The ultimate movie night hamper guide: Bringing the cinema to your couch

Many families look forward to movie night because it allows them to bond and enjoys themselves. Here are some ideas for the ultimate movie night hamper for you and your family or movie buff friends.

Many families look forward to movie night because it allows them to bond and enjoys themselves. Having the whole family chat away during setup and picking what to watch on the big screen can enhance the experience even more. On our checklist, we need a couple of things to bring the theatre experience to your home.

In addition to the big screen and blackout entertainment room, we need snacks. A great way to be prepared is by ordering a family movie night hamper for the entire family. Various suppliers pack all the movie essentials, and you can choose the movie night hamper, depending on your family’s taste.

Movie night hampers are also a great gift idea for your movie-loving friends and family members. And if you can’t find the perfect movie night hamper to gift, why not make one yourself and add a personalised touch to it. The DIY hamper is excellent because you get to include all the person’s favourite snacks.

Here are some ideas for the ultimate movie night hamper for you and your family or movie buff friends.

A family enjoying a movie night hamper of drinking, eating pizza and having popcorn.

A few items to include in your movie night hamper 

Sometimes we may not have the time to prepare a hamper, and so order a pre-prepared movie night hamper. But if you are doing it yourself, here are some items you can include.

A group of friends eating popcorn and drinking together on a couch.

The snacks, of course

It wouldn’t be a movie night without snacks. Most importantly, popcorn and various other sweets. Do not forget to add something chocolaty when buying candy. The best thing about DIY movie night hampers you can add healthy snacks, especially if there are kids involved. Having kids bouncing from wall to wall, thanks to a sugar rush, is no fun.

To add to the theatre feel, try to make your snacks as large as they have at the cinemas. 

A selection of sweet and salted popcorn in popcorn holders.

Popcorn holders

You can serve popcorn in any old bowl, but since we are going all out, why not include large holders as they have at the movies. Whether you are preparing a hamper for your family or as a gift, everyone is going to appreciate it. They make it easy to serve different flavours of popcorn.

A person pouring out soft drinks for guests.


It would not be a movie night without soft drinks. Make sure you include fizzy drinks in your hamper. You can get plastic bottles or cans may be cheaper, but it depends on whether kids are involved.

A selection of DVD's for a movie night hamper.


Nowadays, you can stream movies through various service providers, making it easy to watch the latest movies. But some people still appreciate the good old-fashioned way of watching movies. It is not a bad idea to include some family-oriented DVDs. You can also have movie tickets in the movie night hamper while you are at it.

A couple watching a movie while eating popcorn while having a blanket over them.


Unlike in the movie theatre, the whole family can cuddle up under a comfy blanket when enjoying movie night. It is an excellent gift to throw in the hamper. Plus, it adds bulk to your movie night hamper. 

A basket hamper for a movie night.


We cannot forget about the basket that will hold all the goodies. You can buy a traditional gift basket or think outside the box and develop a creative design alternative. An old container or tin, you can transform anything into a beautiful basket. Or better yet, re-use an old basket. 

You can include many more items in your gift basket since you know your family or friends better. But it is now time to assemble the gift basket.

How do you make the movie night hamper basket?

  1. Buy all the items you need. If you are making several baskets, organise what goes where and who gets what.
  2. Place the blanket into the basket neatly wrapped, and fill the rest with tissue paper to add height to your basket. The added height makes it easy to see the goodies.
  3. Arrange everything nicely and wrap the whole package.
  4. Deliver the baskets to the recipients or wait for movie night to enjoy with your family.

The following are some ideas you can use to make fantastic do-it-yourself movie night hampers:

A mason jar filled with a delicious sweet.

Tin basket

You do not have to buy a tin basket, re-use an old one. Decorate it using scrapbook paper, but you are not limited be creative. We use mason jars to hold the sweets and other snacks you may decide to add to the hamper. Also included are mini printed popcorn boxes.

A gift basket in a jar.

Gift basket in a jar

To prepare the hamper, you require a large box and tissue paper or even shredded basket paper You will use this to add height to make the contents visible. You will put your popcorn kernels and candy in mason jars, and the seasonings go in mini-storage jars. Anything that may go with the storage jars in the form of sweets is fair game. Arrange everything in the box and cover it with the lid. You can decorate the box with movie labels and ribbons.

A wire basket filled with two bottles of wine.

Wire basket

A wire basket is another inexpensive way to surprise the family during movie night. You can fill this hamper with popcorn and all types of candy. Do not forget to include drinks because a movie is just not the same without one. As a surprise gift, you can add a comfy handmade throw for the entire family to hide under when aliens attack.

A selection of red and black baskets used for a movie night hamper.

Plastic basket 

Whether the bucket is new or old, no worries, as the main interest is the basket’s content. Decorate it to your liking using scrapbook paper and other ornaments. Pick the sweets, usually beginning with popcorn. Mix up the candy, and don’t forget the drinks. Arrange them neatly in your basket, and you are ready for movie night. 

A romantic movie night basket with a white blanket.

Romantic movie night basket

When most people have been married for some time, it may become difficult to enjoy time alone, especially with the arrival of kids. But spare some time to spend alone with your partner as it strengthens your bond. Plan a romantic movie night and prepare this basket for the two of you. 

Pick a basket and decorations of your choice. Select the items you will include in your romantic movie night hamper. In addition to the snacks and drinks, remember to add romantic things such as scented candles, romantic movies, a selection of alcoholic drinks and maybe even games. Once you have all of them ready, assemble your basket nicely, placing everything where it is visible. Wrap it in in cellophane. Wait for your romantic night.

Homemade snacks to include in your movie night hamper

While the traditional popcorn and sweets are okay for movie night at home, but let your creative culinary juices flow in the kitchen. The following are some delicious snacks ideas you can include in your family movie night hamper.  

A plate of baked cheese fries placed on a wooden.

Baked cheese fries 

At a restaurant, they may not be the healthiest food to order. But if you make them at home, you can bake them to reduce the calories. All you need is your fries, and spices of your choice, and a bit of salt to taste. You can top them with cheese, bacon, and scallions. Serve with pickled jalapenos.

Dark chocolate wrapped around a banana to make dark chocolate-dipped bananas.

Dark chocolate-dipped bananas

This snack is not something you expect to find in movie theatres. They are a delightful and healthy alternative. To prepare, you need to cut banana halves, stick them with craft sticks, and arrange them on a baking tray. Freeze for one hour. Dip them in melted dark chocolate mixed with a bit of olive oil. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes, they are ready.

A selection of sweets for a movie night including chocolate, peanut and popcorn.

Chocolate and peanut popcorn

It is pretty easy to make this snack. You only require popcorn, chocolate, dry cranberries, and roasted peanuts. Stir everything together in a bowl, and your snacks are ready. These popcorns are a healthy variation of regular popcorn.

A selection of paprika potato chips on a chopping board next to a set of red peppers.

Smoked paprika potato chips

Just like the cheese fries we are going to be baking these chips as it is more healthy. A kitchen mandolin comes in handy in preparing the chips. Soak them for five minutes, after which you should dry them. Mix them with the smoked paprika, olive oil, black pepper, and salt to taste. Spread them out on a baking tray and place them in a pre-heated oven at 3500. Bake the chips for thirty minutes or until they turn golden brown.

Take away on movie night hamper

Movie nights are special in many families, allowing them to bond. From picking out a movie to preparing the snacks, parents, and children get to spend time amidst their busy schedules. Preparing gift hampers for your family or friends is a great way to show love and appreciation. Many things can go into a hamper, and you are allowed to be creative.

A DIY movie night gift hamper is especially special when you want to spend time with your partner. Go all out and prepare a romantic movie night hamper, including all the things you know will help you bond. Get your family to assist in preparing healthy snacks for your movie night. Order a movie night hamper if you can’t make one yourself.