The New Royal British Legion Cookbook

The past year has been a challenge for Swan, but we believe the hard work has allowed us to achieve nothing short of greatness. Swan have overcome obstacles we never thought we’d be faced with, and we’ve grown bigger and better in the process...

A huge achievement (literally, one for the books) we’d like to share is our feature in the Royal British Legion Cookbook!

The cookbook celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion (RBL), the country’s largest military charity. This says endless things about how much of a statement this cookbook is and what a tribute it pays to cooking culture and all things British.

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Royal British Legion Cookbook:

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A century of heroism

The cookbook will be raising money for military veterans and has been put together by some brilliant volunteers from across the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. There’s a reason this cookbook has been titled Cooking With Heroes!

Military chefs, as well as some high-profile celebrity supporters such as Jamie Oliver (of course!), Ainsley Harriot, Sophie Thompson, the Hairy Bikers, Cyrus Todiwala and Rick Stein, have all had significant involvement in the book. They’ve all provided some authentic recipes from 100 regions around the world where the Legion has operated.

Perhaps you’re wondering where this refers to. Well, it’s a wide variety of places ranging from Australia, South Yorkshire and Singapore.

Sounding good? Well, it’s about to sound a lot better!

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Celebrating bravery

Each recipe in the cookbook is joined by a fascinating description of a British Legion hero specific to that region. Serving personnel and military veterans have put their efforts into writing about civilian volunteers and decorated war heroes.

Many wonderful people have helped Britain and the Commonwealth over the years, from pilots to medics, spies, and any other kind of brave serviceman or servicewoman, and this cookbook is the perfect testimonial.

The Royal British Legion Cookbook identifies and praises over 140 people who helped Britain by sacrificing their lives to defend others. Both serving and ex-serving national war heroes are accompanied and supported by a blend of talented celebrity chefs. The regional dishes fit idyllically between the detailed sections of powerful and moving military history.

Cooking With Heroes is quite the one-of-a-kind cookbook in the way that it celebrates Britain’s military family as a whole and invites the reader to get inspired by the nation and its efforts!

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Best of British

As you know, here at Swan, we love a good recipe! Never mind a recipe that’s paired up with a passionate project like this one.

We are delighted to have been featured in this centenary edition of The Royal British Legion Cookbook. Being a born-and-bred British brand, we take a huge amount of pride in our products that embody all things British. From Teasmades to your classic kettles – there’s nothing quite as warm-welcomingly British as a cup of tea.

As well as all things British coming together to celebrate the nation’s history, present and future!

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We can’t wait to have a copy of the cookbook in the office, ready for the team to dive into and learn a thing or two about British military culture and the incredible heroes that are featured.

Swan Teasmade, helping you relax since the 1930s.

We feel wholeheartedly appreciated and accepted into our beautiful British nation after being granted this opportunity.

Thank you to all of our supporters – make sure to grab a copy, get that kettle on and put your feet up!