What Can Your Microwave Do For You?

We often think of our microwaves as the dirty secrets we keep in the corner of the kitchen. We don’t shove ready meals in there on a Tuesday night when work has gotten us too tired! No! We are culinary geniuses, whipping up a homemade feast every night.

No, no we can’t. Your microwave can be your best friend without meaning you’re making unhealthy quick dishes every night. Please allow us to reintroduce you to this very handy and revolutionary cooking appliance.

Freshly made in the Microwave!

Your microwave has many settings, all to accommodate any kind of heating or cooking you might need it to accomplish.

Whether it’s a crunchy taco, fresh pasta and sauce or a classic loaded baked potato your microwave is perfect for the job. Minimal mess for you but a hearty healthy meal for the family.

Nice and Steamy

One of the healthiest ways we can eat vegetables is actually easily accomplished using our microwaves.

By steaming our vegetables we avoid boiling away all of their precious minerals and we can better enjoy their delicious flavours.

Just pop your chosen greens in a bowl, cover them with a microwave friendly lid and, hey presto! Delicious accompaniments for any meal with minimal mess.

Doughn’t Wait For The Rise

We all love our bread fresh and warm straight from the oven, but often we feel we just don’t have the time to wait for the rise. Your microwave can cut your baking time significantly.

For a two-rise or three-rise recipe, warm up the dough on very low power (10 percent) using the microwave, shape it, and put it back in to rise again. Using your microwave, you can reduce a 45minute rise to 10 or 15 minutes.

Crisp Up Your Nuts For A Crunchy Salad

Whipping together a salad in the morning and fancy sprinkling on some toasted almonds or sesame seeds?

Your microwave can accomplish this quickly and cleanly, adding a treat to your lunch break without making you late for your morning meeting.

Just arrange your chosen topping on the plate, and pop them in for one minute. Turn the nuts after one minute and continue this until your happy they’re crisp and tasty.

Resurrect Your Stale Bread

Stale bread is good for many meals, such as crisping up a mac and cheese topping or bread-crumbing a fish.

If you just want some soft bread for your sandwich however, just wrap your bread in a damp paper towel and put it in the microwave for approx. 10 seconds.

Another method is to add a glass of water to the micro-mix and allow its rising water to soften your loaf.