Swan Brand and the NHS

Imagine having a duty that requires you to look after poorly people for long hours at a time. Now imagine having a duty to look after these people who are not just poorly, but they’re potentially able to pass a life-threatening virus onto you and your loved ones. NHS workers have trooped through the uncertain circumstances to keep these people comforted and cared for to their best ability. During an unexpected global pandemic where we’ve all lost a lot of confidence, NHS workers have continued to step up and carry on. Front line workers of any kind are our saints, our war heroes and our idols.

NHS workers have trooped through the uncertain circumstances to keep these people comforted and cared for to their best ability. During an unexpected global pandemic where we’ve all lost a lot of confidence, NHS workers have continued to step up and carry on. Front line workers of any kind are our saints, our war heroes and our idols.

NHS staff with swan products

How can Swan give back to the NHS?

We will always be tremendously grateful to the NHS for the risks they have taken for us every day of this Coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few ways we’ve managed to show our humongous appreciation and give back.

Our first initial thought was how can we help? What can we possibly do to make life easier for these literal lifesavers? All of our staff had been sent to work at home for the first time since Swan opened its eyes to the world. The building’s only use for months on end was the warehouse in order to maintain shipping schedules and fulfil promises to customers.

We tried to imagine for a second what those hospital staff must have been thinking before the start of every overpowering and gruelling shift. From Cleaners to Nurses, Surgeons to Canteen staff, Doctors to Receptionists, what on earth must have helped to keep them going? Well, we know one thing is for certain, a brew will always get you through.

We began making a plan based on what we might need as a Hospital Unit to get us through these troubling times. A place where there’s lots of staff, patients and strong willingness. To start their mornings off; we figured everybody needs a cup of tea or coffee. That’s the Kettle stock firstly to go in the care package. How can we then cover hundreds of staff and patients needing hot drinks all at once? A large Swan Tea Urn that can cater for as many as 120 cups of tea at a time. Most importantly, what about food? Let’s get these people some well earned Swan Microwaves and Toasters to cook their dinners in. There’s nothing better than a new Microwave that’s fresh and squeaky clean, we know it never lasts long in a staff setting!

Grid images of nurses with Swan products

The reaction to our donations to the NHS

We put together a list of Hospitals from all areas to send them out to and got them posted pronto! The results from our donations can be seen below, we couldn’t have been happier to see how happy it made the staff in the middle of the UK’s first lockdown.

Here are just a few of our lovely recipients;Frimley Park Hospital sent us this after receiving lots of Swan goodies, we can’t thank them enough for the endless care they put into their work. We then have the Deben Ward Maternity Block at Ipswich Hospital; this was kindly posted by @anna_homeandlife once they’d received a range of Retro MicrowavesToasters and Catering Urns to help support the high capacity of the staff in the canteen areas! We honestly wish there was more we could do for these truly inspiring and selfless heroes.

Four nurses gathered around a medical machine smiling with their swan products

Say hello to the happy faces of The Scanning Department at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore and the Radiology Department at the Springfield Hospital Chelmsford! It’s lovely to see these incredibly hard-working staff all holding together to keep smiling throughout the crisis. Staying strong is something we all need to take part in to get us through to the brighter side of these strange times!

A group of nurses kneeling down behind swan products

Look at all of these thumbs-ups and jazz hands! This lovely group are from the Theatre Services at Warwick Hospital. We love your enthusiasm, and it means so much to us that our Swan Appliances are in good hands with your team. There really is no better gift than giving.

Gosport 2 District Nursing Team holding swan products

More happy teams all stocked up with Swan Appliances? Indeed! Here we have some happy staff at the Day Care Unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital and the Gosport 2 District Nursing Team. We’re filled with love to have helped these kind faces to get through another day of hard work and selfless team efforts. We’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

A group of nurses holding a swan microwave

We’re so proud to have helped these NHS staff

These smiles are so contagious. We’re so proud to have helped the staff of the Accident and Emergency department at Colchester General and the Labour Ward at Queens Hospital in Romford! It really was the least we could do.

Two nurses in red uniforms with swan products

Thank you to The Porch Surgery, Corsham and the Radiology Department at Royal Berkshire Hospital who sent this lovely image in-between your busy schedules and hectic days. We’re so glad you enjoyed the donated items we sent to you. We hope they are useful and support your work environment’s needs. It’s the least you all deserve!

Swan transcript of how they have been supporting the NHS since its creation

Swan’s Blue Light Discount

In order to help out more front-line workers, Swan began offering a Blue Light Discount Scheme through the Swan website. This discount code awards each front line member of staff with 21% off any of the Swan website items including Kitchenware, Homeware and Cleaning products with a minimum purchase of £19.00.

We also initiated a big change to our online Swan Brand presence. Our Swan logo has been Red since its creation 90 years ago. However, when Covid19 spread to the UK and monopolised our National Health Service in March 2020, we felt it most appropriate to change our online Swan logo to the NHS colour, blue. We also added the tagline Stay Home Now to reinforce the Government Guidelines that were put in place to protect the capacity of the NHS.

Thank you, NHS, from Swan!

Even the staff got together while working from home to create this video for our lovely NHS staff to see. We hope this gave you some motivation and positive vibes. We really are exceptionally lucky to have you.

We can only hope to make more donations in the future to spread some joy to more of those hard workers out there! We joined our neighbours to make as much noise as we could clapping and banging saucepan drums on those summer evenings of 2020. We stayed indoors and obeyed the government regulations in order to keep ourselves safe to lessen your patient load. Our thoughts go out to all front-line workers that are still fighting the big fight on behalf of the UK to keep us all safe.

Have a lovely day, stay safe and thank you for reading!