Swan Slow Cookers to the Rescue

In February, we caught a glimpse of our Swan Retro range slow cookers involved in an amazing Love Slow Cookers, Hate Food Waste campaign. This is the collective efforts of a Northwich Charity The Cheshire Food Hub, The Welcome Network, The Recipe Exchange and online electrical retailer, AO.com.

The Campaign:

The campaign aims to use slow cookers to help fight food poverty and waste. Their main goal is to help local people minimise their energy bills. Whilst they learn many new and helpful cooking skills. This goal also benefits the reduction of landfill. The organisers will be collecting donated pre-loved Swan slow cookers and refurbishing them for the community for people to re-use. We love this idea!

Photograph of AO and Swan working together to delivery Retro Slow Cookers to those who need them

Check out our Swan Slow Cookers in all their glory!

This brilliant project will promote the making of cheap, easy and nutritious meals. The families across Cheshire experiencing difficult times will have full support in being taught how to use the slow cookers with must-have tips and recipes!

Slow cookers can provide more delicious nutritious meals than a microwave can while using much less energy! Cooking should be enjoyable, beneficial and convenient for people through the good times and the bad. It’s brilliant to see our Swan slow cookers used to educate the local families of Cheshire on cheap and easy meal ideas as well as some fun new cooking skills.

Here at Swan, we couldn’t be happier to see our products make a real difference in families lives. There is nothing more comforting than the idea of a warm, healthy meal for them and their loved ones to enjoy.

We love Slow Cooker meals here at Swan, it’s like a tasty warm hug!

AO.com has generously donated 200 of their Swan Slow Cookers to the vulnerable families of Cheshire. Along with fortnightly recipes and ingredients packs. Funnily enough, our Swan slow cookers come with a 32-page recipe book. They also have a removable ivory colour ceramic pot, which can go straight to the table. We can imagine it now!

Lifestyle shot of Swans Yellow Retro Slow Cooker on a wooden countertop next to some diced onion and carrots

The slow cookers benefit from three friendly heat settings, low, high and automatic. The low setting gently simmers food, while the high is great for cooking beans or pulses. The automatic setting starts on high, which can be used to brown meats, before switching to low for the remainder of the cooking time, perfect for stews.

The recipe book inspires creating a versatile menu of tasty meals, while the handy keep-warm function will keep dishes at the ideal serving temperature. Whether simple or more adventurous, the Swan slow cookers are here to help!

Our new Retro Mellow Yellow range is here to get you in the mood for spring!

Love Slow Cookers Hate Waste go fund me page

Joining forces

The Cheshire Food Hub is working hard through these difficult times to take care of their local people. We can’t imagine the difference this is making to those families who now have access to warm cooked foods during this colder time of year.

This campaign is such an incentivised cause as it will help families keep their households’ fed with fewer worries around their energy bills.

Most importantly, it’s a heart-warming thought to consider how helpful this movement will be to the many people in need. We have high hopes for this campaign. And believe it will help the food poverty and waste situation in the local area.

Every home deserves to be cosy, warm and worry-less.

Cheshire Food Hub has also launched a crowdfunding page to bring people together in donating! To help more slow cookers become available. The campaign has recently raised the unbelievable amount of £19,172.00!

If you’re feeling warm and generous, follow the link below!

Go Fund Me: Love Slow Cookers, Hate Waste