Tea recipe ideas for National Tea Day

In Britain, having a cup of tea is not just a way of staying hydrated or getting a little caffeine boost – it’s a way of life! Whether you fancy a breather from a busy day or a catch-up with friends, there’s no better way than putting the kettle on and making a brew. So, it's no surprise that on April 21st we celebrate National Tea Day. This year more than ever it’s a great time to celebrate how a good cuppa can bring us closer together. To help you celebrate this great British tradition, this post gives you some of our favourite tea recipe ideas. Try them for yourself or make them for friends and family – either way, it's time to salute the humble cup of tea!

Our top tea recipe ideas

When it comes to tea, we all have our own way of making the perfect cup. Maybe you like it strong with just a drop of milk, or maybe you want an indulgent brew full of cream and sugar. Maybe you even put the milk in first! But it’s not all about the classic cup of English breakfast. Tea comes in endless varieties, and you can even use it in baking and cooking. National Tea Day is a great time to try out something new, and if you need inspiration, look no further. Below we give you our top tea recipe ideas. So, whether you fancy a refreshing, fruity tea to sip in the sun or you want to make a cheap, healthy dessert for the whole family, we’ve got you covered.

Two glasses of homemade mint and mango iced green tea next to sliced mango and mint leaves

Mint and mango iced green tea recipe

Spring is officially here and the weather is warming up. If you want something zingy and refreshing to help keep you cool, this iced tea recipe from BBC Good Food is perfect. The combination of sweet mango with the earthiness of green tea and the sharp hit of lime will get your taste buds singing.

With only a handful of ingredients, the process is quick and simple. All you need to do is heat sugar and water in a pan with half a mango, then strain and leave to cool. Steep the green tea leaves in boiling water, and again strain and leave to cool. Once both liquids have cooled, combine the two and add fresh mint and lime.

And that’s it! You’ll be sitting in the garden with tall, cool glass of this delicious tea in no time.

Glass of Honey chamomile tea latte with decorative daisies

Honey chamomile tea latte recipe

It can’t be helped – some days, you’re just run off your feet. So, when you finally get a chance to unwind, why not make yourself a cup of tea that will help relieve all that built-up stress? Chamomile tea has long been considered effective in combating tension and anxiety. This recipe from The Kitchn adds honey and hot milk to the mix, making it an even more soothing brew. Why not try a cup before bed to help you drift off more easily?

The recipe is straightforward – just what you need when you’re tired out! All you need are a few chamomile teabags, a little honey, and a cup and a half of your favourite milk. Steep the teabags in boiling water, then remove them and allow the water to cool. Heat the milk in a small pan and whisk until the milk is warm and frothy. Finally, add the frothy milk and the honey to the tea. For an extra hint of warmth, you can also sprinkle on some ground cinnamon.

There you have it! A delicious, warming brew, ideal for evening relaxation.

Homemade Tea cake on a cooling rack surrounded by a teapot and small plates of ingredients like raisins butter and sugar

Tea cake recipe

Sitting down for a cuppa is a tradition that dates back centuries, but it’s not the only way to enjoy the taste of tea. There are many delicious ways to bake using tea, and this simple tea cake recipe from Sainsbury’s is a great one to try out, especially if you’re new to baking. Not only is it a tasty treat by itself, but it goes great with a cuppa!

For this recipe, brew up some black tea and pour it over dried fruit, then leave to soak overnight. Then, preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Butter a loaf tin and line it with baking parchment. In a bowl, combine eggs, flour, sugar and cinnamon with your fruit mixture. Mix well, and then pour the mixture into the tin and pop it in the oven. After 60 to 90 minutes, your cake should be ready. If you’re not sure whether it’s cooked, insert a skewer into the middle of the cake. If the cake is done, the skewer should come out clean.

Then it’s time to get the kettle on and cut yourself a nice slice, because your tea cake is ready to go!

Four Poached pears in spiced tea in a ceramic blue bowl

Poached pears in spiced tea recipe

A cup of tea after dinner can be a great way to round off the meal, but why not incorporate your favourite fruit tea into a delicious dessert? This poached pears recipe from BBC Good Food combines your choice of fruit tea with sweet pear to create a fresh-tasting, low-fat pudding. Not only that, but it’s easy on the bank balance too!

For this recipe, combine sugar, honey, cranberry jelly, and your choice of teabags in water, then bring it to a boil. Be sure to stir to help the sugar dissolve. Add the halved pears, then cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Once the pears are nice and tender, take them and put them to one side. Turn up the heat, add the cranberries, and let the liquid reduce until it is nice and syrupy. Discard the teabags, and serve the pears covered in the syrup, perhaps with a spoonful of yoghurt or crème fraiche.

Photograph of woman pouring boiling water from the Swan Stealth Kettle

The best kettle for a perfect brew

We all know how great it feels to hear that wonderful phrase, “I’m just putting the kettle on.” But we also know you can’t have the perfect brew without a great kettle. So why not celebrate National Tea Day in style by treating yourself to a nifty new kettle for the occasion? Swan offers kettles in a number of diverse ranges – whatever your taste, there’s plenty for you to choose from. Here is a rundown of our most popular kettles to give you some ideas.

Photograph of Swan Symphony 1.7 Litre Jug Kettle and Symphony 2 slice toaster

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Time to celebrate!

With your shiny new kettle and our tea recipe ideas in hand, you’re ready to celebrate National Tea Day in style. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get the kettle on!