Swan’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

The lovely and romance-induced time of year is fast-approaching, and we couldn’t help but start the Valentine's Day vibes early- with a Swan Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Welcome to Swan’s Valentines Day Gift Guide 2022! We’ve prepared a list of thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for you to spoil your loved ones. And after the last few Februaries we’ve had, we might as well go all in and celebrate this romantic season like never before!

Image of a bath filled with water, a hand is come out the water holding a white bath bomb

Lets get Thortful

Thortful is the UK’s number one marketplace for thousands of independent creators and offers orders before 6 pm for same-day delivery (between Monday-Friday). Here, you can order cards, flowers, and chocolates, all from one place! They have a card for every sense of humour and a gift for every personal touch. Thortful provides funny, kind, and hilarious cards for all seasons and occasions, but their Valentines selection, in particular, is one not to miss!

We love the card and gift package that Thortful offer- and we more than fancy a Bath Bomb Package.

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Lifestyle image of the Swan Retro pump espresso coffee machine in pink making an espresso in a matching pink cup

Start the day right

Rise and shine by making your loved ones a thoughtful and caring coffee to start the day. It’s a special day for us all, and we deserve the best of the best when it comes to celebrating love.

Pink, as we know, is a colour typically associated with love and romance. The colour is well known for making us feel feminine, soft, kind, nurtured, and compassionate. Now, imagine bringing all of the above connotations into your home, making your Valentine’s all the warmer to soak up. Why not make it one to remember and surround yourself with positive vibes and a good brew? Find our Retro Espresso Machine here.

Colour image of a teacup and saucer on a table next to a matching plate with four biscuits. In the background s a rose.

Embrace the experience

With Buy a Gift, you can treat your loved ones to the experience of a lifetime. The site offers experiences from Afternoon Tea to Driving to even Skydiving! And, the experiences are available to embrace all over the UK. You could even make the gift last all weekend with a Short Break Package. Buy a Gift is brilliant for having some fun, quality time with your loved ones and for getting out of your comfort zones!

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Image of two glasses with a green smoothie inside. One glass is being filled up from the Swan Stealth Blender.

Shake Things Up

Mix things up and have yourself a juicy cocktail evening with the Stealth Blender.

This blender is like no other, providing you with sleekness and ice-blending abilities with every use. This blender is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to have a night in discovering recipes for cocktails, mocktails, and even smoothies to help with your morning recovery. Thank yourself the morning after with a fruity, delicious burst of goodness!

Find all of our Cocktail recipes here, and our Hangover Guide here. You’re welcome.

Image of a woman sat in front of a fire with her feet up in pink fluffy slippers.

Feet Come First

The weather is still cool and crisp, and we’re certainly not expecting any heatwaves any time soon. So, treat your loved ones to ASOS’s finest, Cross Front Slippers to keep their hard-working feet comfortable on the most loving day of the year! Who doesn’t need some Candy Pink in their life this Valentine’s Day?

We all work hard and deserve to feel that ultimate comfort as soon as we arrive home. Or if your loved ones work from home, let them soak up the fluffy comfort all day long.

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Colour image of the Swan Retro Digital LED microwave on a kitchen countertop next to the Swan Retro salt and pepper mills.

Heat Things Up

This pop of colour is the stylish addition you need to get things heated for this romantic occasion.

Have a cosy night with your loved ones with the multiple foods this Swan Retro Microwave can offer. Popcorn for a film night? Microwave meal for a quick bite before heading out for drinks? Want some more s’mores to keep you going through a Netflix series!? Why not check out the 16 best-microwaved foods that you can prepare in minutes here.

Image of two females sat next to one another leaning into each other. One has their arm around the other and hand on her leg.

Get Cheeky

Etsy is a site full of Valentines Gift Goodies and is ideal for those of us who haven’t got much time to prepare for the occasion. The site offers must-have Valentine’s Day gifts, from cheeky scratch-cards to matching hoodies. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a memorable Valentine’s Day gifting. Etsy really is the site that keeps on giving!

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Your Valentines, Your Way

Here at Swan, Valentine’s Day is a big deal for us! And we always make sure to celebrate the occasion in style. January seemed to last a lifetime, so let’s make February different and fill it with fun, colour, and smiles. Gift your loved ones to smiles this Valentine’s Day, and make sure whatever plans or presents you decide on, make sure it involves enjoying yourselves!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day- from all of us here at Swan HQ.