Swan Christmas Gift Guide: Our Top 12 Picks

There are so many things for us to celebrate when Christmas arrives. Celebrate your loved ones with the help of our Christmas Gift Guide: Top 12 Picks...

There are so many things for us to celebrate when Christmas arrives. The cold crisp weather and cosy dark evenings, candles and hot chocolate, food and drinks… And, of course, Christmas Day! It’s a great time to acknowledge all that our loved ones do for us and this is our time to say a big thank you in appreciation of them. Picking gifts for our friends, family and partners can be a challenge, too, when it comes to getting the right gift! 

Sometimes it can feel like they already have everything they could possibly need already, especially having just had months of lockdowns and impulse/boredom bursts of online shopping. Well, if you’re struggling with ideas, our Christmas Gift Guide will give you plenty of unique and useful options to choose from. We’ve got you!

We’ve released our Christmas Gift Guide early this year to give you a heads up on the Black Friday discounts! Take advantage of the BF sale between 15th November and 3rd December, and leave yourself plenty of time to get the gifts wrapped.

Overhead view of a person sat wearing a wooly cardigan and big Christmassy socks with a cup of mulled cider in their hands. They are surrounded by Christmas presents, tree, and decorations.

Photo by Marko Klaric from Pexels

A Blue Retro Stand Mixer on a kitchen counter top surrounded by baked cakes and bread, More Blue Retro kitchen items in the background to match.

Retro Stand Mixer

Everybody loves a gift that can be used all year round and can benefit everyone, so here you have it! The Retro Stand Mixer is the gift that you’ll be thanked for time and time again. This is the ideal present for somebody who loves baking, or possibly for somebody that’s tremendously inspired by GBBO, but just hasn’t been given the push to give it a go yet!

It holds a powerful motor without sounding too much noise. Your loved one will be pleasantly surprised with the mixer’s 8 variable speeds and pulse function, its powerful 800W strength to help them mix effortlessly, and its simple rotary switch. The mixer comes with a generous 4L stainless steel mixing bowl, allowing them to mix up large batches, this means huge tiered cakes, large loaves, or muffins to feed all of your friends and family.

Another GBBO inspired essential that serves as a thoughtful gift is the Retro Scales to match. Possibilities are endless with these Retro kitchen additions!

A dark blue Nordic Espresso Coffee Machine on a light wood countertop next to glasses of coffee, a dark blue nordic toaster, and canister set.

Nordic Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

There’s nothing like the deep, rich smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning, or whenever you need it most. If you have a loved one that is also a caffeine fiend, our Nordic Espresso Coffee Machine could be just the Christmas gift you’re looking for. It’s not only a sleek and stylish Nordic addition to the kitchen but also a simple and straightforward way to make barista-quality coffee at home.

The Nordic Espresso Coffee Machine holds 15 bars of pressure while boasting a 1.2L detachable water tank. The machine can fill 1 or 2 cups at once and is able to make Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and more! Say hello to steam pressure control, a die-cast boiler and 1100 wattage. The removable drip tray is easy to clean, and the machine includes a measuring spoon and coffee pressure, think stylish, think convenient.

A steamy close-up of a coffee machine pouring coffee into some coffee glasses.

A word of advice, buy it for a loved one that you visit often. Then you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this delicious coffee machine!

And if the Coffee Machine gift goes down a hit, why not follow up with a New Years’ gift with our Swan Set of 4 Double-Wall Cappuccino Glasses 250ml? They’re sleek and sit perfectly with the Nordic Pump Espresso Coffee Machine. Aesthetically pleasing kitchen counter? You got it!

A grey retro radio with a handle, on a countertop next to a retro grey kettle.

Retro Radio

There’s nothing better than being able to give someone a gift that they can use any time of the day and all year round. This cheeky Retro DAB Bluetooth Radio helps to make any house a home for your loved ones. Having spent months hidden away in lockdown, we’ve all come to appreciate that feeling of company, even if it is just some cheerful background noise.

Your gift-getter will be able to celebrate the cosy nights in with a cup of tea, a winter-scented candle and the lovely sounds of the radio (including 20 pre-set stations to choose from!). And if they only want their music? They’ll have the option to get their phone synched up to the device’s Bluetooth, then the only thing left to do is to sit back and relax.

An overhead view of an egg boiler filled with boiled eggs, surrounded by plates of egg dishes and cups of coffee/orange juice.

Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher

Mornings aren’t just for coffee, of course! When it comes to starting your day off right, breakfast is just as important as a good cuppa. It truly is the most important meal of the day. Eggs are the perfect breakfast food, but they’re not always easy to get them just how you like them. The Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher takes all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of making perfect poached or boiled eggs. If the person you’re buying for lacks confidence in the kitchen, this is a great way to make their life a little easier.

They’ll be able to boil up to 7 eggs at once with a choice of 3 settings: soft, medium and hard. They can just set it up, sit back, and wait for the buzzer to sound, perfect eggs, with no fuss, every time. If you want to help your loved one to make a hearty, fun-loving breakfast with minimum hassle and maximum convenience, our Christmas Day Gift Guide has you covered!

Overhead view of a bread maker, surrounded different kinds of bread and pizza.

Swan Bread Maker

We know that the Great British Bake Off has got everyone in the mood for baking, so why not treat your loved ones to a Swan Bread Maker. They’ll be able to create delicious home-baked bread for the whole family to enjoy with ease.

The Bread Maker features an impressive 12 modes to choose from, and you can make a variety of bread including basic white loaves, whole wheat, pizza dough, brioche and even cakes and jam. This brilliant kitchen addition also caters to many tastes and dietary requirements thanks to the variable crust settings – light, medium and dark. Meaning it can make a delicious gluten-free loaf at the press of a button, perfect for those with gluten intolerance. 

It’s a gift that can include everybody, with the option to choose from either a 1.5 or 2lb loaf and bake to exact requirements. They’ll even be able to add seeds, chocolate, nuts or raisins, and the bread maker can even keep the bread warm for up to one hour after baking! It comes with a fast bake option which allows them to make bread in under an hour, or the handy delay-timer bakes bread in over 13 hours, so they can wake up to warm, freshly baked bread in the morning. You can’t really ask for a better gift than that.

Man using Stealth Smart Grill to cook vegetarian burgers in his sleek, black kitchen.

Stealth Smart Grill 

This gift will show someone you love that life is full of surprises, aka cooking equipment that makes them feel like a boss! This kitchen grill is part of Swan’s sturdy and courageous Stealth range, designed for somebody who likes a challenge. Your friend, relative or partner will be pleasantly surprised after getting stuck into the Stealth Grill. Get ready for every night to be grill night – bring it on!

By letting the fat and oil run away into a handy drip tray, the Smart Grill is not only easy to clean but also makes for a healthier way to cook all kinds of meat. They can choose from a range of pre-set cooking options and sensors that will automatically detect the thickness of the food on the grill, meaning there’s no need to worry about the right cooking time. Their job is done as they let the grill work its magic. No fuss, hassle, or mess.

The Stealth Smart Grill is the gift that keeps on giving. The grill will enable your loved one to cook easily and quickly, as well as more daringly. This revelation could provoke a few recipe ideas leading to that predictable post-Christmas health kick, or it could simply let them indulge in the Christmas goods (check out this Grill Chocolate Brownie Recipe). Think endless possibilities.

Lady walking down the stairs in a white shirt and light grey jeans holding an upright vacuum.

TurboPower Pet Extend Upright Vacuum

One thing we’ve noticed over the last twelve months is that everyone has gone pet crazy! We can’t believe how many of you are tagging us in your #myswankitchen posts and featuring your beautiful four-legged friends. When it comes to that pesky pet hair, the Pet Extend Upright Vacuum is a perfect gift for those loved ones who’ve just brought a furry addition home. 

The Pet Extend Vac comes with a 3m hose and a 9.3m power cord to help lift those fur strands from the stairs, sofas, and hard-to-reach areas. This feature enables your gift-receiver to cover large floor areas while having a detachable handle for extended cleaning use. The vac includes a 3-in-1 brush as well as a Pet Turbo Tool and Pet Odour tool to clean up efficiently after their four-legged friends.

It boasts an ultra-lightweight and air swivel design for easy handling and manoeuvrability while holding a whopping 3L capacity! Its single cyclone filtration system means high cleaning efficiency at a low noise range of 080db. The vac has HEPA outlet filtration to help provide them with a hygienic environment.

Nordic slate grey kitchen utensils in their holder.

Nordic 6pc Utensil Set with Holder

Many of us over the past twelve months have spent some time giving our homes a much-needed glow-up. Help your loved ones to impress their guests at the dinner table or in their newly done-up kitchens with the Nordic 6pc Utensil Set with Holder.

The set includes a slotted turner, a ladle, a slotted spoon, a potato masher, a spaghetti strainer, a large skimmer and a wire basket holder with a wooden handle to match the rest of the set’s handles. The Utensil Set attracts eyes, especially when it sat amongst the rest of the Scandi-style Nordic Range. Let them serve their dinner party guests with these beautiful kitchen utensils in style.

Gift your loved one the feeling of ‘house-proud’ this Christmas.

A young couple using the Stealth Swan Blender to make fruit smoothies in their sleek back and white open kitchen.

Stealth Personal Blender 

If you have a friend, relative or partner that you know will be all over a post-Christmas health kick, this is the gift for them. The beauty of the Stealth Personal Blender is that you can make smoothies, soups and unreal juices. And, if the health-kick doesn’t happen to last that long? The blender is an absolute boss when it comes to blending ice – do you know what we’re saying, cocktail lovers!?

Help yourself to some fruit-loving in the morning with a smoothie, and end your day with a delicious cocktail mix with a real easy-to-use kitchen addition. Not only is this blender stylish and sleek, but it’s also powerful and convenient! It comes with a 0.8L cup and a 1L cup, both with a travel lid (all dishwasher friendly) so you can blend and go as you please.

No mess, no hassle, just a boss in the kitchen!

A white background image of a black Swan steam station.

2400W Steam Station

Something is comforting about the warmth an iron brings to you and your living room. Pass along this comfort to your loved ones this Christmas with the 2400W Steam Station, just in time to get the Christmas tablecloth silky smooth. This steam station holds 2400W power, 130g/minute steam surge, providing overheat protection for safety. Treat your relatives to an iron station with cord storage, a 1800ml removable water tank with vertical steam and steam burst function!

This Steam Station is the perfect gift for someone who needs a night effortlessly tackling the ironing pile in front of the telly. Everyone deserves easy-to-use iron and crease-free clothes this Christmas. Make your loved one’s life easier and warmer with Swan.

A stainless steel fryer with chips in the basket sat in a white and dark wood kitchen next to plates of chips and fried chicken.

3L SS Fryer with Viewing Window

Do you want to see your loved ones open a Christmas gift they’ll never forget? They’ll be more than chuffed when they get to try delicious fried foods without any hassle! This 3L Stainless Steel Fryer with Viewing Window is a game-changer for the entire household to benefit.

This Fryer is a gift that has the power to make someone feel like they’re the alpha of the kitchen. With its 1kg food capacity, they’ll be able to feed themselves a dish as well as others. With variable temperature control, they’ll be able to deep fry everything from crispy chips to fish, chicken and even sweet treats like doughnuts at the touch of a button. The Fryer even comes with a viewing window that you can watch proudly over the frying action!

Prepare for the most thankful thank you card you’ve ever laid eyes on after gifting this nifty-gifty to someone you love this Christmas.

Treat your loved ones this Christmas!

We’ve all had a trying time over the last year. For many of us, the support of our families, friends and partners has been vital. At the same time, many of us have been able to see them far less than we might have liked (especially around the time of Christmas 2020). As we begin to approach the light at the end of the tunnel, it is a lovely and essential time for us all to celebrate all that our loved ones mean to us. Now, more than ever do we need to hold together and support one another when we can. And there is no better way to say thank you for all that they do than a thoughtful and lovely gift.

We hope that our guide has given you all of the inspiration that you need to prepare for your gift-getting this Christmas. Let’s make up for lost time and appreciate our loved ones like never before!

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