Small Utility Room Ideas: Get The Most Out of Your Compact Space

If you are looking for ways to make the most out of this limited area, our latest post will provide you with small utility room ideas to help you out.

A utility room is often a small area in most homes, yet we expect big things. In this room, you will find:

  • The laundry room
  • Space for the sink
  • A place to hide away cleaning equipment
  • Kitchen storage spillover
  • And even the dust bin for some people.

If you are looking for ways to make the most out of this limited area, our latest post will provide you with small utility room ideas to help you out.

It might look challenging at first, but with thoughtful planning, you can easily unlock your compact utility space to accommodate more than you can think. Here are some things you can do:

A dryer machine is securely stacked on top of a washing machine.

Stack appliances to save space

Small utility areas are perfect for hiding washing machines, dryers, and other such appliances. These are best stored on top of one another to make use of the available limited space, instead of keeping them side by side. However, storing them directly on top of each other may cause damage. You should design cabinetry to create space for proper stacking. This idea works regardless of the size of appliances or their weight. Of course, you want to make sure your cabinets are strong enough to support bulkier appliances.

A storage area used to maximise vertical storage facilities.

Maximise vertical storage facilities

Vertical storage facilities include multifunctional shelves lining the walls of your utility rooms. These vertical storage facilities help you to store your laundry lotions and cleaning accessories by elevating them from your working spaces. By having a clear workspace, the utility space becomes less cluttered and reduces the chances of indoor accidents.

If there is no vertical storage facility, consider designing and installing shelves that offer a smart storage solution. Make sure the shelving is placed on top of sinks or washing machines. Also, think about specific items you intend to store that will help you come up with appropriate shelve sizes for your needs. If you feel that shelves will take too much space and store fewer items, you can go with the option of choosing either open or closed cabinets, or hooks. This modular shelving system will greatly maximise your space.

A washing machine in a small utility room.

Accommodate a low ceiling

According to architectural designs, many rooms upon completion end up with a low ceiling along with a small floor area. To complement the floor level, you should go for open shelves to turn your wall areas into storage compartments. A cabinet will still eat into more space with its numerous partitions and so not recommended for this small utility room idea.

Basement bespoke joinery is a common design that is meant to fit suit the space with low ceilings, small floor area with no natural lighting. This small utility room idea ensures that the utility room is connected to cellar and glass doors to allow two spaces to move simultaneously for a more expansive effect.

A person placing a grey bowl in a dishwasher.

Fit an extra dish washer

Utility rooms are often equipped with a dishwasher as well as laundry appliances. The idea of fitting additional dishwasher supplements your kitchen especially if you prepare meals for your loved ones. The extra dishwasher adds to the space during cleaning and household maintenance.

The fixed extra dishwasher should be placed immediately above the sink so that they can complement one another when you are washing utensils. This position is particularly important to avoid water spillages. Besides, you leave space for other stuff like ironing boards, plus the wall racks can be pulled out with much ease when needed.

A person holding a stack of laundry.

Stack and hide where possible

You may oftentimes find yourself stacking laundry appliances in inconvenient locations, maybe outside your kitchen because of squeezed space in the utility area. This stack and hide idea is suitable if the machines would be stacked in a cupboard as a solution.

A washing machine under a sink.

Find space under counter areas

In a utility room, a washing machine is one of the appliances that best fits under the sink. This is the most convenient space-efficient solution because it makes plumbing convenient. But this won’t happen always. If a washing machine can’t fit onto the spaces under the counter areas, a laundry basket of dirty clothes can. Identify any other small appliance that can fit into the space under your counter and strategically place it there.

An under the stairs small utility room space.

Use under the stairs to create a small utility space

The space below the stairs is often forgotten. This space is decent enough to house at least a washing machine or a dryer. Some people use this space decoratively by using it as a bookshelf.

If you happen to use the stair area to store your washing machine or other electrical equipment, you should think about how to get rid of moisture in this area. Leave the doors of the equipment open whenever you are out. This step will help prevent mildew from infesting your machines. As an alternative, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier to keep the area dry.

A utility cart for a home.

Get a utility cart

Getting yourself a utility cart is one of the best ways to save space ideas for small utility rooms. This idea is fit for people who live in close quarters. The utility cart will help you to neatly tuck away your laundry accessories when it’s not in use. Owning a utility cart is also a great way will help you safely hide utility room clutter.

A blue recycle bin.

Remove unimportant stuff from this space

If you have a small utility room, it’s not necessary that you have everything you see in other utility spaces. You know what is important for your needs and so consider removing everything else that you don’t need. By clearing unused stuff, you create room for the important ones and for you to move freely.

Final thoughts on small utility room ideas

You should not struggle with limited space in your utility room when you can do something to maximise your space. If you keenly follow the guidelines we share above, your utility room will be clean and maintain its original look. Among the biggest advantages of keeping your utility room spacious is to reduce indoor accidents that occurred due to a poorly organised utility room. Also, you are able to ward off possible instances of food poisoning and protect kids and pets from interacting with washing chemicals.