Spring-cleaning tips from Lynsey Queen of Clean

Going home to a sparkling house is one of the best feelings. Although for many, it is a rare occurrence as cleaning the house from top to bottom can be daunting, not to mention exhausting and time-consuming. If you’re looking to give all of your home's trouble spots a much-needed refresh, look no further.

Whether you have just five minutes to spare or an entire weekend, these spring-cleaning tips from Lynsey are perfect. Lynsey Crombie, the Queen of Clean, has shared with us some of her top spring-cleaning tips and tricks to ensure a sparkling home.

Lynsey crombie in a cooking apron standing in her kitchen

Lynsey Crombie’s Spring-Cleaning tips

Spring is the perfect time of year to give your home a much-needed refresh. Lynsey Crombie, the Queen of Clean, has shared her spring-cleaning tips with us. Lynsey shows us the best way to bring your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom back to life in a few simple steps.

Spring-cleaning must-haves:

With these products, you will keep your home shiny and clean.

Close up image of a green cleaning cloth

Colour-coded microfiber cloths

Colour coding keeps the cleaning system organized; you don’t want to be cleaning your sink with the same cloth that just scrubbed your toilet. Create your own coding scheme or use the one Lynsey created: Blue for the toilet, pink for the sink, green for glass, yellow for the light dusting, silver/grey for the stainless steel.

Swan Garment Steamer

Swan Garment Steamer

Hassle-free crease removal. Dual-use means it can be used for both upright steaming of hanging garments and flat ironing. Safe to use on delicate fabrics, soft cotton, silk and velvet, as well as curtains, sofas carpet and bedding using the detachable fabric brush.

Photograph of a woman wearing cleaning gloves using a feather duster on her curtains

Feather Duster

This kind of duster is perfect to reach up high and get rid of any cobwebs in hard-to-reach areas. It is also great for dusting the walls.

Close up photography of someone spraying mr sheen mist spray

Mr Sheen Mist Spray

Mr Sheen Mist Spray is great on most surfaces, including difficult to clean mirrored furniture.

Photograph of a man spraying dettol all in 1 on a door handle

Dettol All in 1 Anti Bac Spray

Spray the Dettol all in one anti-bacterial spray on door handles, surfaces and fabrics. Lynsey suggests that you spray this product on the cloth and then clean the surfaces, rather than spraying directly onto a surface.

Photograph of a bowl of bicarbonate rubber cleaning gloves and a sponge

Bicarbonate of Soda

A cleaning must have that is very versatile. It is easy to use, and you can make your own cleaning potions. It is especially useful for removing bad odours from your fridge.

Photograph of lemons on a wooden table


Lemons are a must in any house! They are great for tackling grease stains, and limescale on the end of your taps. Top tip from Lynsey – cut a lemon in half and rub it onto the end of your taps to remove the limescale.

Photograph of clear jars labelled vinegar and baking soda

White wine vinegar

Used to remove mould and odours in your home. It is also perfect for getting rid of limescale on your showerhead.

Photograph of washing up liquid being applied to a green sponge

Washing up liquid and empty bottles

This product is extremely versatile and can be used on most things in your home. Also having a few empty bottles around the house can be great for making up your own cleaning potions.

Time lapse photograph of a woman using her Swan cordless vacuum to clean her staircase rug curtains and under the sofa

Swan Hyperclean

Cordless, lightweight and versatile, the Swan Hyperclean cordless 3-in-1 vacuum is engineered to tackle the toughest dirt. Multi-function features make accessing tight spots between stairs and behind large furniture an easy task. A must-have for a deep spring clean.

Photograph of a woman using an iron on an ironing board

Cordless Iron

The Swan cordless steam press iron allows you to iron with complete freedom of movement and without the worry of tangled cords. Recharging this iron couldn’t be simpler, just replace the iron in any direction on the 360-base station for the iron to be recharged rapidly. A must have for those that hate the stress of ironing.

Swan Turbo Power Pet Extend upright vacuum cleaner

Upright Vacuum

The Swan TurboPower Pet Extend upright vacuum cleaner, is ultra-lightweight and has a powerful suction. It is perfect for those looking for an effortless clean on carpets, rugs and hard floors and is specially designed for pet owners. It offers exceptional modern technology for high cleaning efficiency, and it really cleans down deep -picking up even the smallest of animal hairs and fluff.

Photograph of a mother and daughter high fiving while cleaning the living room

Spring-cleaning tips for your living room

1. Clean behind your sofa. Focus on your skirting boards and ensure there is no dust or cobwebs.
2. Clean your TV remote. Use a microfiber cloth and clean your TV remote as that can build up a lot of germs.
3. Wash your removable cushion covers. Take off your cushion covers and put them in the wash. Let them dry out outside.
4. Vacuum the floor and dust well. Plump your cushions and clear out any clutter.
5. Steam your sofa. Sofas contain lots of bacteria and germs because we all spend so much of our time sitting on them! The Swan Garment Steamer kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on surfaces. This is a great way to keep your sofa fresh and looking new.

Photograph of a woman pouring water onto her cooking top to clean

Spring-cleaning tips for your kitchen

1. Don’t forget to clean the top of cupboards, handles, baseboards, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine.
2. Clean your extractor fan and remove any built-up grease. Fill your sink with warm water and white wine vinegar. Submerge your extractor fan in the sink to remove grease and mould.
3. Clean plugholes. Fill up your kettle and pour boiling water down your plug.
4. Clean the hob.
5. Wipe inside the microwave.

Image of a blue gloved hand cleaning a bathroom tap with a yellow cloth

Spring-cleaning tips for your bathroom

1. Focus on the hotspot germ areas. For example, light switches, toilet handle, pull cord, extractor fan and limescale on taps and showerhead.
2. Give the toilet an extra deep clean
3. Declutter cupboards and check the expiry date on all products.
4. Deep clean your showerhead. If you can, unscrew your showerhead. Place into a sandwich bag with white wine vinegar to remove limescale. If your showerhead cannot be detached, drench a paper towel in white wine vinegar and carefully wrap this around the showerhead.
5. Mop the floor last to ensure your bathroom is sparkling clean.

Image of a tired young woman wearing an apron holding a mop staring at her untidy bedroom with her hand on her hip

Spring-cleaning tips for your bedroom

1. Use the Swan Garment Steamer steamer to refresh soft toys, cushions and bedding.
2. Move beds and furniture to vacuum underneath them.
3. Use a feather duster to clean cobwebs and any dust that has settled on surfaces.
4. Use a damp cloth to pick the dust up, rather than pushing the dust around.
5. Declutter wardrobes and drawers. Donate any unwanted clothes to charity and tidy up your drawers.

With these spring-cleaning tips, you’ll have a spotless home in no time. Get your home fresh and ready for this spring! Follow Lynsey Crombie on Twitter @QueenofCleanUK and Instagram @lynsey_queenofclean. If you have any spring cleaning tips or tricks to share, tag us on social media using @swanbranduk.