6 clever vacuum hacks you absolutely need to try

Get the most out of your vacuum with these helpful home vacuum hacks. Whether you love or hate vacuuming, these handy new tricks will have you reaching for it more than ever before. You no longer need to reserve it for solely vacuuming up dust, dirt and hair off your floors.

There are many ways your vacuum can help you around the house, finding lost items and refreshing every inch of your home. Get the most from your investment and make your vacuum your new best friend with these handy vacuum hacks.

Swan’s Handy Vacuum Hacks:

Close up of womans hands holding her recently found pearl earrings

Find your lost items

Anyone who wears jewellery knows the horror of dropping a fiddly stud or earring back. A charm falling off your necklace or bracelet, or a ring slipping off your finger, never to be seen again. Rather than having to get on all fours and scanning every inch of your floor, try out this handy vacuum hack!

Find an old pair of tights and stretch them over the end of your vacuum hose and secure them with a rubber band. Then all you need to do is carefully retrace your steps whilst vacuuming over the floors. The vacuum will suck up the missing piece of jewellery, but the tights will stop it from going into the cylinder. So, you can simply turn off the vacuum and let it fall into your hand. This works for any little lost item, whether you’ve just dropped it down the back of the couch and can’t quite reach it, or it’s buried somewhere in your shaggy rug. Who knows what you could find!

Photograph of woman using cordless hand held vacuum to clean the sides of her cream sofa

Freshen up mattresses and couches

Your mattress and couch cushions can get a little smelly from time to time. It’s no surprise considering we sit and sleep (and sweat) on them every day, alongside the odd spillage here and there. We can’t exactly throw our mattress and couch in the washing machine, can we? So to freshen yours up in no time, sprinkle some baking soda and a few drops of essential oil over them. Leave for around 30 minutes so it soaks up all the odours, and then vacuum it all up. This works on carpets and rugs too, and is a much cheaper alternative than your dedicated carpet freshening powders!

Photograph of a woman using her handheld vacuum to-remove furniture indentations left by her grey sofa

Remove furniture indentations

We all know the problem of wanting to re-arrange furniture e only to realise once it’s moved it has left an ugly indentation in your thick pile carpet. Erase these annoying memories of past furniture in no time with this handy vacuum hack. Simply place ice cubes over the dent and wait for them to melt. The water will encourage the fibres of the carpet to swell, so when you vacuum over the space it’ll return to its original shape.

Woman in white shirt and grey jogging bottoms using a grey and blue cordless hand held vacuum to clean crumbs off her laptop keyboard

Remove crumbs from your keyboard

Place the top of a squeezy condiment bottle over the top of your vacuum tube to remove even the tiniest crumbs from between your keyboard keys. This also works great for other tight spaces. Try it on sliding door tracks, between the buttons on your remotes, or little nooks and crannies in electronic devices.

Photograph of blue air bed on laminate wooden floor

Deflating your inflatables

Why is it that inflatables like air mattresses, pool toys, armbands and rubber rings all fit perfectly into their packaging when you get them, but trying to get them back in is near impossible? Well don’t fear anymore, your vacuum is here to the rescue! Use your vacuum hose to get rid of any excess air out of your inflatables. That way, you can store them away compactly ready for next time.

Photograph of a man using a cordless blue and black vacuum to clean the inside of his black car

Valet your car

Give your car a professional-style valet effortlessly with our cordless 3-in-1 vacuums. Convert your stick vacuum into a handheld in seconds and take it out to your car without being tied down by cords. This lightweight, handheld vacuum will be able to clean even the tiniest of spaces in your car, removing dirt, dust, pet hairs and any other crumbs in minutes. You can even attach the crevice and brush tools to the end of the tube to clean upholstery and tight spaces. Your car will be good as new in no time at all!

So, there you go, make the most out of your vacuum with our clever vacuum hacks. Dare we say you might even enjoy cracking out the old vacuum after this? Do you have any clever cleaning hacks of your own? If so, share them with us on social media tagging @swanbranduk!

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