It's the heat of the moment

Things are finally heating up here on our somewhat less than tropical island! With the summer holidays still a few months away, we have a few ideas as to how you can make the most of the sunshine here at home, whilst staying cool and stylish for those all-important Instagram snaps.

Make a Holiday of Memories this Summer

Do something special this summer to make lifelong memories

With the summer months finally in our midst it’s time to start planning some special trips away with the kids. Are you a family of adventurers, seeking rocks to climb and woodlands to explore? Or are you a more relaxed crew, inclined more to a BBQ on the beach and a paddle in the waves? Here’s some inspiration to help you make those all-important family memories this British Summertime.

Drinks Cooler

Let’s get fruity!

Taking that first succulent sip of a cooling beverage on a hot summer’s day makes for a beautiful memory and a fantastic selfie. Swan’s summer cooler is stylish and perfect for chilling in the sunshine whilst posing for the camera.

Get BBQ prepped

Bring on the sunshine,
sausages and sandcastles

Whether you’re a home bird or prefer to fly further afield, we can help get you and your loved ones ready for the changing season and those sunny afternoons. It’s a beautiful da-hay-ay and we have an array of ways you and the whole family can make the most of it, whether you’re storming up a BBQ or planning a summer fiesta.

Cool down this summer

Is your style more zesty lemon or are you a red berry blush? We have a signature take on the classic Ice Tea as well as a super simple Raspberry Fizz, they’re non-alcoholic and fit for keeping you and your family headache free on a hot summer afternoon.

Kale, Blueberry Apple Smoothie

Fearne’s Frozen Yoghurt With Orange & Rosemary

Pink Lemonade

Foundations for the perfect Milkshake

Make the Most of Summer

Keep cool and carry on sunbathing this summer

The sunshine heralds a happy season of sunbathing in the local park, BBQs in the garden and chilling by the seaside for most Brits with a love of summer fun. It can, however, lead to some unpleasant skin peeling, headache inducing and even emergency service calling consequences. We have a few hints and tips to keep you and your loved ones chilled out and loving life this summer.

Foot loose and fancy free

You’ve been working on that summer bod and want to show it off, we know. But as temperatures climb and clothes begin to stick to sweaty skin, may we recommend that you loosen up and cotton down?


Make a splash

It’s a classic way to keep cool and a solution that both adults and children alike will love. That’s right, it’s a water fight. You don’t need to be a hoarder of torpedo water guns, just find those leftover balloons from the last birthday party or grab a garden hose and get your water fight on!


Swan Fans

It's getting hot in here

We’re big fans of keeping things cool when the temperature begins to take a toll, so we have a selection of fan-tastic spinning accessories that will keep the heat monster at bay and the bedroom below sweltering. No one likes to be hot and sleep deprived for those long summer months, our fantastic range will keep you chilled out ;)

Travel Irons

Operating at 900W and equipped with a stainless steel soleplate for a smoother glide over any type of fabric, this travel iron is the ideal for when you're on the go.

View Travel Iron

Travel Kettles

With its compact design and 400ml capacity, the Swan Travel kettle is the perfect solution for hot drinks on the go.

View Travel Kettle

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