UK staycation ideas

Did you think you’d heard the last from us about staycations and holidays? Well, don’t be surprised that we’re back to explore more UK staycation ideas – we are obsessed! Weekends away? Weeks away? Months!? We don’t blame you one bit for jumping at a little deserved escapism, especially after the year we’ve had.

It feels like forever since we’ve had the chance to pack a suitcase or four. You can never have enough spare clothes. In our case, we have the right to overpack on clothes, especially layers. Have you ever gone on a trip in the UK without taking an extra hoodie or jacket?

We don’t think so! We know our unpredictable British weather better than anyone!

Photograph of man camping on a patch of grass overlooking mountains

The Lake District

That’s why the first of the UK staycation ideas that we want to explore is The Lakes. The Lake District is beautiful whatever the weather. We mean it – whatever the weather!

We’re talking mountains, rolling hills, waterfalls and endless fresh air. We’re also talking hot tubs, log cabins, blankets and cups of tea with a view like no other.

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Photograph of young male and female couple in a blue outdoor sauna

Lake Windermere

Windermere is our favourite spot in the Lake District, and here’s why.

White Cross Bay is a place like no other. It’s only a 2-mile distance from Windermere itself. That means it’s an easy day drip out, and if you fancied it for longer, book yourself a week at White Cross Bay Holiday Park. White Cross Bay is a place of adventure and filled with lakes and woodland wildlife!

And if you’re not in the mood for outdoors? Then immerse yourself in the indoor pool, spa and sauna.

Get booking before we beat you to it!

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Photograph of a white rabbit wearing gold glasses and reading from a book

The World of Beatrix Potter

The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction is a magical adventure and keeps the whole family entertained for precisely 40 minutes (handy for our typical UK showers!). After a year of films and walks, we all need a bit of magic to keep the little ones busy. This attraction is also open from the 17th of May every single day! All 23 stories are brought to life in various ways to keep you all immersed.

And when the sunshine comes back out? Visit the Peter Rabbit Garden to see if you can spot any cheeky characters from the books hanging around, go on, have a selfie!

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Photograph of the grass near the Old Man of Coniston Circular at Lake District

Get your walking boots on

Whether you’re visiting Windermere or Cumbria this summer or not, this has to be a trip for the bucket list. If you were expecting us to tell you about The Lake District without recommending a brilliant hike, think again! The Old Man of Coniston Circular is The Lakes at its absolute finest. The circular is a 3 hour, 7.5km adventure that you will not want to miss, providing some of the UK’s most blissful views for you to soak up throughout the journey.

We will not let you down when it comes to The Lakes. This recommendation is for those of you who need a relaxing, adventurous, and head-clearing escape.

We know you deserve nothing less – yes, you!

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Photograph of a cream coloured-house in Oxfordshire with bikes parked outside


The second of our UK staycation ideas is a little bit of a contrast. But hey-ho, different is fun!

Yes, you guessed it. Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire has everything! The place is for the sophisticated city escape artists and Harry Potter enthusiasts. It has the beautiful River Thames, British pubs, shopping outlets and the wonderful enduring architecture. Oxfordshire is just the bee’s knees!

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Photograph of woman in red velvet dress with shopping bags after a staycation in Oxfordshire

The City of Dreaming Spires

Right then, let us begin with the heart of Oxfordshire – Oxford itself! As its nickname suggests, here is where you’ll find miles of splendid architecture for those of you who tamper with photography – and yes, the gram counts.

Endless streets are bursting with history and character for you to take in on a casual stroll around the city. Some of the hotels you can stay in (via Experience Oxfordshire) look out onto these beautiful streets, and what can we say, we love a people-watch!

For you retail therapy addicts, there are many, many shops to choose from, ranging from independent stores and markets to your commercial high street and high fashion stores.

Grab a coffee and make yourself at home. Get amongst it!

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Yes, we did mention Harry Potter.

Oxford is the home of the Bodleian Library, which starred in four (yes, four) of the Harry Potter films. This charming library is one of the most popular tourist locations in Oxford. This area also boasts of the New College, Divinity School and Christ Church – each of which has also been featured in these world-famous films.

We couldn’t let you visit such a historical place and miss out on its fame and glory. There is a different vibe around Oxford, plus you’re guaranteed to get your steps in walking around to see everything. You can’t go wrong!

For those of you who are due some magical escapism, here’s where you’ll find it. And then some.

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The River Thames

The River Thames is where we’re taking you next to have a nosy around.

The Thames runs through the heart of Oxfordshire, and it gives you endless options for things to do. It also gives you that resting place between city living!

Imagine yourself by the riverside in an English pub beer garden, in a breezy brunch-like outfit. Now imagine the sun is shining and you can’t help but notice the chill atmosphere in the air. People are sunbathing by the river and having a good time.

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Photograph of a scenic river with rowing boats decorated tree branches and foliage

Your biggest worry right now is having to go home after your brilliant escape.

Wanna chill? Get yourself on a rowing boat. Don’t want to row? That’s totally fine, that’s what your partner is there for! This is your ‘sit back and relax’ hour; let the waves take you and your 9-5 mental space and shake off its worries!

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North Wales

Up next on our UK staycation ideas list for this summer has to be the seaside. And not just any seaside – we’re going to explore the North Wales coastline.

Whether you’re in a camper van or staying in a cosy little B&B or cottage, you’re guaranteed to be taken care of in North Wales.

The beauty of hiring a campervan with Cool Camping means you can escape to whenever and wherever you want to (within reason). You can plan a trip from beautiful Towyn through to one-of-a-kind Anglesey.

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Photograph of a castle in North Wales next to the sea with trees-and-other houses in the background

By the seaside

The welcoming seaside towns across the North Wales coastline will fill your trip with charm.

In places like Colwyn Bay, you’ll find the loveliest cafes to sit in. And don’t even bring up the chip shops in Llandudno – unreal! Take a warm fluffy coat in case the sun doesn’t decide to shine, but if it does? Treat yourself to a paddle in the sea!

You’ll feel spoilt for choice for which coastal towns to stop in on your adventure journey, and there’s always plenty to keep the little ones busy! FYI, Anglesey has the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted!

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Photograph of Snowdonia National Park with a light fog over the hill

North Wales has endless activities to crack on with on your road trip. The trip can be strictly seaside towns, or it can venture off to some of the UK’s best landmarks. You won’t regret it.

If, by any chance, you do fancy a break from the seaside and seagulls, get yourself to Snowdonia National Park. There you’ll be able to find the highest mountain and the largest natural lake in Wales.

Mount Snowdon is for those of you who happen to like a challenge! This hike can take between 5 and 7 hours to reach the summit. That’s right, it’s an all-dayer!

The journey up to the top can vary from walking to scrambling as the weather conditions can sometimes add a bit of challenge to the rocky pathways. However, it is without a doubt one for the bucket list!

The views on the drive to the National Park itself are overwhelmingly breathtaking, never mind when you reach the summit! For you photographers (and again, the gram counts), it is a must-visit for your Welsh adventure.

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Photograph of Aber Falls waterfall with mossy cliffs and-a wooden bridge crossing

Chasing waterfalls

Another place to visit if you’re venturing off-piste has got to be Aber Falls. If you’re into walks and waterfalls? Throw this on your to-do list!

Aber Falls you can find located around two miles south of Abergwyngregyn, Gwynedd.

Aber Falls is definitely a place you’ll want broadcasting all over your Insta-story. Everybody needs to know how beautiful this place is. It’s like something out of a film! Aber Falls is also home to its own Aber Falls Whisky Distillery. Treat yourself to a tour around the grounds. And we think we know what’s going to be good from the gift shop!

Whichever trail you decide to follow along the North Wales coastline, you’ll be in for a treat wherever you visit. Have a goosey gander on Google Maps and get planning for a truly brilliant summer experience!

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Time to get packing!

We hope you’re now spoilt for choice when deciding where to staycate this summer. But you don’t have to stick with our UK staycation ideas – there are so many more options you can explore! Whatever trip you’ll be finding yourself on this summer, stay safe and enjoy every minute from all of us here at Swan.