Swan Brand at London’s Exclusively Housewares 2021

Swan have been attending Exclusively Housewares shows since 2012. The most memorable occasion that the team appeared at Exclusively would be the 2013 launch of our best-selling Retro Range. The Swan team have revisited the show every year, excluding 2020 due to the pandemic...

Swan have been attending Exclusively Housewares shows since 2012. The most memorable occasion that the team appeared at Exclusively would be the 2013 launch of our best-selling Retro Range. The Swan team have revisited the show every year, excluding 2020 due to the pandemic. Exclusively is an event where all Kitchen, Home, and Cleaning retailers come together to show off their most impressive lines.

Outdoor view of the Exclusively Housewares event venue in London with a black banner reading "Business Design Centre"

Exclusively Housewares 2021

In 2021, the time soon arrived for us to pack our bags and head off to London, where Exclusively is consistently held. The previous twelve months had the brand growing leaps and bounds to get on top of the kitchenware industry. With the pandemic coming into place, Swan upped their game massively considering the circumstances and unprecedented times the nation faced.

The team planned religiously for months to erupt at 2021’s show. We had the previous year to make up for (given the pandemic), so we knew 2021 had to count. Exclusively is savoured time for the brand, and we’ll always be eternally grateful to attend the Exclusively shows. It’s a show where we flourish and reflect on our best, most recent achievements.

New Gatsby and Retro ranges in light peach and cream, emerald green and blue on a wooden table

We’re always the first to explore new trends and face any challenges they get handed. 2020 was a particularly successful year for Swan, and 2021 followed suit. EH 2021 was not only a brilliant experience for Swan- it was another milestone year.

“Our achievements from last year have not hit home yet as we’ve been so busy preparing upcoming products to impress the marketplaces with. We are very much ready and extremely looking forward to Exclusively Housewares this year!” – Rob Wileman, Managing Director at Swan Brand UK, 2021.

Swan Stealth matte black microwave, jug kettle, personal blender, four slice toaster and smart grill and grey granulated steps against a grey background

New Products

2021 marked the year Swan launched Stealth (set up on the island section of Stand EH400), Retro 2.0 (left wall) and Tribeca ranges (island section). We had a brilliant reaction to all of these products, and we couldn’t have been happier with the attendance levels. We love speaking to existing and new contacts about the ranges and how well they’ve been performing. The most honest and treasured feedback always comes from the people who see products like ours seven days a week. An impressed face means a lot when the hard work has been put in across the board.

Swan Designed For Life at the Exclusive Housewares 2021 Event, showcasing core product lines

Exclusive Trend Items

Our broadest and most phenomenal reaction was in response to our (then new) trend items in the trend area at Exclusively 2021. We subtly teased four new colours (applied to our existing, best-selling ranges) into 2022’s predicted trend guides, and we don’t regret a thing.

Peach and Cream new Retro Dome Kettle and 4 Slice Toaster variants against a white background

The Togetherness trend was displayed wonderfully, and our Peach Retro Dome Kettle and Four Slice Toaster looked right at home in the summery, floral, retro habitat. As did the Bubblegum version of the Retro Dome Kettle and Toaster, we think the colours did so well (winning awards and claiming most photographed item on the trends stand) because of the subtlety of the colour. It’s that calm pop of vibrancy that still stands at the centre of attention.

This layout was a light variety of joyful colours exuding positivity and community well-being – which is what we all need after the lockdown era.

Rich teal and emerald green colour variants of the Gatsby range as a jug kettle and four slice toaster

Meanwhile, The Neo Luxe trend was also clearly laid out to impress its audiences. This stand was put at the end of the trend displays, as not to cause too much drama. The sheer audacity of luxury, escapism and boldness could be spotted from across the room regardless.

We loved seeing our Rich Teal and Emerald Green Gatsby Range Kettle and Toaster sit between courageous, scantily-clad items to create Neo Luxe. The dark diamond-shaped finish on the Gatsby items suited this trend like no other- and don’t even get us started on the gold accents.

See more on our 2021 Exclusively Show trend items here.

Meet the team exclusively housewares graphic of core Swan stuff involved in Exclusively Housewares showcasing

Exclusively Housewares 2022!

Overall, the Swan Team loved attending Exclusively 2021. The 2021 show felt more appreciated by everybody involved after missing out on the previous show (due to the pandemic). Those social connections we make with people on our Exclusively adventures are crucial, invaluable and beyond enjoyable.

We, as a brand, had so much fun preparing, planning, setting up, and generally just being in that cosmic atmosphere. Our influencers loved being a part of our adventure also. We hope you caught our socials for some cheeky behind the scenes footage.

We have been working hard from June 2021 to now, working on more incredible lines to show off at 2022’s Exclusively. Each year that we travel to the London show gives us more ammunition to succeed above and beyond across the industry for following years to come. EH400, we’ll see you in June 2022!