2021 onwards. Energy Rating Labels provide you with guidance on the energy efficiency of a product and it is important we inform you of the new practice.

As a caring and responsible manufacturer, it’s a must for us to display the Energy Rating Label on products that fall under the relevant categories. These categories being: Cooling Appliances, Refrigerators and Freezers.

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Go green!

The Energy Label created in 1995, identified accurate energy information in household products. It is a legal requirement to display this label on the relevant appliances as it measures energy consumption. The label is also a great help to explore domestic appliances because of its valuable and easily comparable information.

Energy saving technology consistently makes advancements and the new Energy Label no longer leaves space for any further improvements. Household appliances have over time rocketed to the top of the scale, sitting at Rating A to A+++. Meaning these appliances limited from any further rating developments if the label ratings had stayed the same.

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Previous Energy Ratings

The new and improved energy label will give household products room within the industry for development. This label new measurement criteria in place, allow you to compare products more easily. The ratings have been made easier and therefore more helpful; an A to G scale being kinder to understand than A+++ to D. This is a constructive step to help you find what you’re looking for when you shop for electrical appliances. Helping you to make more informed decisions to reduce energy consumption and bills.

Image of a more in depth energy rating scale

New Energy Ratings

The only catch with the new rating system is that the ratings are much stricter. Traditionally an A+ rating would now be awarded an E rating under the new grading system. It’s actually not possible for an appliance to be awarded an A+ rating under the new label.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a fridge freezer you’re interested in drop from an A++ rating to an E or F!

The ratings are still purely based on yearly energy use, cabinet size and noise levels. The rating system has simply rescaled; the A-G scale ratings now sit at a higher standard to allow room for energy efficiency-based improvements.

Colour image of an old energy label stuck on an appliance with someone pointing to it

A new law will ensure products last longer and cost less

There is also going to be a new law put in place to make products last longer while costing less to run. From this summer onwards you will be able to claim spare parts for your electrical appliances to make them more fixable from inside the home. This rule goes for products such as fridges, washing machines and televisions. The new practice will aim to cut energy and bills whilst reducing the need for new materials.

It will be mandatory for manufacturers to produce spare parts for these products and to make them available to customers when in need. This will be a unique legal right for repairs. With new law, the lifespan of products said to show an estimated ten-year growth.

The new legislation set to reduce electrical waste in order to protect the environment. And easier fix electronic goods instead of disposed of after a shorter life cycle. This is a positive movement to reduce carbon emissions while saving people money on their energy bills.

Optimistic vibes all around!