Outdoor Living

It is time to head into the open and embrace your own outdoor living space. Oh wow. How can we even begin to describe the madness that has been 2020? We were living a totally different life before the pandemic started over a year ago now. And we can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Now is the time to head into the open and embrace your outdoor living space.

We’re going to take some time to look back over the positive outcomes we’ve discovered because we all deserve a good cheering up.

Photograph of wooden gazebo on a stone garden patio decorated with fairy lights pillows and benches

Our outdoor living spaces

The one outcome we can all agree that has been a lifesaver during lockdown is our appreciation of the great outdoors. Our gardens and personal outdoor living space especially have acted as our 2020 summer vacation and relaxation spots.

We’re very grateful for the amount of outdoors time we’ve been granted due to the pandemic. We’re not entirely sure what we’d have done without that gorgeous summer we had last year. We had never seen so much fresh air!

Photograph of a woman and man walking on a footpath in a wooded area

Fresh air therapy is real!

Our great outdoor living space has truly been our saviour over the past twelve months. Even now, we can see the end is near for social distancing, we owe so much to our increased time spent outside.

Achieving everything from home has been a challenge in itself. And we believe our heightened outdoor time has improved our ability to work through tough times. We can’t count how many times we’ve needed to get out for some fresh air therapy at the end of the day to recalibrate after work.

The main hobby the whole nation seems to have fallen in love with is getting out for well-needed walks. Whether it’s been short walks, long walks, rainy walks or sunny walks; they’ve been a lovely way of getting out of the house.

We’ve been for more walks than ever! Due to the pandemic and it’s given us a sense of comfort and well-being when we’ve needed it most. This energising and healthy activity has pulled us through the tougher times of lockdown and it’s not something we’ll be stopping post-pandemic. Our four-legged friends have loved them too!

Photograph of an outside cushioned bench next to a tree decorated with white paper lanterns

Connecting with others

We’ve spent months keeping in touch with one another via zoom calls and waving from a distance. It really has been a hell of a ride, but we’ve adapted so much from it.

How lovely was it when the first lockdown was eased, and we could visit each other safely outside? We now value that outdoor living space so often especially when the weather is being kind to us. We could visit each other’s gardens and sit two metres apart with a drink.

This struck a chord with many people as the Home and Garden sector has had one of its biggest years to date!

We realised it wasn’t just us having to spend time in our gardens, it was the company we wanted to invite round too. People have had no choice during lockdown but to renovate and update their outdoor areas as this is now their only social space!

Photograph of neighbours with home made bar between their two fences

We remember seeing some amazing garden renovations last summer. Some clever neighbours quite professionally made their garden areas sociable as well as Covid19-safe. It really has been difficult spending lots of time isolated from social interaction in lockdown but some of these ideas look like a brilliant way to have some safe normality. We’ve seen people having a cheeky morning brew from doorstep to doorstep with neighbours and we’ve seen bonfire nights with fireworks for one.

Garden project

However, this has got to be our favourite garden project of 2020. What a game-changer!

Can this clever pair come and build us one of these bad boys?

We’ve all been dreaming of the day we can hug our families and friends again. With spring just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better for the restrictions to start lifting! This year is going to be our year. We deserve a fresh start and some joy to spread!

Photograph of a fire pit surrounded by furniture

Let us help brighten up your life for longer this spring and summer

We want to spend our lovely sunny months in the back garden. With family and friends on those perfect clear nights. Sharing the blankets out and keeping an eye on how much sangria your mischievous Aunty Karen has had. These summer nights are idyllic for when there’s too many of you to squeeze inside, the outdoor living space is just much easier to space out in and yet still be cosy.

We love the idea that you can stay out and stay warm as long as you’d like with a cosy patio heater by your side. This really helps to make those dreamy nights never-ending.

Photograph of two adults sitting at a patio table next to a Swan Portable Patio Heater

This versatile little heater is adaptable to suit your needs. It’s lightweight, compact size and built-in handle mean it’s easy to move around wherever and whenever you want. It can be placed on top of a table, underneath it, under your chair, on the ground or wherever is best. To keep you and your guests warm.

It’s also more important than ever to get our cosy gardens in order ready for welcoming company, finally! We also have no excuse for a neglected garden area. Because it’s not like we’ve not had the time to nurture it! It’s almost time to get together and spread the love we’ve gone so long without.

Don’t panic. Our Al Fresco range is here to keep you snug day or night.

Swan Wall Mounted Patio Heater

We hold a sleek, stylish yet highly effective, range of patio heaters. That work as the perfect addition to gardens, patios and terraces. With Al Fresco, you and your guests can now celebrate, dine or simply relax, long after the sun goes down, whatever the weather.

The addition of a handy remote gives you more control at your fingertips. Simply turn the heater on or off at the push of a button. And enjoy extra time relaxing uninterrupted with friends and family.

Swan Column Patio Heater

Whether you need practicality or convenience, we’ve got you covered. This range is built to last and to keep you ahead of your outdoor entertainment needs.

Our favourite party guests!

How will you transform your outdoor living space

?We really do hope you have a lovely spring and summer. Catching up with loved ones and making up for lost time with new memories. Plenty of water fights, paddling pools and laughter. There should be no limit to our happy occasions this year, especially outdoor occasions. We want to see you get back to grips with normality and enjoy that warm feeling of familiar faces and fun.

You deserve it, yes you!